Kim Kardashian Hits Back at Taylor Swift: ‘She is Actually Lying’

Published: Tuesday 24th Mar 2020 by Rashad

Kim Kardashian has had enough!

On the receiving end of backlash since a mysterious source leaked the full footage of Kanye West‘s controversial 2016 phone call with Taylor Swift (as we reported here), spectators who once sided with Mrs. West have now turned against her in the wake of Swift’s response (click here to read),

Taking to Twitter in a lengthy rant, the sextape specialist maintains that the ‘Shake It Off’ singer is lying about not knowing about Kanye’s ‘Famous’ jab that referred to her as a ‘b*tch.’

See what else Kardashian said below:



In the rant above, Kim calls out Taylor’s publicist – who responded hit back with:

[main photo source:  Getty Images]

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  1. Jay March 24, 2020


  2. Nicky March 24, 2020

    STFU Taylor and her stupid publicist.

    We do not care. Now is not the time

    • Shayla Queen ? March 24, 2020

      You STFU

    • Shayla Queen ? March 24, 2020

      Pre-order Romance on double red vinyl!

      • ??? March 24, 2020

        lmaoooooo why bother, NOmance already flopped, a flopped vinyl isnt gonna help her lmfaooooooo

      • Shayla Queen ? March 24, 2020

        It’s getting closer to Platinum status every day boo boo

      • ??? March 24, 2020

        lmaooooo sure Jan, that flop hasnt even sold 200k copies. try again lmfaooooooooooooooooo

      • Shayla Queen ? March 24, 2020

        More than 800k actually, Tom ?

    • Shayla Queen ? March 24, 2020


    • ??? March 24, 2020

      lmaoooo, why because she exposed that lying trashbox wh0redashian and her lying ass c00n of a husband? you can stfu now lmfaoooooooo

      • beyvibe March 24, 2020

        Shut up ????
        Beyonce sold more than Taylor. Deal with it h***.

      • Shayla Queen ? March 24, 2020

        Beyonce sold more than Taylor? ??? SCREAMING AT YOUR DUMBNESS ??

    • C**-ila March 24, 2020

      Tell that to Kimberly SexTapedashian…She’s the one who use this to promote herself and her flop scripted “reality show”.
      Taylor actually told people who wanted to hear her opinion and have means to give some money to the World Health Organization like she did…

  3. Kel March 24, 2020

    I love all three of them lol they are crazy for this and if you guys believe they are still “feuding” you need help! Clearly perfect timing for everyone! lol

  4. Meme March 24, 2020

    Whew Chile. We are all over this situation but Kim and Kanye are really starting to look like the culprits in this. The message the publicist made was crystal clear. Kim released snippets that supported her argument which made Taylor look like a liar, when in actuality she wasn’t.

    • Gworl Bye March 24, 2020

      Lol then she had the nerve to tweet essay after essay, while the publicist only had to tweet once. She got busted now she’s trying to save her fake face lol.

    • Fancy BISH March 24, 2020

      Kim is truly Boo Boo The Fool chile ?

  5. my name March 24, 2020

    the world is in such a serious time and this is what they decide to focus on. This is when being a celebrity goes wrong.
    no one gives a damn about this but them and their ego strokers.

  6. Gworl Bye March 24, 2020

    Sit down Kim, your lies are public record now. Your responses are as fake as you, your body, and that assh0le you’re married to.

  7. eric March 24, 2020

    She’s trying to talk about the importance of context when she posted clips that removed any context that would have been favorable to Taylor as it is now after the full video has come out. Kim is not the political activist she portrays herself to be, or else she would promote truth, fairness and accuracy, none of which she does in her post.

  8. Clarks0o0ñ March 24, 2020

    Kim and kanye have nothing to lose in this drama

    Taylor plays victim alot but
    Taylor was trying to be nice and she found it difficult to say a firm NO to kanye in that phone call.
    She was uncomfortable but she didnt speaking for herself.

    If only she said NO, this trash wouldn’t happen

    Atleast this drama gave us reputation era.

  9. Claude Remains March 24, 2020

    Kim should stick to what she does best – sucking d***!!!!!

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