Behind the Scenes: Iggy Azalea’s ‘Lola’ Music Video [Watch]

Published: Saturday 16th Nov 2019 by Rashad

Iggy Azalea‘s forthcoming EP, ‘Wicked Lips,’ hasn’t exactly had people talking – a truth that some point to as the cause of its recently announced delay (click here to read more).

And, while its Alice Chater-assisted lead single, ‘Lola,’ has garnered critically acclaimed aplenty, peruse of Spotify and iTunes sales charts suggest said fanfare isn’t being mirrored commercially.  To ramp up buzz for the ailing project, Iggy Iggz is inviting her faithful fans – affectionately called #Azaleans – to take a behind the scenes peek at the creation of the tune’s accompanying visual.

Curious to see how all the magic came to be?  Look inside:

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  1. Only facts November 16, 2019

    No thanks.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 16, 2019

      AMEN. Another FLOP. Who cares. Why does TGJ keep promoting this whack as white culture vulture and fuuck all the fake ‘fans’ on here who pretend like they are offended by my comments or call me a “hater” but never put their money up to support their wack ass favs! Fake asses!

      • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 16, 2019

        Your fat assSsss has no life it’s the weekend why are you here spreading Hate

      • Abruti November 16, 2019

        You don’t give a f*** about Iggy but you always read about her and take time to comment everytime, ain’t it funny Jasmine?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 16, 2019

        People before u come for me APPRECIATE me! You always know where I stand on things because I say what I mean and mean what I say!

        Why do i always comment on Iggy? Because that is how I let the TGJ staff know what time it is. When they stop promoting this white culture vulture then I won’t comment on her. M T O learned from me dont post no more articles on this white b|tch because she steals from black culure so TGJ should get on board! I won’t stop until TGJ stops!

      • Besty November 17, 2019

        You need a therapy Jasmine, you’re mad.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 18, 2019

        Therapy for what? To learn how to be assimilated? Being the way I am made me a millionaire. There is nothing wrong with my brain or the way I think. You stay mad. I’m happy.

  2. Only facts November 16, 2019

    You went after Britney years ago after “Pretty Girls” and most recently started going after Iggy. The hip hop community dropped your ass years ago, and now so has the pop community. Bye Iggy. Nasty attitude having troll. Hop on a kangaroo ?

    • Only facts November 16, 2019

      Correction: most recently started going after CARDI

  3. Meme November 16, 2019

    Boy I don’t know how Iggy does it but her music, videos and styling be more high budget than girls who signed to major labels. I commend her.

    • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

      Very true

      Her saviour video was so fresh and expensive looking same thing with Sally walker.

      The budget probably comes from her pocket

      • Meme November 16, 2019

        The budget probably do come from her pockets but where her pockets come from? I know then fashionova checks ain’t that big.

      • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

        I think shes either selling drugs or selling her body to afford these videos

      • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

        I think shes either selling drugs or selling her body to afford these videos

      • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

        Grape juice, the troll is back.
        Block their IP address please.
        They are disrupting the comment section

        The comment section is for grown ups who wanna share their different opinions and views on different topics

        Pls do something about this troll making multiple fake Clarkson profiles.

      • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

        Back? Ive been here! I never left. You are troll! I even changed my name to Clarksoon and u copied it!

    • You Tried November 16, 2019

      Can tell people who think just because you aren’t as popular as before that means you don’t have money..lmao You think she went through the millions she made already? You think she doesn’t have anything outside of music that she’s invested in? Silly rabbits

      • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

        U are the silly rabbit. Clearly she is transporting and selling drugs when she travels and she is selling her body ti afford these music videos. Poor thing could not afford her mortgage so she had to sell her house in less than a year and pay a hefty tax on that sell so the struggle is real.

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