Alicia Keys Announces ‘Alicia – The World Tour’

Published: Tuesday 21st Jan 2020 by David

Alicia Keys is wasting no time amplifying buzz for her new album ‘A.L.I.C.I.A.

For, fresh from announcing the release date for her seventh studio effort; the 15-time Grammy winner has unveiled dates for a mammoth global trek.

Details below… 

Christened ‘Alicia – The World Tour,’ the concert series kicks off in July and will see the songstress hit a multitude of cities for much of the summer. 

The tour announcement follows the release of the ‘Show Me Love’ featuring Miguel, ‘Time Machine,’ and latest effort ‘Underdog.’

It also comes as the star gears up to release memoir ‘More Myself’ on March 31st via Flatiron Publishing.

Tickets go on-sale January 27th. 

Will you be going to see Ms. Keys in action?

Your thoughts?

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  1. only facts January 21, 2020

    No shade, but does anyone really want to see Alicia in 2020? Her music has been a mess since she married Swizz (but the 2 new songs are much better than her last album).

    • Paulo January 21, 2020

      Me! She’s toured Brazil twice and I missed it both times so I’d love if this “world tour” would actually go worldwide haha I agree her music fell off a bit but I still expect her to put on a great show with all her catalogue

    • Clarks0oñ January 21, 2020

      Did u see that group photo of normani, destiny ryan, jordan woods etc

      Everybody on Twitter cropped normani out of the group photo cause she’s ugly as shìt

      Everybody on twitter said normani runs group photos. ???

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 21, 2020


      • Gworl Bye January 22, 2020

        Girl shut up and go try to find camila’s album, nobody else can seem to find it.

      • Gworl Bye January 22, 2020

        lol “runs” group photos? If she runs group photos thats a compliment idiot. Looks like you need to go back and get that GED stupid lmao.

  2. Facts January 21, 2020

    Hmm there’s some big venues on this list, maybe a world tour of jazz bars would be a better starting point

  3. Brent Christopher January 21, 2020

    as incredibly talented & artistic as Alicia is, she lacks the mainstream popularity that once framed her fledgling career. by no means should she be embarking upon a global arena tour. Alicia should book 20-25 North American dates where she plays to regular size concert halls, pubs, blues & supper clubs, as well as mid-size auditoriums. people have to know when it’s time to downsize & fit themselves into a lane that is better suited for the contemporary stage of their careers. Alicia is really above herself this time. no one is even purchasing an Alicia Keys album in 2020. let’s be honest with ourselves. talented girl… but no ma’am!

    • High Price January 21, 2020

      I thought Alicia Keys has always been a pretty solid MAINSTREAM artist. Her last album did very well and was charting exceptionally well worldwide. They love her in the UK.

      • Brent Christopher January 21, 2020

        no Hunni. her lady full fledged album release was “HERE”. the sales were abysmal! the critical reception even more of a catastrophe!

      • High Price January 21, 2020

        Oh damn. You’re right! ? I forgot about that album. I was thinking about “Girl on fire” smh. Wow.

  4. Clarks0oñ January 21, 2020

    Her song writing skills are very poor.
    She fooled us with her piano playing skills (which are average) that we didnt notice she was a weak song writer.

    15 grammys, really?WTF were they thinking. That’s excessive.

    fire we make with Maxwell is a sweet slow bop.

    And she’s not fooling anyone with that I’m not wearing makeup bullshìt.
    Gurl u got makeup on, it’s not just excessive or visible, but u have makeup on. We can see it.

    • Paulo January 21, 2020

      15 Grammys >>>>>> clinging to Alejandro Sanz for a Latin Grammy

      stick to talking charts, you’re outta your league here

      • Clarks0oñ January 21, 2020

        I didnt mention Camila or normani, and u still came for me
        Gurl u dont want this smoke.

        .@Camila_Cabello and @DaBabyDaBaby’s “My Oh My” has now sold over 400,000 units in the US.

        No music video
        No promo (only 1 live performance)
        No hype
        No buzz
        Few radio plays.


        “My Oh My” has now over 100 MILLION streams on Spotify. This is @Camila_Cabello’s 21st song to achieve this.
        This is the 3rd song from romance (the album u guys called a flop) to achieve this


        Camila appeared on Michelle Obama’s 2020 workout playlist
        South of the border feat Camila cabello and cardi.

        Last year seniorita appeared on Barack Obama’s summer playlist
        They hate to see it

        Where is normani?
        People on Twitter were cropping her out of a group photo with Jordan wood and destiny ryan cause she’s ugly

      • Gworl Bye January 22, 2020

        Wheres’ camila’s album sis? Exactly, sit until somebody finds it.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 21, 2020


      • Clarks0oñ January 21, 2020

        Only a fool like u, would compare Camila cabello to alicia keys who has been in the game for 15 years.
        U are dull as f****
        Sorry for u

      • Gworl Bye January 22, 2020

        Nice excuse when your basic fave flops after 10000 features, a million album covers and a fake relationship.

  5. Section8ThaGreat January 21, 2020

    Not performing these new wack songs that she thinks are so poetic and next level. I feel NOTHING when I listen to her music the past 7 years.

    • Gworl Bye January 22, 2020

      Coming from someone with section 8 as their screen name, that doesn’t surprise anyone.

  6. Pat January 21, 2020

    John legend took her place

    • Gworl Bye January 22, 2020


  7. King Khia January 21, 2020

    World tour??? That’s a European tour…even in America, I pass.

  8. SIR.DONJENNERO GORRELL January 21, 2020

    ? goúd?
    Break a leg???.
    Thx u ???♎…

  9. Tori January 21, 2020

    Now this looks more like an album cover, really love this shot.

  10. Shayla Queen January 21, 2020

    Alicia, please stop.

  11. Martaevia La’Wayne January 21, 2020

    I would love to see Ms Keys! Gotta wait for the US tour though. ??

  12. High Price January 21, 2020

    Ummmm… I hope the ALL of the singles she’s released were BUZZ singles because they WEREN’T and AREN’T IT! She needs to get with the guy who wrote the song ” Focus” for H.E.R. (Daryl Camper). He’s a very talented producer. In all honesty, a lot of people thought that was Alicia Keys when that “Focus” single first came out. The style of it is “Alicia Keys” style, yet current and timeless. He’s working with Brandy on her upcoming album.

    But she should really consider scraping those last 3 singles she just released. Make em Buzz joints. If she rolls with those singles, it’ll be like she’s just putting something out just because… ?.

  13. CardiIsQueen January 21, 2020

    Worldwide Flop

  14. eric January 21, 2020

    I looked up the U.S. dates and I will absolutely be in the first few rows. Her last few albums I didn’t like at all, but just the thought of hearing songs from “As I Am” is enough for me to buy a ticket.

  15. Julian January 22, 2020

    MEEEEE! I saw her in 2008 on the “As I Am” Tour and it was amazing! Can’t wait for the new album and tour.

  16. Dotty Hoey January 22, 2020

    Why not Glasgow

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