Ouch! Keyshia Cole Details Her Beef with Kehlani [Video]

Published: Thursday 30th Apr 2020 by Rashad

‘Let It Go’ singer Keyshia Cole let loose on Hollywood Unlocked recently, taking to the platform to air out her ongoing beefs with fellow entertainers – Kehlani and OT Genasis.

As has been making headlines all week, Bay area beauties Kehlani and rapper/singer Kamaiyah were set to do a record with the GRAMMY nominee that later fell apart.  ‘Lani said the fallout led to Kamaiyah sending her death threats and ultimately to the dissolution of their relationship.  Said disagreement also saw Keyshia caught in the crossfire, thereby leading to the end of her relationship with Kehlani as well.

“With me and Kehlani, it’s more so, ‘I wish you the best,'” said Keyshia Cole. “We didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things and that’s okay. [We’re not cool]. Anything’s possible as far as being cool again but I just don’t think friendship [is possible.]”

That’s not all she said.  Listen inside to see what she mentioned about her idol Mary J. Blige, ‘I Ain’t Thru’ co-star Nicki Minaj, longtime nemesis OT, Monica, and more:

Interview Highlights

4:50 – Addressing the fallout with Kehlani & Kamaiyah

11:10 – On future friendship with Kehlani

13:45 – Trying to reconcile Kehlani & Kamaiyah’s relationship

18:30 – Battling with OT Genasis

23:00 – ‘I haven’t spoken to Neffie in years’

27:37 – On critics who said she was too sensitive to OT Genasis ‘Love’ remix

30:45 – On doing another duet with Monica

36:44 – Praising Lil Kim

37:45 – Addressing relationship with Nicki Minaj

38:45 – On how Mary J. Blige turned down a duet offer


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  1. Ugghh April 30, 2020

    These “celebrities” need to take a nap until quarantine is over! They are all so messy and incentive to lives outside their own.

    Some things are better left unsaid! Shhh…. we didn’t need to know this. If you don’t mess with someone, as an adult you don’t address it, you just carry on.

    • Holliewuudd April 30, 2020

      I’m saying! She went all the way in and spilled all the tea LOL. I wouldve kept it short and sweet.

  2. detangler April 30, 2020

    most likely due to mix ups and mishaps hopefully things will calm down

  3. King Khia April 30, 2020

    Keyshia Cole always had a beef with another Black female performer since her insecure assss dropped her debut album. That is why she fell off after her single with Monica. Plus, she’s a horrible live singer.

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