Spotify Set To Launch Music Award Show

Published: Saturday 23rd Nov 2019 by Sam

After transforming the music industry, Spotify continues to expand its offering – this by way of the award show platform.

For, the media giant has announced that 2020 will bring with it the first ever Spotify Awards. 

Full story below…

In a statement issued by the steamer, the concept of the show – which effectively functions as their version of the Billboard Music Awards – was relayed as:

“Your plays, patterns, and habits will help determine the award categories, finalists, and winners for the Spotify Awards by providing a true reflection of what fans are listening to. You can get excited for an awards ceremony that actually speaks to what the people are streaming.”

It’s hoped the show – which will air live from Mexico on March 5th on TNT – will find its spot on the award ceremony circuit, which is largely dominated by panel based voting academies or fan-fuelled ballots a la the MTV Video Music Awards.

The clear USP here is that winners will be determined by empirical data related to streaming on the platform. Indeed, Spotify has advised fans to “save the date — and get streaming.” 

Check out the announcement below…


Interesting concept and one that continues to re-affirm how much streaming sits at the forefront of music consumption these days.

Here’s hoping that as a packaged “show,” the Spotify Awards makes a marked effort to present a diverse and dynamic pool of performers rather than the usual from the usual. Especially given how global the service is.

Fun Fact: The ceremony is being held in Mexico as data has revealed the region to be the streaming service’s biggest market. 

Will you be tuning in? And what would you want to see from such a show? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarksooon November 23, 2019

    Camila about to snatch trophies

    Havana the most streamed song by a female artist

    Seniorita fastest song to reach 900 million streams

    Camila most monthly spotify listeners, 56 million monthly listeners

    Havana- 1. 3 billion streams
    Seniorita- 980 million streams, will probably reach 1 billion streams before the end of the year

    Camila will be the first and only female lead artist to have 2 songs with 1 billion streams each

    They hate to see it.

    Let’s not forget she achieved all this with only 1 album , a solo debut album did that.

  2. ?? November 23, 2019

    Mariah Carey News, since thatgrapeyonce is triggered

    ? Slaying billboard charts with Christmas earlier than usual and #1 on all holiday charts
    ?Opened up Christmas tour with amazing vocals and visuals, probably her best visual stage
    ? lost of Christmas videos including YouTube ones with beauty gurus, not to come
    ? named #1 most successful female of all time by Billboard

  3. biancacook November 23, 2019

    welp a lot of stan bases bout to be crying foul. some of these “most successful” ppl not streaming very well. watch now everybody is about to start caring about streams because this will become a trend among streaming services since this is the new way of keeping tally.

  4. J November 23, 2019

    R.I.P. Music Industry ?⚰️?

  5. Tyty November 23, 2019

    The final bail in the coffin for the music industry ??

    • Tyty November 23, 2019


    • Clarksooon November 23, 2019

      Jealous cause ur faves will never win

      Beyonce formation recently passed 50 million streams on spotify

      How sad is that.
      A lead single. Smh

      • Clarksooon November 23, 2019

        I dont talk like this
        I dont talk like an uneducated uncultured scum.

        If ur going to impersonate me, u need to do a better job cause people can tell the difference between the original and the fake.

        I will not reply u, so dont bother..

  6. November 23, 2019

    full time.

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