Eminem Slams Nick Cannon’s Claim That He’s Gay: “Stop Lying On My D*ck”

Published: Monday 9th Dec 2019 by Sam

In what must be the most random beef of the year, Eminem and Nick Cannon have been trading verbal blows all week.

As reported, Slim Shady poked first with a jab at Cannon and their mutual ex Mariah Carey on the song ‘Lord Above.’

Today the episode erupted when comedian Cannon released diss track ‘The Invitation’ – on which he implied his MC nemesis was gay. A claim Em has now hit back at.

Full story below…

On the song (which features Suge Knight among others), the media mogul rapped:

“I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin’ a c**k
You paid him off, then laid him off, now who really the opp?”

Elsewhere, he spat:

“I don’t f*ck with crack but the white boy he f*ck with crack…/Call Kim, somebody get Hailie and that other kid you raising that ain’t even your baby/ Took a page out of Drake’s book this might get a Grammy/We going back to back til you respond on the family/Your baby mama killed you off a decade ago you still cryin about it b*tch/Now who really the hoe?”

Em replied with:

Corny across the board. Em is 47 and Nick is 39? Like, what is collective mess?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fast_Persuader December 9, 2019

    Nick Cannon, Bow Wow and Ray Jay, are CONSISTENTLY so damn annoying every time they open their unfunny, untalented, cornball mouths to speak publicly. UGH ?

    • C***** December 10, 2019

      Ray J to me is cool I don’t mind Him, now the other two are just s***** excuses of men thinking they’re at their prime and don’t knowing their time has run off

  2. Clarks0oñ December 9, 2019

    Eminem this is 2019, calling someone gay is not a diss or an insult

    Eminem are u not too old for this? Like girl how old are u? 45? Stop ur mess. Ur daughter is a grown woman, u are embarrassing her.

    • XYZ December 10, 2019

      Saying to someone he is gay even if he is not is of course an insult. And that doesnt make being gay bad, it is just a lie and thats an insult.

      With that being said, both are was too old and thats embarrassing

      • Clarks0oñ December 10, 2019

        U are dumb
        Stop speaking to me.
        Homophobic trash

  3. Clarks0oñ December 9, 2019

    Eminem a coward.
    He always beef with harmless people like
    Christiana Aguilera
    Lana del rey
    Nick cannon, etc
    Harmless people

    He cant try this trash with real hood gangsters like kodak black

    Lame àss white boy angry he ain’t black

  4. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. December 9, 2019

    Oh, Em it’s not your d^uck he is speaking on but your MOUTH. hahahaha

  5. Chileplease December 9, 2019

    What is this? 1997? Nick acts like he’s so “woke” but is using a gay rumor to insult someone. Grow up.

  6. Bone December 9, 2019

    Rappers..has always been dissing..one another..the problem, we have here is BIG League vs Little League. Nick ain’t ready for Eminem. You, can’t bring a sling shot to a gun fight. Eminem skillz..lyrics & mouth piece is Dangerous..Remember this is a diss track, being called Gay, dam sure..ain’t no COMPLIMENT? Get outta here wit that S***

    • BadgyalRiri December 10, 2019

      He was great but hus last album was trash, hIs rapping has been diminished

      • C***** December 10, 2019

        His last album was launched out of nothing with little to no publicity and reached #1 on hot200 and was the 3rd best selling album of the year so a lot of people liked it me included

  7. Lmfao_Hoe December 9, 2019

    And Mariah will remain UNBOTHERED and collect her season earnings like a real BOSS and legend. Nearly a decade and EM is continuing to mention her name? This man truly is what Mariah implied in her song. “ Obsessed “ ?

    • JOHNVIDAL December 10, 2019

      The hell is he talking about Mariah again now???? LMAO

  8. eric December 9, 2019

    Nick is so incredibly stupid to not think of the consequences and repercussions of his words. He is spreading lies and insulting Em and every parent who is raising a child who does not belong to them biologically. His views are horrible and grossly immature.

  9. Gee December 9, 2019

    Both of them are acting grossly immature, and they are making themselves look thirsty, and like clowns.

  10. ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine December 9, 2019

    Corny across the board but y’all perpetuate feuds amongst women, stan bases and focus on silly sales and other nonsense. PuH-lease.

  11. Lex December 10, 2019

    This s**t between Nick and Em is crazy. They need to just come face to face and diss it out like that instead of this back n forth bs with rap rhythm.

  12. J December 10, 2019

    TGJ one day y’all’s site is full of ads and bugs and it’s pissing me off.

    Also Eminem came out in “The Interview” a few years ago lol. I just assumed people don’t really care…

  13. Gworl Bye December 10, 2019

    Corny across the board…and mariah bedded both of them. so what does that say about her lol.

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