Pussycat Dolls Premiere ‘React’ Acoustic Performance

Published: Friday 3rd Apr 2020 by Sam

The Pussycat Dolls put their powerful pipes on display in a brand new acoustic performance of comeback bop ‘React.’

Jointly presented by Rankin and Vero, the spirited showing sees all of the Dolls flex their vocal prowess. No doubt to the jubilation of their legions of fans.

The debut of the performance comes in the wake of the postponement of PCD’s upcoming arena tour, due to the global health crisis.

Speaking on delaying the trek from April to October, Scherzinger said:

“I’m trying to look at the positive in this situation, and ultimately it means that we have a little more time to put together something amazing to take out on the road and show the world. I’m just praying that the world is tuned into the advice and guidelines to ensure that this virus claims as few lives as possible and allows us to celebrate life again soon.”

Watch their rousing rendition of ‘React’ below…


Your thoughts?

[Credit: Vero / Hunger TV]

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  1. Justme April 3, 2020

    They sound good. They need to do more songs that vocally challenging for the group. It’s crazy that fifth harmony had more vocally challenging songs and PCD is more successful.

    • Doll Domination April 3, 2020

      Lol u funny have u must have not heard full pcd body of work yes Nicole carry the whole thing but the vocal the high note is there
      Love both group but saying fifth harmony vocally challenging then pcd is just nonsenses

      • Doll Domination April 3, 2020

        Pcd sold millions!!! I repeat millions!!!
        In the era when numbers matters not stream etc

  2. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 3, 2020

    Well damn. What the haterz Gon’ say now? You wanted it – they gave it to you – but will you buy the single now? NO – y’all always wanna critique but when you get what you asked for you move onto the next critique: “Nicole should have sang less! Nicole should have given the others versus!! It wasn’t a one take recording are you sure those aren’t Nicole’s vocals on the chorus and the girls are miming?!!!!”

    Pluh-eeeeze. Back-in-your-box.


    • Bogus April 3, 2020

      They still don’t play it on the radio because these woman are not in their 20s

      • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

        Who listens radio bish?

  3. I love big black c** April 3, 2020

    Love it!!! Love em Milfs!!! P-u-s-s-y Power. Little mix who??? Little mess right?????

  4. Only Facts April 3, 2020

    So the other girls CAN sing, eh?

  5. JacksClark April 3, 2020

    10 girls in a group and you only get a two part harmony……. GOODBYE.

  6. Pat April 3, 2020

    Where’s the 5 part harmony.

  7. Just my opinion April 3, 2020

    My problem isn’t with them singing, it’s the song choice, very toxic basically saying your a good man and you’re treating me right and I hate that, “Why don’t you mess me around like you’re supposed too.” So I’m doing things to try and make you react like the bad person I will be crying about in another song and singing how I can do it by myself. So the song is hot, but when you really break it down to the message, it’s like WTF and yes I know there are dysfunctional women that want dysfunctional relationships, but can we at least end it with a mental health lyric or something. Because there’s also gonna be a song eventually about why I can’t find a good man or all men are dogs type stuff. Still hoping for more on the album and better lyrics. I know Nicole, Jessica and Carmit can see, I wonder if they will showcase them and the others like they said in their interview.

  8. Tito April 3, 2020

    This black and white is not flattering everybody looks 135 years old A lot of work done A lot of lines

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