Mariah Carey Wows With ‘Always Be My Baby’ On ‘iHeart Living Room Concert’ [Performance]

Published: Monday 30th Mar 2020 by Sam

Mariah Carey was one of many notable names who assembled for Elton John‘s iHeart Living Room Concert For America.

The virtual fundraiser, which aired on FOX, was mounted in support of those affected by the ongoing pandemic.

During her segment, Mimi shared a live performance of ‘Always Be My Baby’ – featuring her back-up singers, keyboardist, and many a whistle note.

Watch the memorable showing below…

Kudos MC! Great performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. IG: mixedboy March 30, 2020

    Good job my Queen! ?

    • Bluebird March 30, 2020

      Finally, a nice performance with great vocals, she looks pretty and delivered

  2. Theelusive1 March 30, 2020

    MARIAH slipped in ALL IN YOUR MIND Whistle notes throwback. REALLY a feel good performance

    • Oh plz March 30, 2020

      Yes! I TRUE Mimi fan! “All in your Mind” is a hidden gem ? ❤️❤️

  3. Gee March 30, 2020

    Bravo that performance was freaking awesome the best of the night for me.

  4. Wwwd What would Whitney Do March 30, 2020

    great but she’s not blowing me away like Whitney Houston live and all the blonde hair and stuff does she forget that she is half black…even Nicki wears Afro sometimes .thats why the billionaire had dumped her. All that cocaine she admitted to snorting with Whitney since they were “friends “

    • Amras March 30, 2020

      Your snorting seemed to get out of hand. Kind of delusional. You should go to rehab.

    • Bluebird March 30, 2020

      You sound pure crazy. what’s wrong with you. The performance is great and she’s doing great with the voice she has left. She’s 50 years old. Fall Back H_0e

    • BadgyalD March 30, 2020

      She’s a millionaire b**** so shut the f*** up her hand gestures alone make more money than you will ever see in ur pitiful life be a good peasant and watch from the outside as ur broke mice infested ass can’t afford a seat at the mothafucking table

    • Arihanna grande April 1, 2020

      I bet you want millionaire to f.u.c.k you

  5. Wwwd What would Whuitney Do March 30, 2020

    Mariah was jealous that boyz2men only had gorgeous brown skin and thick b*** black girls. women in their videos being an rnb group she don’t shout out to boyz2men cuz she mad Shawn didn’t wanna f*** her.. B**** 20 years

    • Bluebird March 30, 2020

      You sound stupid. Boyz2Men have faded to the back. ALL THOSE HITS and they playing SUPPER CLUBS????? STFU

  6. Clarks0o0ñ March 30, 2020

    Rat TGJ
    Post about Camila’s performance.
    She sang an acoustic version of my oh my and she rapped dababy’s part.

    • Arihanna grande April 1, 2020

      İt was as lame as yours

  7. Beylover March 30, 2020

    Great job Mariah! Loved it ❤️

  8. Sumthin bout his manners March 30, 2020

    Pitchy ! shes sounded off
    Poor mariah cant sing like she used to
    Maybe in 1994 mariah was the best vocalist but In present day Camila slays her vocally.

    • my name March 30, 2020

      you poor thing. you want attention so bad. guess mommy or daddy gave you some issues and now you are just out here trying to hurt other people with words. poor thing, we will pray for you.

      • Justafan March 31, 2020

        the only things off is your taste and hearing.

    • Arihanna grande April 1, 2020

      Poor stinky, there wont be camilla 10 years later, now respect queen

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