P!nk’s ‘Love’ Holds Tight To iTunes #1 After Stunning CMA’s Performance

Published: Saturday 16th Nov 2019 by Rashad

P!nk‘s latest LP, ‘Hurts 2B Human,’ may have opened at #1 on the Billboard 200, but the songs lifted in its support have been hitting sour notes (to say the least) on the Billboard Hot 100.

Coming as her first album since 2003’s ‘Try This’ to see all of its singles miss the top 40 (to date), a change in tide may be coming thanks to assistance from popular Country star Chris Stapleton after the two performed the rousing ‘Human’ duet, ‘Love Me Anyway,’ at this year’s CMAs (November 13).

Having already cracked Country charts, the tune’s made it to #96 on the Hot 100 (as of time of this report).  However, a peruse at iTunes sales tallies over the last few days indicate the CMAs was just the venue to introduce the heartfelt number to the masses as its grip on the chart’s summit hasn’t loosened since Thursday morning (November 14).

Could P!nk be well on her way to the hit ‘Human’ needs?

Official sales and streaming boosts from the telecast have yet to be confirmed by Nielsen, but upon that report’s arrival we expect to see P!nk lead the pack.

Recently speaking on her ‘Love’ partner, the Pop diva said:

“He’s my person. He’s my favorite voice today in music, and I just love him. I can’t believe he said yes [to being on the song],” she gushed. “Truly, he’s the most amazing songwriter, he’s the most amazing human. I love his family, they’re so kind and humble. He loves music and he loves to collaborate…


Look below to see the current iTunes chart.



Unfamiliar with the song? Hear it below:

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  1. Junior June November 16, 2019

    Really? I didn’t know that about “Try This.” Catch Me While I’m Sleeping is one of my favorite Pink songs.

  2. JA_LA November 16, 2019

    Pink has had 4 album’s since Try This…what are you guy’s talking about? Her last album, Beautiful Trauma, came out just 2 years ago.

  3. Only facts November 16, 2019

    Who cares about charts. It’s well known that unfortunately after 35, pop radio doesn’t play you. It’s sad but true. After a certain point, artists don’t care about charts. Pink literally just said she’s walking away from music for all of 2020 and will likely return later. Y’all are some chart chasers and you literally miss some of the best songs if you only listen to what’s on the charts.

    For example, Maggie Rogers hasn’t charted but is one of the biggest up and coming singers and just finished a nearly sold out tour. She’s also expected to receive several Grammy nominations next week. Charts don’t always equal good music. Sheesh

    • Clarksoon November 16, 2019

      Charts dont matter? This is Strange coming from someone like u who is obsessed with charts and album sales.

  4. Theelusive1 November 16, 2019

    Great song but just think IF CHRIS DID MORE THANK BACKGROUND Vocals. Two GREAT vocalist

  5. Clarksoon November 16, 2019

    She is so loved and respected.
    Her voice is not angelic , her voice is harsh and distinctive and that’s why she’s super successful.
    When u hear pink on the radio u know its pink.

    I think she needs to promote this song before she goes one a break.

    She’s under rated. She only has 2 grammys which is very small.

    Beyonce this is how u do it.
    U performed daddy lessons with the Dixie chicks at this same award show and the song didnt go anywhere on the charts. Why?

    • DMNTQ November 16, 2019

      P!NK has three Grammys. I do agree she should have more Grammys because she’s very talented with an amazing voice. Definitely need to promote this song and make a video ASAP!!

  6. Jessica November 16, 2019

    Amazing ! BEAUTIFUL !

  7. Mary Rogers November 17, 2019

    Pink has the most beautiful voice. The song is amazing. Thanks Pink for helping me through several strikes and a brain aneurysm.

  8. #Formulation November 17, 2019

    Family portrait is my songg

  9. Zara Marland November 18, 2019

    I just totally love Pink, I think that she is so genuine. Love her music, her lyrics have got me threw some hard times!!!! Thankyou for being the amazing idle you are.

  10. Cat D Elkins November 18, 2019

    Pink is amazing ‼️ I’ve listened to her music for many years and I felt privileged to be able to see her in 2013 Truth about Love tour ‼️ She is definitely my favorite person and I love the lyrics to her songs !!! She is sooo realatable to things that people are going through I just Love her ❤️❤️❤️?‼️

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