Tekashi 6ix9ine Hit with $150M Lawsuit / Requests Early Prison Release to Avoid Coronavirus

Published: Monday 23rd Mar 2020 by Rashad

While the music world is reeling from album release and concert festival cancellations left and right due to coronavirus, Tekashi 6ix9ine is hoping the pandemic is just what he’ll need to get a cancellation of his own:  his prison sentence.

Claiming he is at high risk of dying from COVID-19 as he’s already suffering from “shortness of breath” due to his history of battling bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, and other respiratory conditions, the ‘Dummy’ rapper (born Daniel Hernandez) issued a statement via his attorney, Lance Lazzaro, to plead with a judge for an early release.

Details below:


“It seems like just a matter of time before all prisons in the area are hit with this virus, both inmates and guards,” argued Lance Lazzaro, who also said remaining imprisoned would potentially be a “risk to [Tekashi’s] life.”

Originally facing decades behind bars for racketeering and other charges, the 23-year-old hitmaker made headlines last year when he turned government witness against his former associates to have that looming sentence drastically reduced (click here to read more).

As we reported here, good behavior would see him released late summer 2020.  Yet, as indicated in the newly filed request, Lazzaro believes it’s in his client’s best interest to get out even sooner than previously described.

“While I recognize that his release date is only about four months away, given the health crisis that is currently tearing through this region and Mr. Hernandez’s compromised medical condition, please strongly consider modifying Mr. Hernandez’s sentence so as to immediately make him eligible for home confinement,” Lazzaro asked the judge. “Your Honor has likely heard that this virus can be deadly for individuals with pre-existing conditions (including those who suffer from asthma) and/or compromised immune systems. Given that Mr. Hernandez is at very high risk of death or serious complications if he contracts the coronavirus, please issue an order modifying his sentence to allow him to begin home confinement immediately.”


If granted freedom, the rapper will be coming home to a mounting list of lawsuits that could certainly take his breath away.

Just days after being sued for over $2 million by Fashion Nova for breach of contract after failing to promote their brand due to his incarceration (click here to read more on that), Hernandez was slammed with a $150 million lawsuit by a New York woman who is opting against revealing her identity due to fear of gang retaliation.


“Rapper 6ix9ine (born Daniel Hernandez) is being sued for $150 million by a woman who said she was caught in crossfire of the rapper’s retribution against gang members in 2018.

The woman, who only identifies herself as Jane Doe, is suing the rapper for battery and assault claiming his actions caused her “grievous physical and mental injuries” as well as emotional and mental distress. She is seeking $75 million in damages and $75 million in punitive damages.”

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ March 23, 2020

    This is who nicki minaj collaborated with just because she was desperate to get a number 1 song and at the end of the day she didnt still get that number one with fefe

    Nicki has been destroying her reputation long before she married that pèdo.

    • Camila KKK patrol March 23, 2020

      The pressed clown of TGJ ? ?

  2. Clarks0o0ñ March 23, 2020

    Watch as black people gonna give this dude a number one song and a number one album.

    We are really finished as a society.

    • Nicky March 23, 2020

      The main consumers of hiphop are white.


      Take your L

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 23, 2020

        Billboard Hot 100: #18(+8) My Oh My, @Camila_Cabello Feat. @DaBabyDaBaby [15 weeks]. *new peak*

        Take ur L

        Now cry about it.
        I thought u said my oh my falling down the charts?

  3. Nicky March 23, 2020

    “The Queen of Spotify” 81 K SPS

    Camicky . The jokes write themselves

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 23, 2020

      Billboard Hot 100: #18(+8) My Oh My, @Camila_Cabello Feat. @DaBabyDaBaby [15 weeks]. *new peak*

      Hold ur L

      • Camila KKK patrol March 23, 2020

        The pressed clown of TGJ ? ?

    • HavanaONana March 23, 2020

      Romance sold 86k SPSin first week rat not 81k
      You are trying to deduct that 5k and add to Birds of Prey Soundtrack sales. Not going to happen h***.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 23, 2020


      • Shaniqua March 23, 2020

        I’m crying at deducting 5k to add for birds of Prey soundtrack sales???????????????????????????????????????
        Poor Normani, she was on that album ???

    • !!! March 23, 2020

      lmaooooo listen nicky, tell that to Normani fans next time they want to try dragging someone for their sales and chart placements, they tried to come for camila and look what happened lmfaooooooooooo #normani@#116 #TheFLOPPINGFifthHarmony #KarmaAlwaysWins #Didntchartsincenovember2019

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