New Video: June’s Diary – ‘I Ain’t With It’

Published: Friday 31st Jan 2020 by Sam

June’s Diary‘s have added the latest chapter to their destiny with the video for ‘I Ain’t With It.’

The track, which is lifted from the group’s ‘Take Your Time’ release, adds to the quintet’s impressive catalogue and serves as their first visual since embarking on their independent journey.

Notably, ‘I Ain’t With It’ is the first release from the ladies that they’ve co-written.

Sassy, unapologetic, and care-free, the track embodies what Ashly, Gabby, Kristal, Shyann, and Brienna are all about in this next phase of their narrative.

Watch after the jump…


Here’s hoping this continues the flow of newness from this oh so deserving group.

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 31, 2020


  2. IAmKingBishhhh January 31, 2020

    I Know All 14 Of Their Fans Are Happy Right Now ???????? 3 Of Which Works For This Blog ??‍♂️

  3. IAmKingBishhhh January 31, 2020

    Ok I Take The Last Comment Back After Watching Not That Bad ??‍♂️ Just Don’t Have The Big Label “Machine” Pushing Them

    • Only Facts January 31, 2020

      Kelly straight f*cked them up

      • The truth always comes to light January 31, 2020

        No she didn’t! Epic Records f***** them up! The only reason why she did the show Chasing Destiny in the 1st place bcuz LA Reid wanted her to find new talent for the label… once he was suddenly fired JD had no support or budget from the label & Kelly helped them for a while but she knew without label support & no money to do anything she could not continue on like that so she took a step back & made the girls find their own way! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!

  4. Only Facts January 31, 2020

    Good for them

  5. Interac January 31, 2020

    It doesnt take five girls to sing a song like this. Not when we have the sza’s and summer walkers all over the place. That being said, they should never dumb down their voices to fit the mould. They have big voices, they need big songs.

  6. eric January 31, 2020

    Poor video choice, and all these women have been sounding the same like SWV said in their reaction video.

  7. Charli Cheer Up February 1, 2020

    So they’ve officially gone indie now interesting. I’m loving this new direction they’re doing with this. I wonder how this is gonna sound live in concert??

  8. AnonymousTruth February 1, 2020

    This is a damn shame … this cheap quality video …. this basic song….
    Why do people make the mistake thinking they will be successful with these songs that don’t cater to large audiences . They need a more commercial sound , there is way too many of them to be singing niche songs like this , they won’t make no money , and they gotta split 5 ways … this song will buy them a happy Meal each . Wish they would be sensible .

  9. D2 February 3, 2020

    I appreciate the simplicity of videos like this. When you love music you love music. When you dont have the big machine backing you it makes it even more refreshing for artists to continue to push out music and visuals regardless if it gets all the accolades and praise. Kudos to Junes Diary, they deserve so much more but it is what it is

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