Kierra Sheard: ‘The Gay Community Should Forgive Kim Burrell’

Published: Friday 17th Apr 2020 by Rashad

It’s been nearly three years since embattled Gospel star Kim Burrell suffered a severe backlash due to a controversial rant many deemed homophobic (click here to read more).

Losing a number of endorsements along the way (including her television show, radio series, promotional opportunities, and more), the hoopla around the incident may have cooled but its lasting effect on the once-widely revered singer’s career has endured.

Some of the diva’s peers think it’s time that changed.

Echoing sentiments from Gospel royal Shirley Caesar, Grammy-nominee Tamar Braxton, and others, singer-actress Kierra Sheard recently took to press to share her thoughts on Burrell’s fall from grace and hope the community impacted by the 47-year-old’s comments could move on from it.

Hear her take inside:

The Grammy winner – hot on the promo trail in support of her latest album, ‘KIERRA’ (click here to stream), and top-rated Lifetime Clark Sisters biopic – was recently spotted interviewing with our friends at Hollywood Unlocked.

When quizzed by resident host Jason Lee on Kim’s ongoing fallout (as seen above), Sheard told him:

‘The gay community is also looking for a way of equality and equality has to do with love and forgiveness. For us to move forward, it’s us having to learn a new way of communication…

I do think [the LGBT community] should forgive her.  Look around her; [they] support her with hair, makeup, wardrobe…so there must be some kind of love she has for them.”


[main photo source:  Getty Images]

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  1. Clarksooon April 17, 2020

    TGJ ur friends with that ugly monster that beyonce tried her hardest to avoid at a party.

    Show me ur friends and I will tell u who u are. Do better

      • Clarksooon April 17, 2020

        The dude in the video must have rejected u, so now u mad as hell
        A whole loser

        Hold this L

      • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

        When isn’t Flops mad as hell? I mean, it gets dragged on this blog every day like a pup by it’s dom master in hardcore s&m roleplay ???

  2. Only Facts April 17, 2020

    Kierra, STFU. You can’t say who should forgive her, especially when you aren’t a member of the group she offended (the LGBTQ community). That’s like a white person saying al black people need to forgive racists. No. That’s not how this works. Make it make sense you messy b*tch!

    • Holliewuudd April 17, 2020

      I’d have to agree with you to an extent. But I also feel like we all know Kierra is a Christian and God teaches us to forgive so I’m sure that this is where she is coming from. A person doesn’t have to be a part of a group in order to form an opinion or feel some type of compassion to do the right thing, or to be able to stand up for that group.

      In other news, I tried listening to her previous albums and all she does is scream. I’ll give this one another try but, to me, screaming is not singing. I wished she’d sing more in her lower register.

      • Pat April 17, 2020

        I ve noticed that too. I think the implied pressure from being her moms daughter in general causes her to over use her top register.

    • Hashim April 18, 2020

      oh…. she is a lesbian, Bi, or Q****?

  3. G-bby April 17, 2020

    Forgive her for WHAT? That’s the problem now; the LGBTQ community is too forgiving. Kim didn’t just ay the standard “homosexuality is wrong” banter that the church usually preaches. She spewed pure VENOM at our community on SEVERAL occasions. Kim made it clear that she would not apologize, and to my knowledge she still hasn’t.

    Just because she has gays parading around her, stroking her ego and doing her hair doesn’t mean she loves them. She’s using them for their talents. This is the same community who kept her dead chitlin circuit church career afloat. She hasn’t been relevant outside of storefront churches since 1998. She tried to use Whitney for relevance and that didn’t work.

    Kim is MEAN and BITTER. The type of hag who keeps people away from the church. Her pulpit rants do more harm than good. The young man who read her on Sundays Best tried to tell us!


    • R KELLY IS A FKN P*** April 19, 2020

      chitlin circuit threw me out lol

  4. Keith April 17, 2020


  5. Hated4myopinion April 17, 2020

    Let’s make a deal. She looses the weight and we lose the hate!

  6. Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

    To not forgive is to hold as much toxicity in your heart as she does and you let her win.

    • EyeOpine April 17, 2020

      You got some nerve talking about toxicity you unforgiving trick. You are the definition of toxic. Have several seats, dumb bitchass troll

      • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

        Keep thirsting for me, slüt.

  7. stan April 17, 2020

    play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  8. Antwan April 17, 2020

    Ummmmmm so others have to ask for her forgiveness but she won’t? That’s mistake number one because she was unapologetic about it and said she’s not changing her mind. So how we gonna forgive you for somthing you still support and believe currently. Second, she tolerates the gays she don’t like us. Yes, many are part of her glam squad but she’s using them. The same way many churches use the choir director but say he’s going to hell behind closed doors. Just because she hires them for that don’t mean there is no love. They are great at what they do and she need their skills and talents. That’s it! I’m all about forgiveness but why we continue to make excuses for people who preach hate. We can love you but from afar. And we don’t have to support you or give you my coin too. Nowhere does the Bible say that. She’s cancelled …. lord forgive me but f*** dat lady.

    • Shayla Queen ? April 17, 2020

      Wow, well said!

    • Sherry April 20, 2020

      Thank you for so eloquently stating what I was feeling. Tamar, Kierra & Mrs. Caesar are asking us to forgive someone who doesn’t acknowledge that she did/said anything wrong. Thanks but it’s still a NO for me. Ms Burrell losing coin because she misspoke is not my concern. She can afford to miss a few meals.

  9. G-Baby April 17, 2020

    Equality has nothing to do with love and forgiveness. Equality simply means being equal and having the same respect and rights as everyone else. Kim having gay people working for her and PAYING them for providing a service to her has nothing to do with having a liking or love for them. She’s receiving quality services/products for which she is paying.
    Additionally, if she’s talking to “her church”, apparently she’s spouting what she believes and naturally wants her flock to subscribe to the same philosophy. Naturally, you want your flock to spread what you believe to the masses to influence them to follow suit. Every preacher/pastor wants their flock to spread the gospel…the gospel in which they believe. Your analogy with something your mother tells you to do/believe in her house doesn’t hold any weight because it’s not the same thing. Even then, she wants you to subscribe to what she says in her house so you can be a representation of her house wherever you go. Well, Kim wants her house (her church) to believe as she believes as well as spread the word to influence others.
    Moreover, her words were what she believes and I’m not knocking it. To each his own. However, words have power, and actions have consequences. Her words and actions caused the backlash and loss of endorsements, employment in various media outlets and income. She holds to what she said and believes. Stand up for what you believe and deal with the consequences. I’m not saying that the community should or should not forgive her and move on. That’s entirely up to them. But I will ask, has she asked for forgiveness? Have her opinions/beliefs changed? If not, I guess she should continue to live her life in the wake of her words/actions. Whatsoever seed you plant, so shall you reap. If you plant love, acceptance and forgiveness, so shall you reap. If you plant hatred, intolerance and bigotry, so shall you reap.

  10. Around the way filet April 17, 2020

    what’s the blk gays obsession with the church anyway? christians don’t support your lifestyle and only tolerate you for your talents. yall just subject yourselves to abuse and toxicity sunday after sunday. and for what?????? some fat miserable dusty ashy voiced nobody ass b**** to call you perverted and hell bound? f*** her and f*** that ancient book of fairytales!!!!

  11. Trell April 18, 2020

    You could never understand what different kinda chancing we go through to be who are ourselves… We have to against our everything and anybody when it comes to our well being….. What Ms. Kim Burrell failed to realize we are human just like she is… We agree to disagree all long day…. You can’t think about how we feel just quick to judge…. I forgave a long time if she want she apologized herself and mean it….. But I know she won’t….. I looked up too Kim Burrwll

  12. Michael April 18, 2020

    KIERRA YOU NEED TO STFU about this Kim Burrell business before I refuse to support your ass too! Mind your business and keep making great music and acting! Kim ain’t sorry for a DAMN thing and you look like a bigot when you’re telling us what WE “that community” (as you called it) need to do concerning the bigot Kim Burrell! Mind your business because you walking into something you finna trade places with her ass!

  13. Dorae Saunders April 18, 2020

    I have no problem with forgiveness I have a problem from which the space it was coming from and if she was talking to just her church and she still has gay people doing here make up and wardrobe she still a hypocrite forgiveness is one thing but I wouldn’t let her near me if my life depended on it she is speaking from a hurt place she apparently as broken and hurt people hurt people

  14. Hmm April 18, 2020

    Hmm. Listen to Kierra’s song “FREE” at 7:35 and you’ll know where she stands on the Gays. Honestly I like her and music, but she’s got the wrong perspective.

    • Kevin April 18, 2020

      I heard it, truth is a lot of family, friends and acquaintances that love, accept, and tolerate us somewhere in their hearts feel that it is wrong. They won’t say it, but they feel that way. And on top of that, the church, some denominations more than others, drill it in our psyche from birth. I appreciate those who want to think for themselves.

  15. Zoe Spears April 18, 2020

    Let’s be real.
    We are a loving community of people. I am a Gay gospel musician and black. All my life I have played for people that would bash me or people like me. I currently play for Supt McDonald who is awesome and loving.

    I do believe she is forgiven for her unhealthy ways of sharing her thoughts.
    But what makes you think we want to endorse her or help her make a living when she put her self in the place of “the dog that bit the masters hand. “
    Majority of gospel music is written by gay and lesbian people and are understood by the same people.
    The remarks Kimberley Burrell made turned people away from the loving and forgiving God she claims to serve.

    She has to except her bed because she made it.
    Shirley Caesar has not lost in Dorsman’s because she doesn’t damage people.

    We as a gay community are not looking to excuse our sins .. we are living with the hope our lord will cover us with grace as he said he would do.. and some of us do ask for the thorn of homosexuality to be removed.. but at the point of reality, we do not need to be told we are nasty or abominations .. no we are humans in search of love and God.
    Bottom line is she is forgiven. But we will not support spiritual BULLYING OR BULLIES!!
    Don’t ask us to forgive her !!! ASK GOD TO FORGIVE HER. And she should do the same.

  16. Jonathan Robinson April 18, 2020

    No, she need to women and say she was sorry I’m sure she have gays in her church ⛪️ when you teaching hate that is what it is hate. When parents teach hate at home it spill out into the community that is why we have so much hate crimes today where innocent people are getting hurt or losing there lives. I’m sorry Kim Burrell got a what she earned. At this point it’s in God’s hand to show her weather in gospel community.

  17. Hashim April 18, 2020

    lissen, let me know when all six of Matie’s children get together for a holiday or family reunion. Start there luv… splinter v. rafter

  18. Elias P Fishburne IV April 19, 2020

    Circle around children,because I am only going to say this ☝?once.
    Just Because the Gays “get PAID to render service (ie) HAIR, MAK-UP,and or STYLING .
    , DOESN’T have anything to do with how ones heart and soul feels about there SERVICE provider’s ?LIFESTYLE!
    I agree that COMMUNICATION iwill always be the ?KEY when WE as a BLACK community address one another with good intentions,☝?However, Dont get it twisted!!!!
    As BLACK LGBTQ have been OPPRESSED by Society, including our own BLACK ⛪️CHURCH and #religious believers. Especially, by those who look like us and often those who have the same ?blood as us #family? whom behaviors have been endorsed and supported by the same CHURCHES AND its CONGREGATIONS this issue has derivative from. Because this looks all too familiar from all the ✊?BLACK ?️‍?LGBTQ community whom have been BASHED and or ostracized for so many many years. ☝?So don’t ? think that this plea for forgiveness will result in a act that will just vanish because it disappoints people of a cultural who are NOT BEEN THE TARGET OF OPPRESSION,
    ??‍♂️let me make this clear directly to Kim Burrell so Keira Sheard know that ya gurl s homophobic slurs started the first religious STONEWALL in the black gospel community,which allowed the gays who :play Instruments for your Songs , ushers in YOUR churches,SING in your Choirs,sitting in YOUR Congregations paying tides and offerings and in the closet PREACHING on your Pulpit to FINALLY stand up and say “it’s time to RECLAIM THERE TIME!!
    NO longer taking the verbal abuse that everyone has become accustomed to in a black community for so many years!
    So don’t think for an iota of a second that this will be done and over with until CHANGE has been done within the church community as a whole starting NOW !
    NO LONGER WILL OUR Contributions and sacrifices to the church ⛪️ be down played by the Those who rely on our services,skill set and Finances for their personal gain. The LGBTQ COMMUNITY stand in solidarity for change not for her forgiveness. AMEND

    I am done with my sermon you can place your offering in my cashapp, ??please and thank you!

  19. Misty Knight April 19, 2020

    Kierra Sheard: “Black people should forgive all racists and buy their stuff. They didn’t really mean it when they called you a N****R.”

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