Jennifer Lopez Sued By ‘Hustlers’ Star

Published: Tuesday 7th Jan 2020 by David

Jennifer Lopez had found a foe in the woman who inspired her movie ‘Hustlers.

Full story below…

Samantha Barbash is the woman whose life was used to create the hit movie and is now slapping the picture with a hefty lawsuit.

Here’s why.

She argues that the film’s producers approached her before production kicked off to “obtain a consent and waiver from Ms. Barbash for the production of the film and their ultimate portrayal” of her. She refused to give them her consent and was stunned when they went ahead without it!

Now she wants to be compensated as she believes they exploited her likeness and story for financial gain and defamed her by having Jennifer Lopez (who portrays her) “using and manufacturing illegal substances in her home where she lived with her child.”

She is suing for $40 million.



While the amount of accurate factual details presented within the film are sufficient to unequivocally identity JLO’s character as Ms. Barbash, Defendants made statements and created scenes of and concerning Ms. Barbash in a grossly irresponsible manner.



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  1. Mother January 7, 2020

    Get money bish!

    • Bluebird January 7, 2020

      Jennifer Lopez has made a Career of ______ taking what is NOT hers and making those coins. Has anyone ever even HEARD her sing 100% live? or a “live sounding performance”. She SMELLS of FRAUD

      • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine January 7, 2020

        @bluebird She’s sung many songs live with her tour with ex husband Marc Anthony. Literally an entire tour. Marc Anthony is a vocalist and she clearly could and would not be synching when He is up there singing 100% live. I’m not saying she’s a vocalist or anything but You’re trying to push a false narrative that isn’t going to be true just because ur seething

  2. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 7, 2020

    Chile if you had given your consent to begin with it would have been a nice cut ??? Now there’s no guarantee of a payday because litigation involving character defamation in films is not poppin’ and payin’ every other day. At best even if they settle, you will waste the money on legal representation and still not get as much coin as if you had consented. Hollywood lawyered up for the Gawds honey – you gonna end up paaaaaaaayin’ that high price ☝?

  3. Rashad January 7, 2020

    Sounds like a hoodrat trying time make a quick dime

    • Gworl Bye January 8, 2020

      Wrong. Sounds like Hollywood is once again ripping someone off for profit. Its what they do. Its what they’ve ALWAYS done.

  4. IZE January 7, 2020

    Lmao Samantha Barbash is trash she wont win, the very fact that she is suing Lopez when she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from these men is a joke. Karma catching up to her, She was invited to participate in the film and declined because shes money hungry and wanted a huge payout. JLo’s character was inspired by her names were changed butclearly they got that part right, shes a money hungry mess of a person its tragic really.

  5. Kevon January 7, 2020

    Now she wants money case the movie is a success ..girl go chill

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 7, 2020

      @Kevon – Actually no. She stated from the start that she did NOT want them to do a movie about her. There are plenty of articles that stated that. She is correct that they proceeded anyway so they need to pay her.

  6. Miguel January 8, 2020

    Just because she claims she told them she didn’t want the movie made doesn’t mean she did. Now that the movie is successful she just wants a cut. Bluebird whoever you are you clearly haven’t done your homework Jennifer sings live all the time on stage she isn’t Ms spears.

    • Bluebird January 8, 2020

      Lie. Lie. Lie. Her mic is NEVER on for vocals. Live SOUNDING tracks. When she screams, everybody scream her VOCAL is harsh and pitchy – when she starts to SING SING again – its on pitch. JENNIFER LOPEZ IS A VOCAL FRAUD

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