Omarion Breaks Silence On B2K Bandmate Dating His Baby Momma Apryl Jones

Published: Sunday 17th Nov 2019 by Sam

Omarion has been lodged in the headlines of late, yet ironically by no actions of his own.

The R&B star has watched on (as has the world) while his ex/baby mom Apryl Jones embarked on a highly public relationship with his B2K bandmate Lil Fizz. 

Aired in earnest during this season of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ (which both Jones and Fizz star in together), their union is rendered all the more awkward given that B2K just reunited for a sold-out US tour – with murmurs of future dates.

Now, after a notable silence, O has responded to the sticky situation during an interview with VLAD.

Details below…

When quizzed on the matter, he replied “I feel no ways.” Check out the sit-down…


The interview comes after O celebrated his 35th birthday with the following snap; Jones then had an unapologetic PSA about her romance with Fizz:

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#Omarion celebrated his 35th birthday with this snap. Meanwhile SWIPE to 👀 his ex/baby mom #AprylJones spent the day with his #B2K bandmate (and new bae) #LilFizz 😩

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A whole mess.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jamon_84 November 17, 2019

    Nothing but class. They should really take notes. I honestly believe they did this for the show.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 17, 2019

      Omarion kooks high on coke during this interview. Ive seen enough interviews if celebs high while interviewed verses sober and Omarion is high here. Hard to watch. April is a wannabe celeb and Fizz is a talentless has-been. Omarion has the talent but lacks the marketing and appeal Chris Brown had

      • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 17, 2019

        Your mother does coke so I’m sure you know what you’re talking about , how’s your father doing, I miss him eating my assssss like a Thanksgiving Dinner

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 17, 2019

        TGJ ban this troll. IT stole my username and keeps pathetically trying to have manufactured arguments with me.

      • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 17, 2019

        How many times do I have to tell you I’m sleeping with the Owner

  2. Gee November 17, 2019

    Omarion‘s level of being unbothered has to make these two look really low and thirsty.

  3. Only facts November 17, 2019

    Omarion’s issue is he’s always thought he was bigger than what he really is. O did Apryl dirty.

    Fizz is gross and has bad teeth and a bad haircut.

    Apryl is an industry THOT that will do anything for a paycheck and a storyline to get her attention. She’s not even that cute.

    Like Wendy, I’ll say “allegedly” to all of the above statements ?

    • Danny Bey November 17, 2019

      And how do you know what he did to Apryl. He texted you the next day? ?

      • Only facts November 17, 2019

        I watch love and hip hop. She’s been very vocal about his actions, and even on the first two seasons, Omarion was dismissive of Apryl on camera…all because “post to be” was on the radio and he thought he was Michael Jackson ?

      • Danny Bey November 17, 2019

        So just bc she said it it’s fact? You know there’s two sides to every story? Dead at you using Love and Hip Hop as a means for evidence when everyone knows the sh*t is scripted and exaggerated. You can’t be that slow

      • Tori November 17, 2019

        B**** not Michael LMFAO! But come to think of it, I think him and his mom treated her like they were above her. I could be wrong because I never really watched their particular franchise, I would skim through it every now and then. She was vocal too then about it but clearly it didn’t work. But the tables did turn tho, didn’t they? LMAO. I just think while she did make a few valid points, MA’AM…YOU A WHOLE H.O.E. OUT HERE!! You could’ve chose anybody but you chose Fizz of all people, considering their history(whether professionally or personally). And he hasn’t said or done anything publicly, showed you more respect now tbh. Y’all both are dragging him and trying make him look bad so you won’t feel as bad, and it’s not working.

  4. #Formulation November 17, 2019

    This is messy… poor guy

  5. Bravo!! November 17, 2019

    I just saw Lil fizz Out in the O.c(Orange County) watching his kid play youth basketball. I did not know lil fizz got ass to feed the hungry ? Matt Barnes was there as well and he pick up a lot of weight. Even one of Matt Barnes twins gained weight as well. But lil fizz booty ain’t playing with the dinner table!

    • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 17, 2019

      U should eat it like you ate my asssssss last night ?

    • Danny Bey November 17, 2019

      I live in OC. When and where was this?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 17, 2019

        Orange County sucks. The only part I like is Newport Beach and Disneyland

  6. Maxx November 17, 2019

    Omarion is a whole grown ass man. This interview really made me have mad respect for him. Hopefully Apryl & Fizzx reached out to him to let him know they were going to go public before they went public, otherwise this situation is on a whole ‘nother level of disrespectful.

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