Justin Timberlake Hits the Studio With Timbaland, Hit-Boy, & More As *NSYNC Teases Reunion

Published: Monday 16th Mar 2020 by Rashad

The critical and commercial misstep that was Justin Timberlake‘s 2018 album, the Country-tinged ‘Man of the Woods,’ has the 39-year-old trying to get out of the woods with music buyers – a position that’s undoubtedly led him to drive his musical endeavors back to basics.

Hot on the promo trail for the recently released ‘Trolls World Tour’ soundtrack (click here to stream it), Timberlake took to Zane Lowe last week to dish on his next solo LP and teased the effort by mentioning R&B/Hip-Hop producers Timbaland, Danja, and Hit-Boy are among the craftsmen he’s already teamed with for it.

As if that return to form is not enough for his fans to get excited about, word has it he may be working on a reunion with *NSYNC.  Details inside:

Listen (JT talks about his new album):


In related news, Timberlake’s former bandmate, Lance Bass, sent fans into a frenzy when he announced he would be separately interviewing each member of *NSYNC on his wildly popular ‘The Daily Popcast with Lance Bass’ podcast series this week.

Kicking off Monday (March 16) with the group’s founding member, Chris Kirkpatrick, it’s being reported the ‘I Want You Back’ hitmakers are sharing their respective thoughts on the prospect of a reunion project and subsequent tour.  The timing couldn’t be better as March 21 will bring with it the 20th anniversary of their blockbuster sophomore album, ‘No Strings Attached.’

Look below to hear Kirkpatrick’s interview with Bass:

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ March 16, 2020

    Justin and the homòsexual one are the only ones that look good, the other 3 just aged badly. They look like typical middle aged white dads u see at Walmart, whose kids are running up and down the place.

    • HavanaONana March 16, 2020


    • PinotNoir March 16, 2020

      Me likey Joey.

  2. Vase Rose March 16, 2020

    I see his funds are running low and it about to run low if his wife divorces him for cheating. Clearly something is going on because he has always paid his former band mates dust and I know it’s not for the fans. Clearly something is going on.

  3. K_man March 16, 2020

    I can’t stand lance bass anymore. I used like him but after he became good friends/pawn to Lisa Vanderpump he doesn’t act the same anymore

    • Fancy BISH March 16, 2020

      Lance is officiating Britney & Jax’s wedding that will air tomorrow, so I’m here for that! Jax is BAE and I like Lance, but spill the tea tho lol…what had happened? Lance acting brand new? ☕️ ?

  4. Only Facts March 16, 2020

    Lol so now that nobody cares about his solo music he’s getting back with NSYNC? Boy bye

  5. Clarks0o0ñ March 16, 2020

    Justin Timberlake =Camila
    Lance bass- ally brooke
    I dont know the other 3.

    • HavanaONana March 16, 2020

      Exactly is like Pussycat Dolls reunion without Melody

      Or Fifth Harmony without Normani


    • PinotNoir March 16, 2020

      Forgot JC-the band’s better singer

  6. I love big black c** March 16, 2020

    Bring it on daddy! We are here for u!!! Anything from u, I will swallow!!!!

    • Tino March 16, 2020

      I thought you loved big black cockss?? Lol

      • I love big black c** March 17, 2020

        I love BBC but sometimes I’m craving for some pink d-I-c-k-s. U know…. thirsty killed the cat

    • HavanaONana March 16, 2020

      Wow u are a nasty very bad gurl???

  7. #Formulation March 16, 2020

    I just need a justified 2.0 album from him

  8. Theelusive1 March 16, 2020

    JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE…your career in danger boo

  9. Jason March 16, 2020

    If so, JC better be leader most of the songs! He’s the REAL lead singer and obviously a superior talent!

    • PinotNoir March 16, 2020


  10. J March 16, 2020

    He talked so much s*** about not doing *NSYNC anymore and now that he’s flopping he wants to get back together! A mess

  11. Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 16, 2020

    Oh Justin. This is not a good look. Or maybe he’s coming full circle so he can hang it up. Things have been dry (read: Arid) for a while so he clutching at straws now huh. Is anyone actually checking for this reunion tho? Will grown ass ppl go an see NSync on tour?

  12. PinotNoir March 16, 2020

    Likely a Vegas residency …

  13. eric March 16, 2020

    He apparently needs all the help he can get. Backstreet and New Kids are the only 90s boy bands still in shape.

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