Chris Brown & Young Thug’s ‘Slime & B’ Mixtape Makes 31-Spot Chart Jump After Modest Opening

Published: Friday 22nd May 2020 by Rashad

Hype around Chris Brown and Young Thug‘s joint offering, the ‘Slime & B’ mixtape, came and went in a blink.

Released on the R&B singer’s 31st birthday (May 5), the 13-song set may have featured appearances from Hip-Hop heavyweights Gunna, Future, Too $hort, E-40, and more, but the absence of traditional promotion (as well as its unconventional Tuesday release) led to an abysmal #55 debut on the Billboard 200 – the lowest premiere of any Brown effort to date.

Although its inaugural positioning was powered by sales of approximately 13,000 SPS, the project fared better on the refreshed Billboard 200 as it enjoyed its first full tracking week.

Look inside to see just how many units it sold in week 2 and where it landed as a result:

Chris Brown & Young Thug’s ‘Slime & B’ Mixtape

Second Week Sales (SPS):  19,300 units

Second Week Sales (Pure): 1,200 units

Second Week Billboard 200 Placement:  #24


Thanks to its first full week of sales tracking, the mixtape jumped to #24 on the main album chart.  Another special note, the only song from the project to impact the Hot 100 to date is ‘Go Crazy’ – which premiered at #76.

Its appearance comes as Brown’s 101st, extending his record as the R&B singer with the most chart entries in history.

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[sales info collected from Penske Media’s independent analytics company Alpha Data, formerly known as BuzzAngle Music]

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  1. Tino May 22, 2020

    Chris Brown in his prime first 15 years has released 9 albums that has sold less than 20 million in pure sales, he’s won one Grammy mainly because his music is trash and nobody outside of the black community buys it. He’s released 177 songs with only 101 charting on Billboard and most didn’t even crack the top 60. He’s had two Billboard Hot 100 number one’s (last in 2007) but has gone 13 years in his prime without a number one and just got his first top 5 Hot 100 since 2007 thanks to Drake. Before that since since 2014 his highest charting song was Back to sleep at 20. Meanwhile his delusional fans actually think he’s sold 140 million records thanks to his FREE streaming numbers and they think he’s the best R&B artist every thanks to his Billboard 101 chart entries were flop singles.

    • Tino May 22, 2020

      best R&B artist ever* 101 chart entries that were mostly flop singles*

    • Barb-wire/Stallion Hottie May 23, 2020

      They are delusional when it comes to Chris.

  2. Michael May 23, 2020

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