Summer Walker Cancels Tour: “It Doesn’t Co-Exist With My Social Anxiety”

Published: Tuesday 12th Nov 2019 by Sam

Summer Walker is ‘Over It’ in more ways than one. Because, the rising R&B star has just scrapped her US tour.

Details below…

Taking to social media, the singer – who made headlines this week for not giving hugs at meet and greets (due to being an “empath”) – announced that she’s pulling the plug on the trek. The reason? She says touring isn’t compatible with her social anxiety.

Here’s what she had to say…


She’s since deleted the post, leaving us wondering whether it was a momentary, reactionary announcement or whether it’s legit a wrap.

Whatever the case, we wish her the best.

UPDATE: Summer has issued a formal statement:

Hey y’all I truly appreciate all the support and love. As you know, I have been very open about my struggle with social anxiety. I want to continue to be healthy and to make music for y’all, so I have decided to cut down some of the dates on the tour. I hope you all can understand.  I’m grateful for every single one of you, and I hope that you understand that wellness is important. All cancelled dates will be refunded asap. Thank you. ???

These are the remaining dates I’m playing:

Nov 12 San Francisco
Nov 25 Toronto
Nov 26 Chicago
Nov 27 Royal Oak
Dec 2 Boston
Dec 5 Philadelphia
Dec 7 NYC
Dec 8 NYC
Dec 22 ATL

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson November 12, 2019

    Bye darkie. Nobody cares stinky. Camilla is who the public wants to see

    • An adult November 12, 2019

      B**** get yo tone def racist ass outta here. I can’t believe how lame some of u fuckers are on this sight why do they even let y’all low life’s comment on people with f****** jobs and lives

      • Khalod November 12, 2019

        U do realise that’s a troll right?

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        Its site not sight moron and im not racist. Im black. I just love my lightskin people better. I love yellow bones, red bones, and light brown bones just like Beyonce said in her song Creole. Now im dark black bone (extra ashy) but ive been bleaching daily so ill be Beyonce’s complexion by next year. I use the same bleach cream as Blac Chyna. In the 70s black people said ‘U light u alright. If u brown stick around. But if u black get back!’ So dont call me racist!

    • Lanafan1 November 12, 2019

      Kill yourself. Please?!

    • Peach November 13, 2019

      Wtf is up with the racist tweets here seriously?! Summer walker is being brave she openly admitted she has social anxiety and wants to keep healthy by cutting back.Do you really expect her to be unhealthy and break down for you? That’s not cool bro mental wellness is so important She wouldn’t expect you to go to the concert if it negatively affected your heath either. Summer walker is a human being?‍♀️Tf you making racist comments for though?

  2. Clarkson November 12, 2019

    Camilla would never.

  3. Clarkson November 12, 2019

    She’s adding more fuel to the flame
    People are going to be more curious about her.
    Its artistes dont that like the limelight that get the most attention.

    She’s giving me tortured artist vibes and the public loves that narrative. They eat that shìt up.

    If she keeps releasing fire albums she gonna be huge like post malone.

    • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 12, 2019

      She’s a dark skin woman she’ll never achieve post Malone’s success

      • Clarkson November 12, 2019

        True dat

      • Khalod November 12, 2019

        Dont know why you’re speaking to me, I dont know u.

  4. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 12, 2019

    She’s the New CardiB always complaining about something

    • Shayla Queen November 12, 2019

      Here comes ole hatin ass

      • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 12, 2019

        Did I lie it’s a known fact CardiB is always complaining learn the definition of Hating , because you look Stupid & uneducated

  5. Holliewuudd November 12, 2019

    I honestly don’t get the hype around her. Shes gorgeous don’t get me wrong, but her music is pure autotune.

    • Clarkson November 12, 2019

      She’s not beautiful
      Her music is good
      Her look and persona and vibe is relatable

      Playing games is such a good song.

    • Amara November 12, 2019

      You’ve obviously never watched her live acoustic performances. It’s not auto tune, it’s her soul

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate November 13, 2019

      ^^ THIS. I first heard her music on the Tiny Desk NPR concert and she was amazing but when I streamed her album it was an auto tuned mess. She should never have agreed to tour if she already knew her limitations. Disappointing fans this early in your career will not end well.

  6. Wonder Woman November 12, 2019

    Little Silly Walker she jumped in front of her career
    A Zayn Malik T

    • Holliewuudd November 12, 2019

      A whole Zane vibe! For real

    • Curt November 12, 2019

      Just what I was about to say! Well, she got the fifteen minutes she wanted… Guess it’s back to her job at Target now…

      • BabyMinaj? November 12, 2019


    • Fancy Bish November 12, 2019

      did you just quote iggy girl?

  7. Only facts November 12, 2019

    Bye girl! This is why artist development is so important. Another Zayn Malik. Bye!

  8. Chalderon_Hott November 12, 2019

    The Zhayn Malik of Female R&B. Tragic

  9. Jasmine The Real Princess November 12, 2019

    She’s a very unhygienic looking FLOP

  10. BabyMinaj? November 12, 2019

    Idk why y’all are calling her Zayn? At least he showers and makes quality music ? this girl is just hot garbage

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 12, 2019


      Time for her to go back flipping burgers at Burger King

  11. K_man November 12, 2019

    I don’t understand her hype! She looks like the girl tyra almost dragged across the floor on ANTM. I find ironic so many are out there trying to get at lease half of the fame she has and just throwing it away like nothing. She taking the Zayn method in life. SMH!

  12. Are You Kidding Me? November 12, 2019

    Girl, go and have several seats. Not only is there medication, there’s a thing called MEDITATION!

    When you got signed, did you think you’d be singing to a stuffed animal?

    The audacity and ungratefulness. And this is coming from someone in Psych.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 12, 2019

      @Are.. – “When you got signed, did you think you’d be singing to a stuffed animal?” – hahaha

  13. Mely November 12, 2019

    Hey summer if you read this know your fans ie. Me support you whole heartedly as a fellow empath I definitely understand and maybe that’s is exactly the crowd you have manifested. Maybe do a live via social media platform tour. Still energy however less intimate or another suggestion would be a very small venue with a small crowd intimate setting and only a short notice. We’re gonna ride regardless you speak our language. Love and light ?

  14. Vesta November 12, 2019

    You do what you must do young lady to protect yourself

  15. Vesta November 12, 2019

    We got your darkie MF. She’s a beautiful queen whom you wish you had

  16. Tyty November 13, 2019

    Touring is where the money is at so she better sort it out or…. plus you wanted fame and didn’t consider your “empathy” and interacting with the public? This is the result of any mofo being able to get famous these days. Shambles

  17. Zenquarius November 15, 2019

    When people understand that your personal well being and mental health comes first and actually takes steps to put them first on the outside people are cruel so you can’t hide from people such as what’s being said about her looks and hygiene ?? which makes no sense at all on why she’s being attacked on those things alone unless you live with her to know she doesn’t clean herself . It’s not for me to understand but coming from me personally dealing with protecting your energy and mental headspace a lot of things don’t even bother you any more it’s like mumbo jumbo in the background to your life. I applaud her for putting herself first. The world surely will tear you down easily but you have to learn how to get around the unnecessary BS by doing what is best for you first.

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