Cardi B Previews New Song [Listen]

Published: Sunday 12th Jan 2020 by Sam

Cardi B has newness a’cooking!

The fiery femcee has been notable in her quietness of late, forgoing ample collaborations and dropping very little in the way of solo material over the course of the last year.

However, as anticipation grows for her sophomore album intensifies, Cardi has shared a preview of a new song.

Take a listen below…

We like, we like!

The tease comes in the wake of her debut – ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ – becoming the most streamed female rap album of all-time.

Are you buzzed for the follow-up?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez January 12, 2020


  2. Only facts January 12, 2020

    Feed me cardi!!!

  3. DC3 FOREVER January 12, 2020

    I enjoy Cardi but this doesn’t sound like any growth.

  4. Beyonceitis January 12, 2020

    Love her, but after I like it like that, she is losing momentum.

  5. Clarks0oñ January 12, 2020

    Gurl this song and style isnt hot anymore especially in 2020.

    U better go back and switch it up.

    South of the boarder is rising on the charts, focus on this song and get a fourth number one before u start releasing a new song

    • Only Facts January 12, 2020

      You think south of the border is going to hit #1? ??????

      • Paulo January 12, 2020

        give him a break beau he’s too busy tryna learn how to spell b-o-r-d-e-r

  6. Just Sayin’ January 12, 2020

    Someone hitting the sophmore slump. It like every song realsed after I like it just fall short. Gurl go into acting cause ur hype if fading fast and furious

    • Dc January 12, 2020

      Please me peaked at 3 and money came out debited at 13 check ya damn facts before u hate and oh press debuted in top 15 f** u ??

      • Just Sayin’ January 12, 2020

        Bish all her hype dying. Y’all thought Press would repeat the sucess of Bodak Yellow and we saw how that ish free fall off the charts. Sophmore slump hitting ‘Miss drug and rob men’ hard

  7. J The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net January 12, 2020

    When you build your Career off Sympathy & Payola your bound to FAIL!!!!!! Hang it Up FlatScreen you will be as big as you where in 2018 everything is downhill from here Sorry the Hypes Over

    • kiki January 14, 2020

      niki is the perfect example of falling off

  8. Clarks0oñ January 12, 2020

    Cardi u need to stop addressing haters .
    Press was too aggressive and too angry sounding.

    U need to give us something soft. A ballad type rap song like nicki minaj your love but better

    • J The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net January 12, 2020

      She’s not Nicki Minaj she doesn’t write so she can only rap what her ghostwriters give her to recite

      • Dc January 12, 2020

        How can one win an ASCAP writing award if they don’t write ??? Hatin ass

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 12, 2020

        @J..- Hahahaha

      • TB January 12, 2020

        Let’s not forget that Safaree penned Nicki’s hits so… 🙂

      • kiki January 14, 2020

        niki has like 5 co writers in her credits for most of her song sooo hush she gets help too mama

    • Roman January 12, 2020

      She need to make amends with Nicki and all her fans.

  9. Louisiana. K.B January 12, 2020

    Sounds like a 10 year old Gay Boy trying to imitate Nicki!

  10. Paulo January 12, 2020

    too short for me to have an opinion. Where is that Cardi feat Ludmilla is what I wanna know

  11. Fast_Persuader January 12, 2020

    Ugh. I’m gonna need Cardi and everybody else, to LEVEL TF UP in 2020.

    Freshman Cardi was entertaining. She popped off on her haters, gave us a few (borderline corny) ratchet bops.
    But I need to hear and experience her sophomore growth and evolution, if she wants these $tream$.

  12. BeyQueen January 12, 2020

    This one is the Listen that y’all should pay attention to!

    Listen to the song here in my heart
    A melody I start but can’t complete
    Listen to the sound from deep within
    Its only beginning to find release
    Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
    They will not be pushed aside and turned
    Into your own, all ’cause you won’t listen
    Listen, I am alone at a crossroads
    I’m not at home in my own home
    And I’ve tried and tried
    To say what’s on my mind
    You should have known
    Now I’m done believing you
    You don’t know what I’m feeling
    I’m more than what
    You’ve made of me
    I followed the voice, you gave to me
    But now I’ve gotta find my own
    You should have listened

  13. MinajVavaVoom January 12, 2020


    I recommend “Fancy” and “Beg For It” by Iggy Azalea the Princess of Rap

  14. Dc January 12, 2020

    Please don’t release no more teasers haters ready to hate let’s just wait

  15. Dc January 12, 2020

    Side note that Megan the horse and normani song already out top 30 i tunes a damn flop already ???

  16. J January 12, 2020

    Damn ain’t nothing wrong with the Dollar Tree lol. Anyway at this point she needs to just put the damn album out already. All of her momentum is gone. She isn’t Beyonce.

  17. Dc January 12, 2020

    Y’all haters praying for cardi b to fall off need to be helping meg the pony new song with normani a flop already falling off on iTunes she didn’t even last one hit girl summer ?????

  18. Kevon January 12, 2020

    Go cardi …mother fuckers gonna come for you now… if u was new they be like ohhh damm she is lit she is all the hype s*** … damm people these days

  19. New2This January 12, 2020

    Cardi is cool, but this is boring. I’ll hold full opinions till the release

    • Dc January 12, 2020

      Stfu the clip like 3 seconds

  20. Dc January 12, 2020

    If cardi never has another hit she’s already has 3 number 1 songs making history and a Grammy for best rap album also history and just broke record for longest album by a debut female rapper on billboard 200 y’all haters find me a new rap b**** that will do all this cause meg the flop sure ain’t and oh congrats to cardi for her 61 million RIAA certifications

    • jan January 13, 2020


  21. I’m Black J, The REAL J Okurrr. January 12, 2020

    I love it!

  22. PinotNoir January 13, 2020

    My sweet Cardi, this is dish-washing music. Hope you’ve made enough money to last you a lifetime because a fun personality can only get you so far. Saddening how her team told her she had to sound/act/rap tough after Be Careful underperformed relative to other songs. Personally? It’s her only track I like. Her vulnerability on it is endearing and more congruent with who she is. The tough side should only come out when need be. Hardcore 24/7 in this harsh world is … redundant. And we’re tired of hearing artists whine about fame’s side effects. Talk about our struggles and we may relate into buying. I, for one, can’t relate to press, clout, or haters. ?

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