Megan Thee Stallion Denies Cardi B Fake News Story

Published: Thursday 2nd Apr 2020 by David

Megan Thee Stallion has pulled the plug on a fake news story designed to humiliate her Rap sister Cardi B.

Full story below…

As far as newcomers go, Megan and Doja Cat stand as the ones to watch in 2020 after watching a number of their respective tracks make major waves online and on the charts.

Unfortunately, their success has been used to bash ‘Be Careful’ lyricist Cardi B who dominated the scene in 2018 with the release of her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’.

This week, a tweet claiming to have captured Megan liking disparaging remarks about Cardi’s supposed commercial decline went viral forcing the ‘Savage’ siren to set the record straight.


Cardi has been on the receiving end of a number of unfair and insulting messages designed to erode morale within her fan base as the aforementioned newcomers dominate the space she once occupied.

See below….

The New Yorker is currently writing her second studio album.

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  1. Kel April 2, 2020

    Is this all the black culture do? Tear each other down? Like this site is depressing.

    • Gworl Bye April 2, 2020

      I didn’t know Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were black. *rolls eyes

      • Only Facts April 2, 2020

        Damn! That was the read of the year

      • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

        katy perry and taylor moved past that and became friends. it is not the same. it’s getting annoying how ya treat cardi on here like grow up

      • Buzz Off April 2, 2020

        The difference is. Taylor and Katy beef was actually created by them.. not instigated and pushed by the media..

  2. Just Sayin’ April 2, 2020

    Stan cultrue is the worst. They just love drama.

    • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

      let’s be real do you think Doja Cat will really get another top 10 hit? and megan has tried so many times to get one yet her highest peaked song was at 11. she has no hits. 0 top 10. she’s not even allowed to speak at this point. there’s a reason Nicki saw Cardi as a threat and teamed up with Megan to take her down

      • Just Sayin’ April 2, 2020

        @-POPS chart position and certifications don’t mean sh*t in today’s era of music. For crying out loud YOUTUBE viewes are count as a sale now. All these rap girls from that old fossil Nicki to that loud mouth bird Cardi to Meg the One Trick Pony are full of sh*t and need to back to the strip club where tgey belong.

    • Bogus April 2, 2020

      That’s crazy, chart positions in today’s streaming wars have people saying someone is better than the other or they are nothing for not having a top 10 smh…if anybody could get a top 20 hit wouldn’t everyone be up there?? Y’all can’t even give credit for that..are you living your dream. I assume not

  3. Fancy BISH April 2, 2020

    See, Megan is winning from an EP…she needed some new songs to perform to keep the machine going…see *Wendy voice* ?, you can have a need for some new bops for a tour, to sell some merch or let’s say the Super Bowl ☕️, without the need to put a whole album out…especially if the response from those songs is a little less than admirable…how you doin?

    • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

      Megan is winning where? her song is doing a little something thanks to Charity work by TIKTOK so lets not pretend like she was out here being succesful and collecting hits after hits and becoming a global star when she can’t catch an audience past hood rats who don’t buy her music and only support her on twitter and instagram. You can’t compare her to cardi B. the success is not the same.

      • Fancy BISH April 2, 2020

        I wasn’t comparing her to Cardi at all ? I’m talking about an EP vs an album

      • Bogus April 2, 2020

        Why are people who enjoy Megs music hood rats?? Wtf Cardi is ghetto and we like her too

      • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

        @ Bogus because that’s the only crowd she appeals to. on a global scale she’s still very local

  4. Gworl Bye April 2, 2020

    Meg girl, you don’t need to explain yourself. As predicted, cardi b’s 15 minutes are up and now she’s yesterday’s trash, which is why she’s been all over social media lately clucking as loud as she can for attention. The #retardigang is just mad that she wasn’t able to end Nicki, and she disappeared faster than Lil Kim’s last album.

    • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

      Cardi’s 15 minutes are up yet people are out here buying her a song based on CoronaVirus that someone made from her video. Megan couldn’t lace up Cardi’s chuck taylor’s even if she tried

    • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

      Ya know , garbaj is nothing without feats..

  5. Only Facts April 2, 2020

    I’m so sick of people acting like cardi is going somewhere. None of these chicks are taking Cardis spot. Do you think Meg or Doja will get 3 #1 hits? No. Do you think Meg or Doja will get a Grammy? No. Hell, do you think nicki will get these either? No. ? Just because cardi isn’t on an album cycle doesn’t mean she’s over. Most people release an album every two years. People need to get a life

    • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

      that’s the part they don’t wanna see. Im convinced most the trolls under Cardi post are pressed Rataj fans who are mad Cardi took her spot

    • Bogus April 2, 2020

      Stfu with this “number 1” nonsense you claim to know legal stuff and how the industry works but if you did you would know there was an effort to make Cardi number 1 $$ people know it..have you not watched any live streams recently during this quarantine plenty of well off artist who have scored number 1s said the charts are crooked. Cardi didn’t end anyone. If anything she was something fresh in the scene and made people want to imitate Minaj even more to be successful now there’s female rappers everywhere (who have beeeeeen out but y’all didn’t care about them until y’all decided you hate Minaj) Nicki raps circles around Cardi and I like Cardi!! I liked her since her LHH days. So sick of y’all using charts to say someone isn’t successful when you would probably never reach the goals they have set for themselves in this life time let alone make the millions that EACH of them have.

      • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

        nicki has 0 number 1’s or grammy. and who is normani? lol idk her

      • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

        Stoopid spastic, if there was an effort for being #1 why garbaj cant get #1

    • Bogus April 2, 2020

      And another thing Alternative Facts, you holler about charts etc but let somebody talk about Normani you scream and cry you hypocrite and I also like Normani but I’m calling a Spade a Spade

  6. CardiB is a Virus ? April 2, 2020

    Writing ✍? her 2nd Studio Album lol ? ? ? ? Girl Please CardiB can barely write a sentence this dumb strrripppeeerrr Hoooeeee over Doja Cat and Meg The Stallion took her Spot . No one cares about her Payola Awards or number 1s her dumb fans keep bringing up her Spark ⚡️ is gone she isn’t hot anymore

    • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

      You care about already.. a bunch of f.a.g nicky garbaj fans

  7. WRTW? April 2, 2020

    You mean “reciting” her second album

  8. Bebo p. April 2, 2020

    Damm you guys obsessed with cardi I know everybody love her low key lol
    She no going not where #1 hits and Grammy a legend on the way

  9. POPS Muva April 2, 2020

    Doja Cat got a a top 10 with a song that is mostly pop and has some rap in it while MEGAN THEE STALLION has had 1,000 tries, posted herself naked, created a fake label beef in order to get a hit yet alone HOT GIRL SUMMER PEAKED AT number 11!!! no other song from Megan has peaked high than that collab which included Nicki and Ty Dolla Sign. I doubt Doja Cat will ever see another top 10 on Billboard and Megan doesn’t even have A TOP 10 SHE’S NOT EVEN UP THERE. Cardi B has 3 number 1’s with mutiple top 10 hits and a grammy. these basics can’t sit at Cardi’s table

    • Bogus April 2, 2020

      Shut up! Hot girl summer at least made it to #11! It came out in Late August nobody when it should’ve came out in early summer…still I did well on the charts and you will deal! There’s room for everybody so go away with that charts sh!t…the paying attention to the Hip hop charts nah you rather pay attention to BB100 pushed by pop music and pop rap Smh sheep only care about charts and what they’re told is hot

      • POPS Muva April 2, 2020

        the hot 100 is the only chart that matters

      • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

        İt was not garbaj’s song u Pissy… A lame song for 2 h***

    • Bogus April 2, 2020

      You’re aren’t making any money off the you aren’t a real hip hop fan you’re a train rider then if hip hop doesn’t matter to you

      • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

        Garbaj isnt rapper she is just a plastic filled loafer

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