Katy Perry Taps ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Producer For New Album?

Published: Wednesday 22nd Apr 2020 by Rashad

While many pointed to the switch from dark hair as the leading force that derailed the career of one-time Pop Titan Katy Perry, diehard fans assert the absence of two key figures is to blame:  Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco.

While both key contributors to every one of her major label albums except the critically and commercially panned, ‘Witness,’ Blanco is the man behind the magic of some of her biggest hits including “I Kissed A Girl,” “Hot N Cold,” “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” and more.

As she gears up for the summer 2020 release of her yet-titled sixth studio LP, fans – affectionately called #KatyCats – have been clamoring for pertinent details about its release, especially producers and such.  That’s probably why they were thrilled to see her Instagram live chat with Benny Tuesday night (April 21).

More inside:

The two did not specifically discuss plans for the new album, but it did not stop fans from insisting they were working together.

Here’s hoping Perry is considering going back to the drawing board to create a refreshed, updated take on the sounds that supported her most popular eras.

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  1. Clarksooon April 22, 2020

    Gurl, that short hair. Do something about that shìt. U look like a suburban mum named Karen, who hates rap music.

  2. Only Facts April 22, 2020

    Still not going to chart.

    • Bogus April 22, 2020

      When you say not gonna chart you mean number 1? Cause she has still been in top 20 on billboard with some of the singles I was surprised Harley’s in Hawaii didn’t chart in too 20 was classic Katy Perry

      • Only Facts April 22, 2020

        The only top 20 she had with the last bunch of singles was Never Really Over and that fell quickly after debuting. The last two songs she released didn’t even chart… she done. I’m sorry, but this is her karma for being a mean girl. Like who is mean to Ed Sheeran? He does nothing! And then let’s not forget her shading Britney 3 times. The Taylor drama. The fifth harmony shade. Bullying the model who was in her teenage dream video (google his story he revealed last year). I could go on and on. Katy is evil and this is her karma. She’s done and I guarantee, her Vegas residency will not be a major success.

      • J April 22, 2020

        Luke made these hos

      • Bogus April 23, 2020

        Only Facts I don’t think we can comment on what happened between her and her friends behind closed doors. Just like that text that came out about Dr. Luke we don’t know whet these celebs are saying too each other. They say Taylor is mean too

  3. Rashad April 22, 2020

    Some “Big” artists have their chart run and are done. Cyndi in the 80s, Paula in the 90s, X-Tina and Ashanti in the 2000s for example. Kesha and Katy are that version for the 2010s and probably will never have another massive hit. For every Cher, Madonna, Mariah and Rihanna with careers than span decades there are other artists that hit a creative wall and never able to repeat past success artistically.

    • Wendy Williams April 22, 2020

      You forgot to add Beyoncé And Britney on 2010s and 2020s lmfaooooo

  4. J April 22, 2020

    Back 2 Basic

  5. I love big black c** April 23, 2020

    It’s sad to see her katy kitty falling from grace. Teenage dream era is the best pop music moment ever. I was jamming the record on the beach and get laid with my boys.

    • Armadillo April 25, 2020

      Yes this music was for beach f a g gots like u

  6. U is R3TARDED if u believe 5G Causes COVID April 23, 2020

    wtf hasn’t corona finished this b!tches career yet? NO ONE WANTS IT- please abort

  7. Jake April 24, 2020

    The music is not the main problem with her tbh. She needs her black hair mojo back. I still bop Harleys In Hawaii

  8. Armadillo April 25, 2020

    When she used “the rise” for hilary she lost her shine and started flopping. İt was her first floo

  9. Armadillo April 25, 2020

    Katy Perry feat. Orlando bloom & cardi b = top 20 hit

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