New Video: Usher – ‘Don’t Waste My Time (ft. Ella Mai)’

Published: Wednesday 25th Mar 2020 by Sam

Usher hosts the ultimate house party in the video for single ‘Don’t Waste My Time.’

The visual for the Ella Mai collaboration premiered moments ago and arrives as the song hit the top ten on Urban AC radio.

Directed by LeSean Harris, the clip features cameos from the likes of Snoop Dogg, King Combs, and Evan Ross.

With much of the world on lockdown, this has been unwrapped right on time.

Watch after the jump…

Solid enough and serves its purpose.

With a new album incoming, it’ll be interesting to see if this functions as a standalone buzz cut ahead of a big comeback or if he continues to throw out tracks to offset the “need” for a big comeback.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bluebird March 25, 2020


  2. Always March 25, 2020

    Cool song and video

  3. Holliewuudd March 25, 2020

    Ella Mai is SO gorgeous! Glad she softens up her look from when she first came out as she screamed stud lol.

    • King Khia March 25, 2020

      You clocked that about her too!!! ?
      I still believe she’s a lezzbunn.

  4. Shayla Queen ? March 25, 2020

    S*** ? Ain’t nobody here for a h***** infested flop in 2020

    • Camila KKK patrol March 25, 2020

      Are you talking about Usher or yourself h***? ?

      • Shayla Queen ? March 25, 2020

        Your w***** ass momma b*****.

        Pre-order Romance double red vinyl ?

      • Camila KKK patrol March 25, 2020

        Still trying to find your way to reading rainbow I see…that wasn’t my question you nasty cûnt. And I don’t buy flop albums from racist twats ?

    • Tino March 25, 2020

      Shayla do you really think Usher is worried about selling millions and having number one songs?? The man has been out for almost 30 damn years and is in the forth decade of his career. His legacy is already cemented as the most successful male R&B/Pop artist since Michael Jackson. Now STFU IGNORANT BITCHH

  5. Gee March 25, 2020

    A cool concept for a good song.

  6. Only Facts March 25, 2020

    He wasted my time with this video…

  7. Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 25, 2020

    It’s a feel good video with a throwback vibe to the 90’s R&B day. It’s Ushers Lane and we plays it well. I don’t know much about Ella Mai but there was enough of her vocal for it not to be annoying so 6/10 because Usher carried that song. ?

  8. Jason Giambrone March 25, 2020

    Usher did it again! I love this!!!

  9. eric March 25, 2020

    It may be a little late, but I love the colors, the vibe, the setting, the outfits and the overall simple but effective concept. The video and song match perfectly, and I respect them for being able to make one of the few poolside videos that isn’t overs–ualized. If Usher stays this course, he will make a lot of people happy.

  10. #TheTruth March 25, 2020

    The song is a good R&B cut. It doesn’t scream hit or doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but I like it.
    I’m just not sure that’s the right material for his « comeback ».

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 25, 2020

      Agreed. I think he is trying to position himself back with fans using his R&B lane ?

    • Holliewuudd March 25, 2020

      Usher has made his money and created his musical legacy with a whole discography of hits. This one is fitting and age-appropriate and his true fans will support. At 40 years old, he’s still fine, established and doing what he loves

  11. I love big black c** March 25, 2020

    Ella mai can join the ugly squad with normani, SZA. Guess her white gene didn’t improve her look

    • Kix March 25, 2020

      Ugh. The racism is astounding. First off Normani isn’t ugly and SZA post-OP looks good. Secondly why would white genes make someone look better as if there arent ugly white people out here.

  12. Ropeburn March 25, 2020

    This is a good song to get ready for the Summer. Can’t wait to lay it low and spread it wide!

  13. Meme March 25, 2020

    Oh love. Love this visual and this song. Plus Usher looks amazing. Man ain’t aging.

  14. KeepingItReal March 25, 2020

    Evan Ross is so fine

  15. Subrena Ray March 25, 2020

    I love the song and the video awesome!

  16. Tyana Jones March 25, 2020


  17. Carlett Thompson April 5, 2020

    Usher blew that video

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