Exclusive: Dinah Jane Dishes on World Tour, New Single #Lottery, & Solo Success

Published: Friday 13th Mar 2020 by Rashad

A year after hitting a jackpot of critical acclaim for her inaugural EP, ‘Dinah Jane 1,’ former Fifth Harmony hitmaker Dinah Jane continues to prove herself a winner on the solo front with her March 13-released new song, ‘Lottery.’

Acting as the kickoff of a four-week roll out of new music, the respective tunes are set to culminate with the release of the highly anticipated single, ‘Missed a Spot’ (due April 3), with her anxiously awaited world tour set to launch on April 7 (as we reported here).

That Grape Juice was privileged to chat with the 22-year-old during this busy season, where she exclusively dished on her new music, forthcoming global trek, life after 5H, and so much more.

Look inside to read our sit-down with the burgeoning diva:

That Grape Juice:  We are super excited about ‘Lottery.’ Tell us why now is the right time for this single.

Dinah:  It’s time to show the fun sides of women.  Sometimes, we can be one way in public – innocent and shy – and a different way in relationships.

That Grape Juice:  Fans should also know you’ll be dropping a new song every Friday that follows (until the release of ‘Missed a Spot’). What’s the inspiration behind this approach?

Dinah:  I’m about to go on tour, so I want to give the fans a chance to become familiar with the new songs so they can have fun and sing along at the shows.

That Grape Juice:  Just to clarify, will all these releases be housed on an album or EP? 

Dinah:  To be honest, I’m still working on that.  Right now, we’re focusing on the tour but I should know how we want to package these new songs soon.

That Grape Juice:  Speaking of, we’re super excited to catch you on the road on your recently announced world tour.  Tell us what we can expect from your live set.

Dinah:  Lots of energy and fun.  Before, when I was introducing myself as a solo act I had to mix the set with a few Fifth Harmony songs.  This time it will be more Dinah Jane.  It will be a completely different set from my last tour and will be my chance to show off new songs from my new project and show the world what I truly have to offer.

That Grape Juice:  What’s also unique about this outing is that it supports a good cause.  Why was it important for you to partner with the Australian Wildfire Fund for this tour?

Dinah:  I love Australia! I could even see myself living there one day.  My new song, ‘Missed A Spot,’ even samples [the 80’s hit] ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work.  I look at this tour as just a way to give back to them after all they’ve been through [with the recent wildfire tragedy].


That Grape JuiceSwitching gears a bit, we like to play a quick game that sees our guests answer 4 questions directly from our readers.  Are you ready for That Grape Juice‘s ‘Four From Fans’?

Dinah:  Let’s do it!

  • 1) If we looked at your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, who are some names we’d see?

Dinah: Honestly, a mixture of everything – Billy Currington, Carrie Underwood, and DJ Snake down to classical music, Summer Walker, Jhené Aiko, Beyoncé, etc.  There’s so much great music out there that I’d hate to be the type who listens to only one or two genres.

  • 2) What are you pre-concert rituals? How do you get ready to perform?

Dinah:  I don’t eat before I go on stage.  Also, I like to bump music just to get hyped up.  It depends on my mood, though.  Sometimes it’s classical music or other times it’s Hip-Hop.

  • 3) With all the recent hoopla about artist contracts, what advice would you – as someone who’s been in the industry for several years – give to up-and-coming acts?

Dinah:  Stay true to yourself, but make sure you have a full understanding of the business!

  • 4) How will we hear your Polynesian influence in your new music?

Dinah:  I’m proud of my culture and I feel like you can hear it in all of my music.  You’ll especially hear where I’m going with it in my new song, ‘Missed a Spot.’

That Grape Juice:  Thanks for playing! Now, to wrap things up;  you recently stated, “The most challenging part about making music has been being honest.” Can you elaborate on that statement?  And, have your thoughts on this changed?

Dinah:  I’m a private person, but my career requires I give a lot of myself to the public because the fans want to know about me.  I’ve had to challenge myself to dig a little deeper and share the things I’ve been through, even if the experiences aren’t pretty.

Going solo has been therapy for me in that it makes me want to dig deeper and be more open.  My music has been my journal and I’m so grateful to be able to tap into that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicky March 13, 2020

    Her voice and looks >> Camicky

  2. Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2020

    Every girl from 5th harmony has headlined a solo tour except normani
    Ally brooke got a headlining solo tour before f*******.
    How embarrassing.

    Normani will continue to be an opening act. Lol

    Normani has 2 top 10 songs but she was the opening act for megan thee stallion at that NBA all star show.
    Can u imagine?

    Megan thee stallion doesnt even have a top 10. Lol

    Normani was warming up the crowd for megan thee stallion.

  3. king z March 13, 2020

    dinah has always been my favorite. lottery is a bop too. i wouldn’t quite say it deserves to be a single but i like it

  4. Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2020

    She declined click bait questions twice.

    Editor’s note:  Dinah politely declined to answer.

    Editor’s note:  In keeping the focus on her hot new single, ‘Lottery,’ Dinah politely declined to answer this question as well.

    We have to stan. A whole queen
    Normani take note
    U allow ur music to do the talking instead of trying to make other people who are more successful than u look bad.

    Dinah I am impressed by ur replies in this interview.
    I dont like loterry but I am waiting for missed a spot.

    • king z March 13, 2020

      I kiied at that too. TGJ got shut down always trying to bring normani or beyonce into the picture! ugh

    • WhyYouMad? March 13, 2020


      I’m asking this in the least shady way possible…what exactly is your beef with Normani? I’m curious to know

      • Tori March 13, 2020

        She’s dark skin.

  5. Pu$$yPop$tre$$ March 13, 2020

    Solo success?

    I checked the calendar and it aint April 1st so i guess that was a typo

    *files nails*

    • WhyYouMad? March 13, 2020

      Dinah is definitely the prettiest of the group

      She has such an exotic look. Her material hasn’t been strong tho. Even ally’s song no good is hot

      Come on Dinah. We are rooting for u

  6. Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2020

    Normani cares about racism so much but there is clip going around on Twitter of her mocking Asian people.

    Normani = racist and hypocrite

    Atleast Camila realised her mistakes and apologized

    Normani has refused to apologise cause she is arrogant. Typical racist attitude. ?

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