Watch: Mathew Knowles Suggests Jagged Edge Members Sexually Harassed Kelly Rowland & Beyoncé As Teens

Published: Tuesday 10th Dec 2019 by Rashad

Mathew Knowles has started a fire thanks to his recent interview with our friends at VladTV.

Hot on the promo trail in support of his recently released book, ‘Destiny’s Child:  The Untold Story,’ the music mogul dished on some of its content – including the shocking insinuation that 2 members of the 90’s R&B group Jagged Edge harassed members of Destiny’s Child (namely Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé).

The accusation was particularly shocking as both young ladies were teenagers at the time of the alleged incident.

Leading to the dissolution of his business relationship with the ‘Walked Outta Heaven’ wailers, look inside to hear Mathew – albeit mum on which two members are being referenced – recount the unfortunate tale:

Start at 4:00 min mark:


Click below to watch J.E. reflect on the same tour Knowles is referencing above:

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  1. only facts December 10, 2019

    B*tch WHAT?! If this happened, that is Beyonce and Kelly’s story to tell, NOT YOURS OLD MAN! Will do anything for money

    • The truth always comes to light December 10, 2019


      He’s always dragging Kelly in this mess! Talk about your own daughter!!!

      • Moti25 December 10, 2019

        Exactly! Keep Kels out yo mouf b****!

    • C***** December 10, 2019

      So this means he was a pos manager to the girls. If they were harassed as MINORS he had the obligation of reporting that to the authorities.
      This man is horrible!

  2. Lol December 10, 2019

    It’s about to be some mess smh

  3. Clarksooon December 10, 2019

    Him and Tina had them dressed as hos. If nothing happened why he selling old tea for pay? He did his job with them as a father! I see he aint said anything about Jay-z getting with Bey as a t***!

    Also we assume Bey was a t***. Too many sources out their report she is way older than she claims!

    • only facts December 10, 2019

      Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn’t start dating until 2002 when she was 21. You always say something just to say it. Damn fool.

      • Clarksooon December 10, 2019

        Google images got pics of Jay-z talking, hugging, and getting his mack on with Bey during the Writing On The Wall era. Again, I dont know how old Bey really was at the time OR really is but I assume during that era she was a t***.

      • Gworl Bye December 10, 2019

        You mean the public didn’t find out that they were dating until 2002. Jay Z has a reputation, this story is not that far fetched.

      • Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

        Bey said out her own mouth that they didn’t start dating until 20. And before that she told Oprah that they simply talked on the phone which made since given her survivor schedule. That’s why DC took a break in end 2001 so bey could have more free time with jayz in 2002

      • Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

        Bey said out her own mouth that they didn’t start dating until she turned 20 in her documentary

      • Clarksooon December 10, 2019

        In 2007 Jay-z said he met Bey ‘10 years ago’ and in a different interview Bey said she met Jay-z when she was 18.

        Thus, either Bey was already 18 in 1997 or they started hooking up when Bey was 16. It does not make any difference to me.

    • Clarks0oñ December 10, 2019

      Not me
      Ur arguing with a troll.

      • Clarksooon December 10, 2019

        U are the troll NOT me.

        This app s NOT an argument. This is normal conversation between two adults. I guess u only speak TROLL talk about Normani and Camila on unrelated posts. Get lost. Grow Up. Then u can come back to TGJ.

    • Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

      DC was introduced to Jay-Z Summer 2000 when Jay-Z was scheduled to perform for sum summer bling mtv event right after DC back when Farrah was still in the group. Bey was 18. 19 when they started talking on the phone as friend s and summer 2002 they were dating Officially. That’s why bey has 2 Summer titled songs about falling in love in the Summer time

      • Gworl Bye December 10, 2019

        girl shut up, u dont know what tf these celebrites do when the cameras are not around. EVERYBODY in this business has a past, NOBODY is squeaky clean or innocent. Especially anybody thats connected to Jay Z.

  4. Ughhh December 10, 2019

    Oh shît… he just opened up a can of worms. The MeToo movement is going to be all over this, cancel culture and all. This will also put Kelly and Beyonce in an awkward position to speak up on the matter from fans and if it’s not true they will still have to speak to resolve defamation of Jagged Edge. Matthew Knowles is so so so messy

  5. Swirly December 10, 2019

    If you actually watch the interview, Mathew never utters the word “sexually”. He simply stated that Beyoncé and Kelly advised him that they were being harassed by members of JE.

    • king z December 10, 2019

      yeah he never explicitly said sexually probably because he couldn’t prove it. but, the fact that he emphasized the age different would lead anyone to assume he meant sexually.

      even the video title by VLAD says SEXUALLY in it. plus since toya and tavia dated (and probably fooled with) two of the dudes, it would make sense the other two wanted the remaining two girls (bey and kel)

      • king z December 10, 2019

        *emphasized the age DIFFERENCE

      • Swirly December 10, 2019

        I get it. I understand implications, but it’s irresponsible journalism to put that in the headline. Especially considering the times we are living in.

  6. Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

    Lol I always liked Mathew, at one point he managed like 5 different careers at the same time. He’s so Blunt and str8 to the point. He knows instinctly exactly what the next move is!, all the steps to be successful. I’ll never forgot the story of Mathew taking Bey for a ride around the toughest poorest areas of Houston just to show bey homeless ppl at a very young age, I imagine he took the same steps to make sure bey wasn’t a Ho.€ like most black women which is why she married and had kids at a respectable age with a man most deem as Ugly and her previous boyfriend lendal was also AVG looking which atleast shows bey has substance, she only has eyes for Jay-Z and LeBron James. Ugly classy men just like her father. Lol I still think it’s funny that literally EVERY member tied to Destiny’s child fell for UGLY men.

    Juulz father is the only one not ugly but we know how that played out, solange now dates down also. Their poor taste makes them all look classier imo

    • Clarksooon December 10, 2019

      ‘UGLY’ vs broke? I think a rich man is more attractive than a broke one. Im attracted to men with fat wallets and big sticks not broke pretty boys. BWT I only know who Bey dated and not who Kelly or Michele ended up with because they are not relevant. Who cares who backup singers marry or date? I dont!!!

      Jay-z got long money. Hes s*** to me cause he got long money. A man is nothing but d icck and balls anyway. Who cares what his face look like. Its his wallet that counts.

      • Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

        The difference is bey is actually ATTRACTED to ugly men which would include poor/broke ones like Lendal.

        You on the other hand are just a gold digging Ho.€ only ugly ghetto b!tchez that can’t get a real good looking man would share the same views as you.

        The men you’re literally attracted to go for White or Lighter skin women like Bey lol so your forced to care more about money than looks… ? (bless yur heart)

      • Clarksooon December 10, 2019

        Sis u are the one who called Jay-z ‘UGLY’ not me! Like I said I am attracted to a man’s wallets! That dont mean Im a damn woman moron! Im a proud gay black man! I could care less about a man’s race, whether or not u find him attractive, or any other measure of beauty u use! It is all about me and what I find attractive! I think Jay-z is cery attractive. I also think Tyler Perry is very attractive and if he was single I would be Mr. Perry cause Madea got a very fat wallet. Lee Daniels not so much but im sure his wallet is big enough by now to be handsome to me! Bradley Cooper and Leonardo Dicaprio? Im down with the swirl. I know they are gay too. Dont take the ish i say too serious sis. What kind of me do u like? Please dont say just pretty boyz. That is so boring.

      • Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

        Hmmm, gay black man??? In other words you are a WOMAN lol …

        And no that is far from being a compliment either you CORNY/GAY F*****! Men should not COPY women by DATING men, Dating is for HETEROSEXUALS and HETEROSEXUALS only. you should either f%ck them or get f%cked by them (behind close doors ofcourse where all s** should occur)

        You talking about a mans POCKETS like a WOMEN. What man would give ur bottom feeding a$$ a single dime unless he’s super old and washed up?? Ur not a women, go out and make your OWN money instead of seeking sugar daddies. You are a disgust, makes me wan’t to quit coming to this blog if it’s filled with gay/trannys with subhuman low life traits and life styles

        And don’t bet not AYOOOOOOOoNNNNNNN one of y’all delete my comment either!!!!

      • Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

        And btw I do like ONLY pretty boys cuz I can provide for MYSELF. I need NOONE to take care of me, only my ego if anything. I’d much prefer a BROKE jobless bum with s*** features body and face than hardly a wallet or credit card let alone big wallets lol. I’d prefer a guy with NO BANK ACCOUNT Or even a credit card b4 a settle for a washed up old Jay-Z but ofcourse Beyonce is all of our superior in that regard cuz she can have a lebron Jay-Z and Damon Dash lol I’ll take a broke jobless Prime version of Dwayne Johnson anyday, you can have your gay throw aways lol

      • Clarksooon December 10, 2019

        Sis why i mad at me? We dont even like the same kind of man. Of course i like a man with fat wallets. I dont even have a job. Ever since I was 16 men have always paid my all my bills and take care of me. See it dont matter if a man take care of another man. I give my men what they need which is love and thats all they expect from me. Why would i have sexx for free? I take care of them and They take care of me financially. U keep your broke pretty boys and if u stumble into a n ugly rich man send him my way sis and ill take care of him. I like em rich and ugly. That why i have no competitions and i can drain their pockets and get all their money from cash to plastic to real estate properties I accept it all. And i love me some old men on their death bed…yes put my on the dead and sign over all your properties, cars, and accounts to me.

  7. Meme December 10, 2019

    No, jagged edge member actually spoke out about the unfair treatment that Latavia and Letoya got from Matthew. They actually tried to help them girls. But everything that was against Matthew way was seen as a no no.

    • SMH December 10, 2019

      Yep, that’s the story I always heard. I think Matty boy is trying to rewrite history for book sales.

    • Swirly December 10, 2019

      They tried to help them while sleeping around with them at the same time. Teenage girls and grown men. Yuck.

  8. Pat December 10, 2019

    Walked outta heaven wailers lol
    Yall doin too much

  9. Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

    Mathew neglected to mention that LETOYAS Mother PAM was kicked off the Buss too and days later 2 new members of DC was brought in.

    Also Jagged Edge has a video titled gots to be which features all 4 original members playing their GF. Why would Adults cast supposed minors as love interest… Bey and lativia was either 16 or 17 in that video

  10. Diabetes Unbothered December 10, 2019

    theres definitly MUCH MUCH MORE to this story. Where’s TVOne when u need them lol

  11. High Price December 10, 2019

    He needs to really just stfu…. he’s looking crazy.

  12. Truth December 11, 2019

    True fact: If you slow down any destinys child record..they sound exactly like jagged edge….

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