Behind The Scenes: Chloe x Halle – ‘Do It’ Video

Published: Sunday 24th May 2020 by Sam

Chloe x Halle heated up the screens in the video for their dynamite new single ‘Do It.’

Now, as both the song and visual gain ample traction, the singing sisters are taking folk behind the scenes.

Inviting the masses to the show that is their intense preparation process, the Parkwood pair share the “making of” ahead of the release of their sophomore album ‘Ungodly Hour’ – due June 5th via Columbia.

Check it out:

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  1. Doja minaje thee stallion May 24, 2020

    Tgj late as always

  2. Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

    “as both the song and visual gain ample”

    Now this is a lie.
    The song is great but it will flop just like their other songs.

    It’s so sad
    If only beyonce let them go so they can get proper record label and management etc.

    Beyonce is good at many things but running a record label and managing talented unique artistes isnt one of them.

    Their song with Joey bada$$ is so good also.

    • TheTea May 24, 2020


    • tyty May 24, 2020

      It’s called artistic growth and development…their on tv shows, Disney movies etc…this particular song is a growing and doing the job of attracting new fans like me who never really listened to them before. Beyoncé is managing them perfectly.

  3. Tori May 24, 2020

    I have found myself coming back to both the song and visuals more b than I thought I would. I didn’t even realize they premiered a snippet of this song last year. Both are truly phenomenal! Now I’m kind of intrigued for their album. Hopefully they don’t have to release 5 single in hope that something sticks, 5 album covers and cling to features for chart relevance. Whoo Child, the Epic STRUGGLE of “main pop girls”!

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

      Their debut album, the kids are alright peaked at number 138.

      Dont try it.

      The album only charted in the US.

      Dont u dare try it.

      Chloe and Halle have never appeared on the billboard hot 100 ever in their careers.

      Hold the L
      I like these girls but they are flops.

      • Tori May 24, 2020

        Girl, you can’t even type complete sentences using proper grammar or correct spelling. No one is going to argue with you. Continue to write your bootleg artist thesis and incorrect predictions. Enjoy your Sunday!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

        When they have no come backs, they start attacking ur English
        Loser behaviour

        U tried coming for camila and I checked u real quick, now u are playing the victim.

        You are attacking my grammar but this is yours

        “Hopefully they don’t have to release 5 single”

        5 single.
        Lol. Somebody doesn’t know singular and plural.

        When u do clownery, the clown comes back to bite.

      • Tori May 24, 2020

        Basically, you don’t know what “playing the victim” is. Also, even in your attempt of a “comeback” (as if anyone would lower their intelligence to compensate a you with a comeback), you still failed at proper capitalization, grammar and punctuation. Continue to ramble about your taco Tuesday fav, who is capitalizing off features and her ability to fit in with what White Americans consider “the look”, and also cling to Normani’s name to uplift Camel. If she’s what you’re comparing your fav to, you both are pretty damn sad!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

        Gurl ur still talking about Grammar?
        An idiot like urself who doesn’t know the difference between singular and plural. Lol
        Did u even finish high school? Rat

        U just dont know when to give up and take ur L in peace do u?

        And who mentioned normani here ?

        Atleast Camila cabello collaborations hit number 1, unlike chloe and halle and normani who flop with big name artistes attached to them.

        Never be the same a solo song outpeaked normani’s entire discography.

        Here comes the it had a remix.
        If the remix was more popular than the original version, billboard would have credited the remix version just like they did with doja cats say so remix and megan thee stallion savage remix, crediting nicki and beyonce

        Go and twitter and keep reading those Camila cabello viral hate tweets.

        U are pained but u will deal.
        Cry more. We love to see it.

    • Tori May 24, 2020

      You can try to your best ability to talk or ramble about Ms. Taco Tuesday, but we still wouldn’t care. You’ve written all that and it still won’t change the fact that no one cares about her, nor Normani, besides you! Thinking you’re handing out L’s but you and Camel are the biggest ones, 🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣😅🤷🏾‍♂️!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

        Hold the L

        When chloe and halle and normani and dua and any other talentless pop girl u guysove comparing Camila to gets a diamond certified song come speak to me.

        Fix ur grammar also

  4. Sam May 24, 2020

    I see peoples comments bout Beyonce not knowing what to do with them, theyre going to flop..wrong. So far anyway.. cause I am also one of those people who didn’t give a f*** about them but now do, I saw the video and kept going back to it and now I have the song on repeat and I dont like s*** from this time in music. So for me to like it (also other “old heads”) must mean theres some quality to it.

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

      Beyonce is holding them back

      Beyonce can use her influence and connections to get them acting gigs and grammy nominations but she is holding their music career big time.
      They are supposed to be big by now but thanks to beyonce they are not.

      If they had proper management, Their song with Joey bada$$ will be a minor rnb hit

      This their new song will be a minor rnb hit.

  5. Nicky May 24, 2020

    Whenever I see a post of theirs, I’m not interested

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 24, 2020

      Just like nobody is interested in flopmani

      Chloe and halle are 2 time Grammy nominated
      Normani can never relate

      • Nicky May 24, 2020


        Someone is still angry Ariana snagged another hit while MOM continues to take a tumble.

        Even with 2 superstar rappers who did charity for Camicky , it wasn’t enough. Hold that L.

        You still haven’t answered: is she going to recount those ticket bundles now that the concert is canceled ? *crickets*. Another L

  6. Keith May 24, 2020

    Ok…now this is what I don’t like about Parkwood. Their BTS moments be on some grade A “BS”. You give me a “BTS” and say nothing. What’s the point? Maybe I’m alone in this, but you watch these for moments of inspiration/challenges/design ideas, etc. No titles on people…WHO directed it? WHO is the choreographer and what were they thinking when they made the steps? WHO handled costume and storyboards? What was their inspiration? As one of the early singles, how does this fit into the overall theme visually and sonically? Just a waste…

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