French Montana Clarifies ‘I Can Outshine Kendrick Lamar’ Comment After Backlash

Published: Wednesday 22nd Apr 2020 by Rashad

Fans of ‘Out of Your Mind’ maestro French Montana were wondering what the hell was on his mind after he took to press recently to proclaim he could outshine Kendrick Lamar.

While hot on the promo trail in support of his latest single, ‘That’s a Fact’ (click here to watch its music video), Montana visited our friends at ‘Complex’ to discuss a number of topics including his competition and live performing.

“I mean, honestly, you could put somebody like Kendrick Lamar next to me on the same stage at a festival. I might outshine him… not because I’m a better rapper or whatever it is. It’s just that I got more hits,” he said. “Kendrick Lamar got albums. He got masterpieces. But if you were to put us on the festival stage I would outshine him because I have more hits than Kendrick Lamar.”

Needless to say, the comment rubbed K.Dot fans the wrong way as many assumed French was asserting he was better than the ‘Humble’ star.

Once Twitter erupted with ridicule and receipts (i.e. Montana’s only had 4 top 40 hits since 2007), the Grammy-nominee took to the platform to clap back.

See what he said inside:


Since his 2011 debut, Kendrick has nabbed over 25 top 40 hits, including two #1 singles – 2017’s ‘Humble’ (as a leading act) and 2015’s ‘Bad Blood’ (as a featured act to Taylor Swift).

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  1. Hated4myopinion April 22, 2020

    He doesn’t have more hits. He has more party anthems.

  2. Tyty April 22, 2020

    I really can’t name but one or two French Montana songs. His mostly a feature artist. Kendrick literally has more hits!! It’s just that when people think of Kendrick they don’t think party anthems. Social media/ quarantine has some celebs showing their ass and it’s not becoming.

  3. Ms. Fish April 22, 2020

    They at the same festival… performing at the same time. I’m going to see Kendrick. Kendrick straight fire???

  4. Len75 April 22, 2020

    Kendrick will dust his cornball a** any day. I would walk away from the festival to use the urinal when French come on stage and I don’t use urinals!!! FOH Frenchie!!!

  5. 2bad2bme April 22, 2020

    I can’t stand cocky people who always have to brag about how great they are. All of the Legendary artists never did that before, only these new cornballs who want to force themselves in to the Hall of Fame!

  6. Martaevia La’Wayne April 22, 2020

    To me, it’s not about the hits. Just give me great music. F*** a hit.. how about a great body of work that’ll be unforgettable. If any artist can give that then I’m all here for it. That’s why I’m a Kendrick fan. Nothing against French. I may know a song or two but I know Kendrick albums… ??‍♂️

  7. XYZ April 22, 2020

    So actually he should have said “you cannot compare Kendrick and me, cause I am more of a singles artist while Kendrick is an album artist and releases some real messages whereas I release party songs.”
    Honestly, yes, i would rather go to a montana concert than to kendrick, but mostly because I just go to concerts if they are on a saturday so that I use them for predrinking

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