Exclusive: Brandy Talks Comeback Album, ‘Moesha’ Reboot, Biopic, & Much More!

Published: Friday 1st May 2020 by Rashad

Brandy‘s back!

Seven long years have separated fans of the R&B veteran from her last album, ‘Two Eleven,’ but their patience has been rewarded with the launch of her latest single, ‘Baby Mama.’ 

The Hit-Boy-produced bop, which boasts fellow GRAMMY winner Chance the Rapper as its co-star, has already lit up R&B sales and streaming tallies merely hours after its premiere on May 1.  Fitting fanfare for the R&B siren who recently told That Grape Juice the jam is just one of many housed on her yet-titled seventh studio album, due later this year.

Dishing exclusively on the project and its producers, the long-teased ‘Moesha’ reboot, and her reported biopic, look inside to see what B-Rocka said on these topics and more:

That Grape Juice (Rashad): So girl, look. Let’s talk about ‘Baby Mama,’ which has snatched every wig I have ever owned. Do you hear me?

Brandy: Do you like it?

That Grape Juice: Love it.

Brandy: That is so good.

That Grape Juice: The video is everything. So just tell us about you. First off, tell us how the collab with Chance the Rapper came to be.

Brandy: Well, Chance wanted to sample something from ‘I Wanna Be Down’ and he FaceTimed me. I’m not sure how he got my information but he FaceTimed me. I was so excited to talk to him because I’m such a big fan and of course cleared what he wanted to do and I let him know that I had this, this song called Baby Mama that I really would love for him to be a part of, ‘cause Chance is a mother lover, he’s all about his family, his daughter, and I just thought that it would just be cool for him to jump on it, because it’s such an upbeat fun song. And he got on it and killed it. Okay, he did his thing on it. I was so impressed with what he was able to say and his lyrics were just phenomenal.

That Grape Juice: Absolutely. And even conceptually, though, like before you had decided, to add Chance, was this always the first single?

Brandy: I didn’t think of it like that. I was just trying to like get as many songs done as possible. And I just felt that this song was just, it was special, like, I love the message. I was like “this is my big one.” And of course, it is the one now.

That Grape Juice: While recording the album, tell us the direction you were heading? Like, did you have a theme in mind? Or were you just working, working, working and piecing together?

Brandy: Yeah, I tried to stay away from what I thought I should be. I kind of just let that creative spirit just guide me in what I should do. So I just kept recording and kept recording until I felt like I had a body of work that I could be proud of. I felt like I needed a body of work that what people could listen to the album all the way through like they had been able to do in the past. So I just gave myself enough time to get myself to that point.

That Grape Juice: And, we always like to know, like on the on the behind the scenes action, who are some people we should expect on the album?

Brandy: Of course, DJ Camper. I worked with this new producer, his name is [Yxshua]. He’s really talented. I worked with Cory Rooney and Hit-Boy and myself. I did a lot of producing on this album, writing and it was such a joy to wear all those hats on this album.

That Grape Juice: And this is the first time you’ve been that extensively involved, right?

Brandy: Oh, yes.

That Grape Juice: And how was that process for you?

Brandy: It was interesting. I was a little bit nervous at first, but I found myself being so creative like extra creative, more so than I’ve ever been. So I just wanted to give myself a chance to express that and not be afraid of it. So I just dove right into it.

That Grape Juice: And we absolutely cannot wait to hear what you cooked up.

Brandy: Thank you.

That Grape Juice: Okay so back to the front side though, beyond Chance to Rapper, can you tell us who else we should expect collabos from.

Brandy: I’m collaborating with my daughter. Her name is Sy’rai, and I’ve worked with Daniel Caesar on the record ‘Love Again,’ which is definitely going to be a part of the album. But that’s it. I didn’t do a lot of collaborations.

That Grape Juice: That’s right. We need you to be Brandy! Speaking of, I’m not going to even lie. Side note, I love ‘At Your Best.’

Brandy: Thank you.

That Grape Juice: She did her thing on that, so I was so proud to listen to this, especially the end, I’m like, yeah, that’s Brandy’s daughter for real, for real.

Brandy: Thank you.

That Grape Juice: No problem.

Brandy: Thank you.

That Grape Juice: I know you’re going to get this question a million times…the hiatus since ‘Two Eleven.’ In your own words, what’s kind of kept you away from us?

Brandy: Well, I had to pull myself out of a situation that I think was best for me musically. And so I had to get myself into a better headspace in terms of my connection with music, and then also a better home. So I was able to team up with eOne and I was able to, create my own label, and have them partner with me. And I feel so much better, the space that I’m in with music. And I just found a great team of people to help me get my dreams out there. I mean I’m here now.

That Grape Juice: And I think about that because I was reading that independent was the route you’re taking with this effort.

Brandy: Yeah.

That Grape Juice: Tell us some of the main differences between the major and the independent route.

Brandy: I feel like when you’re independent, you have a lot more control, you have a lot more say in what you do and you’re able to be more creative and artistic and I just I like the independent route better. And I have to see with this new project to see how good it goes but so far, it’s been going really good.

That Grape Juice: That is awesome. Now, Brandy, you’ve interviewed with us many times in the past. We have a segment of our interview called Five from Fans. Well, we’ve collected five questions from the Star specifically for you. So are you ready for these?

Brandy: Yeah!

That Grape Juice: Number one, you have spoken multiple times about the ‘Moesha’ reboot, where are we with that?

Brandy: I’m still in talks about it. Everything is kind of put on pause with what’s going on in the world, but definitely still in the works with that.

That Grape Juice: Awesome. Number two: we have your debut album ‘Never Say Never,’ ‘Full Moon,’ ‘Human,’ ‘Afrodisiac’ and ‘Two Eleven.’ Rank your discography. Give us your top three in order.

Brandy: Never Say Never, Full Moon, Afrodisiac.

That Grape Juice: Very nice, very nice. Oh we’ve zoomed through these. Number three, what from your perspective happened with the Fantasia and Jazmine Sullivan track you were doing?

Brandy: We didn’t have the right song.

That Grape Juice: Simple as that, huh?

Brandy: Simple as that.

That Grape Juice: Okay. Number four, we’ve been seeing you kind of peak your head in on the [‘VERZUZ’] battles. Who would you like to see so far or that we haven’t seen yet? Who would you like to see?

Brandy: I want to see Rodney [Jerkins] battle somebody. I don’t know who he would battle, but I would love to see that.

That Grape Juice: Would you ever consider doing one, that’s my own side note there.

Brandy: I don’t know. It depends on who it is.

That Grape Juice: Okay.

Brandy: But I’m not a competitive person. I love everybody, so [laughs].

That Grape Juice: Okay, okay. Last but not least, you have spoken multiple times on record about a biopic. Where are we with that?

Brandy: I think it’s a little too soon to do a biopic. I have so much life to live and I have so much music to do. I don’t want to do something like that too early. Hopefully in the future, but not yet.

That Grape Juice: Rounding up, you got the number one records. You’ve got the Grammy’s. What else is there left for Brandy to achieve?

Brandy: I just want to continue to do music. Honestly, like I have a whole new found love for music and producing and writing. I’m just getting started honestly.

That Grape Juice: And that’s what we like to hear. We want to round our interview out on a positive note. There’s a lot going on in the world right now. But once corona has passed, I want to ask you what else do you have planned for 2020?

Brandy: Oh I would just love to reach as many people as I can with my music and continue to put out singles and videos and body of work, continue to push forward in that way.

That Grape Juice: Excellent. Well as always, Brandy, we thank you for the time. We love you. And we wish you.

Brandy: I love you guys too.

That Grape Juice: Thank you so much. We wish you nothing but the best with this project.

Brandy: But you really like the song right?

That Grape Juice: I swear to you, Brandy, I’ve listened to it multiple times, the video. I can’t wait for people to see this. I cannot wait to get their reaction on this.

Brandy: Thank you. And you made my day with that. ‘Cause when you’ve been gone for a while, I get the jitters, I get the nerves like, oh my God, I just hope people really respond to it and they like it. So it means a lot coming from you guys.

That Grape Juice: No problem. Now let me go ahead and say on record, I am biased because I’m a stan…

Brandy: No you can’t be biased. You can’t be biased [laughs]…

That Grape Juice: I take the hat off when I’m being professional and I’m like, this is solid like this is very nice. This is what we want from Brandy right now. A lil groove, but still enough to give us some vocals like it’s a nice piece. It really is.

Brandy: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.


Brandy’s new single, ‘Baby Mama,’ is available on all platforms now!

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  1. Bluebird May 1, 2020

    This poor girl lacks self-esteem – the business has made her believe she is not great. Think she’s not capable of making a GREAT POP/RNB record: listen to : FULL MOON (SINGLE), NOTHING, WHEN YOU TOUCH ME, BEST FRIEND, ANGEL IN DISGUISE, TALK ABOUT LOVE. The girl makes great music.

    • PinotNoir May 1, 2020

      You listed ALL the bops! 👌

    • Fancy BISH May 2, 2020

      Brandy is an ICON for real! 💯 She created a forever wave for contemporary R&B music 🌊 Artists sound like Brandy and some don’t even know it 😂 That’s because her style is a part of contemporary R&B music/songwriting so much that it’s easy to forget! It’s ingrained! But I DEFINITELY KNOW, especially when they’re trying those runs and harmonies of yours 🤳🏽 Rihanna gave props to Brandy cause Queens recognize Queens 👑 Keep being you Brandy ❤️

  2. DeanD May 1, 2020

    Great interview! I’ve always liked Brandy’s music but I didn’t become a stan until Afrodesiac, one of the best R&B albums ever produced. I look forward to everything she puts out now including this new album and wish her continued success with her career and with life!

  3. Steve May 1, 2020

    Two Eleven was one of her best albums in my opinion.

    • Chileplease May 1, 2020


  4. BrandyWho May 1, 2020

    Really what a step back and what a below par attempt at music, she needs to fire her confidantes cause from the sounds of it they hate her and want her to fail, come on gurll get your sh*t together.

    Yours sincerely your former no 1 fan xx

  5. Joe bee May 1, 2020

    I’m loving her new single. Such a mature and positive anthem!

  6. Shanell Williams May 1, 2020

    I love the New song!! And she ranked her top 3 albums in the same order as I do!

  7. DC3+FOREVER May 1, 2020

    YES YES YES YES!!!! Love her too 3 album choices which means that hopefully this album will be be a mix of those. AFRODISIAC is still my all time favorite album EVER of any artist. Baby Mama is a grower for me however I never cared for singles when it comes to her because with her it’s all about the album. She has always made SOLID albums so I can’t wait!! A perfect sounding album for her would be something like:

    1. Drum Life
    3. I thought
    4. What Have You Done For Me?
    5. 1st & Love
    6. Sweet Nothings
    7. Focus
    8. Full Moon
    9. Can You Hear Me Now?
    10. Nothing
    11. Come A Little Closer
    12. How High
    13. Music
    14. Put That On Everything
    15. Say You Will
    16. Should I Go
    17. Locket (Locked In Love)

    I know you reading this Bran so give us a diverse album full of your uptempos your earthy mid-tempos & your iconic ballads! And make the album long to hold us over! Love you so much!

    • Soooo+Tru May 3, 2020

      ARE YOU MY BRANDY SOULMATE??? You literally named most of all my faves and what a great layout of what I’d love the new album to sound like! ✅

  8. 🙋🏿‍♀️Jazzy+Da+Bi+Asian+💁🏿‍♀️Not+👹+TROLLmine+💁🏿‍♀️Nor+🗑+TRASHmine May 1, 2020

    As brandy said “I just want to do music” which should be any true musician/artists main goal. Yes money is great but not at the expense of watering down your craft or the love for it.

    • DC3+FOREVER May 1, 2020

      EXACTLY! I hope she doesn’t care about charts or sales just putting out the music she wants to her fans. Also I hope we don’t have to wait forever for the album it would be nice if we got it in a couple months

      • 🙋🏿‍♀️Jazzy+Da+Bi+Asian+💁🏿‍♀️Not+👹+TROLLmine+💁🏿‍♀️Nor+🗑+TRASHmine May 1, 2020

        I love all ur pics of brandy songs. She really has the most epic catalogue of music when you factor in all her unreleased music. NOBODY has a quality body of unreleased music like brandy. That girl just loves music.

  9. Michael May 1, 2020

    The interviewer wasn’t really listening to her answers – he missed the dig at Rodney Jerkins altogether!

    • Pu$$yPopstress May 1, 2020

      I must’ve missed it too

      All I heard was praise for Rodney when he asked about the battles

    • 2bad2bme May 1, 2020

      Exactly. I was watching Sean Garett and The Dream battle and Sean played “Put it Down ft. Chris Brown”. In the comments Rodney Jerkins said, “No this ain’t it”. I’m pretty sure she saw that and took it as shade.

  10. Susan May 1, 2020

    There’s several reasons why fans believe Nicki might be shading Beyonce:

    1.) A version of the remix leaked prior to the one that dropped on Friday. The official version featured a new verse that wasn’t included on the leak, leading fans to believe Nicki added it in the eleventh hour because it makes mention of a lyric featured on the “Savage” remix Beyonce did with rap’s fastest-rising female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion.

    Beyonce’s lyric: “If you wanna see some real @$$ baby here’s your chance”

    Nicki’s lyric: “Why you talkin’ about who ‘body fake, with all the fillers in your face you’re just full of hate. Real @$$ can’t keep ya n**** home, now you looking silly, that’s word to silicone.”

    2.) Before the final version was released, Nicki made it a point to tell fans to “make sure you listen to the outro.” The outro features the newly-added line.

    3.) Some thought it might be about Wendy Williams, but Nicki denied it.

    If Nicki is indeed coming for Beyonce, this won’t end well…

    • PinotNoir May 2, 2020

      Maybe Bey shaded KimK

  11. Kim,Keisha&Pam May 1, 2020

    Baby mama is the dumbest song ever!

    • Prohi May 1, 2020

      Shut up and gag on ur dads tool

  12. Prohi May 1, 2020

    VOCAL BIBLE IS BACK !! Here to vocally SLAY Tf outta ya favs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. PinotNoir May 1, 2020

    Oh my Lord – listen to Sy’rai! A mini B-Rocka in the making. 👏

    • Prohi May 1, 2020


  14. Divab May 1, 2020

    @Susan I believe she was indeed talking about Wendy. Although Wendy a**is real she does have fillers and boobs implants and her husband cheated on her and produced a baby 👶🍼 from the situation and Wendy always spoke about Wendy’s brother the child r***** and now her husband a registered s** offenders you seriously think this wasn’t bout Wendy

    • Divab May 1, 2020


  15. Divab May 1, 2020

    Not feeling this yet

  16. King May 1, 2020

    Her daughter needs to go on a diet. She’s going to end up with diabetes. And this new song brandy released is so whack.wtf

    • Nippian May 1, 2020

      Yes, Syrai is a BIG girl. I didn’t realize she was that big. I think that is why Brandy gained all of that weight to make her daughter feel better. I remember LisaRaye’s daughter Kai said it was so hard growing up with a mother who was smaller than her and considered a s** symbol. Kai lost the weight and looks great. I’m sure Syrai will slim down when she wants to but she really should be watching her diet now.

      Am I the only one not impressed with Syrai’s vocals? I feel if you aren’t as good or better than your parent as offspring of singing greats you should leave it alone.

      • High+Price May 1, 2020

        Crazy! I just had this conversation about Brandy gaining weight because of her daughter! Isn’t that something!?!?!? Smh. It sounds unheard of but to me, it makes sense. Because brandy always been a mesomorph built type of woman….and then damn near into her 40s, she picks up weight all of a sidden…????? …. Nah… I wouldn’t be surprised if Brandy Had bought weight gain pills becoming she CAN’T pick up weight like others can.

    • Chileplease May 2, 2020

      I’m sure Brandy may have been on medication that causes weight gain. I doubt she got it from just eating.

  17. Nippian May 1, 2020

    I hate when fans of an artist interview them; the interview is always predictable and boring. Should have been asking how many videos and singles is she planning. Being independent and in control of her destiny Brandy should have postponed this release until fall. Y’all are real rude in here discussing Nicki & Beyonce childish music in a BRANDY thread. So sad that Fantasia, Brandy and Jazmine song didn’t work out. That would be epic. Interesting Brandy considers NSN her best album because clearly FULL MOON and HUMAN were so much better. Maybe she things because it sold so many units. I’m not impressed with the single.

    • High+Price May 2, 2020

      No…. I wouldn’t say because “Never say Never” sold more units…. Although her “Human” album was a totally different element from anything she had ever done at that point back then besides her other albums. Because I will say Brandy does give us something different every album for the most part. But the “Never say Never” album is pretty much the “blueprint tone” of her career. It layed the foundation and paved the way for her sound. If you listen to her album’s after that, everything traces back to “Never say Never”. There’s lots of interviews out there of people she’s worked with who have tried to grasp SOMETHING from that “Never say Never” album and incorporate it into her albums after.. That album is gold. Now for me personally, her “Full Moon” album is IT. That’s her best album. They tried to recreate it with #211 but it just couldn’t hit the same. People throw the word “timeless” around but you can’t. Brandy’s “Full Moon” album is that! The sound wasn’t TOO futuristic to where it sounded foriegn. But it doesn’t expire. That album set the tone for the industry. You hear full moon in a lot of your favorite artists albums today.

      #211 is SO slept on. We need justice for that album. The intentions for that album was to create a 2.0 version of ” Full Moon” but it just couldn’t do imo… But they did give us a timeless, modern sound with #211… It’s just an overall good ass album and was not celebrated look it should have been. I would love for her to work with Sean Garrett and Mikewillmadeit again…. They made some heat with some of those songs on #211..

  18. citygirl May 1, 2020


  19. Rob T May 2, 2020

    Vocal Bible is baccckkkkk ❤️ Love Baby Mama, great message. Can’t wait for this album.

  20. Nippian May 2, 2020


    Only if Q and Countess are back. I can do without Niecy. She definitely needed a Chardonnay spin-off from The Game. That Zoe Moon show was so damn wack.

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