Lady Gaga’s #Chromatica: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Tracks

Published: Friday 29th May 2020 by Sam

Lady Gaga has unleashed ‘Chromatica’ – her sixth studio.

Led by ‘Stupid Love’ and burgeoning Billboard smash ‘Rain On Me,’ the set marks a return to the uptempo, dance-driven, outlandish incarnation of the star many became enarmored with over a decade ago.

That Grape Juice has had the LP on repeat this week. Join us below to find out which five tracks are oh so essential on ‘Chromatica’…


Immense, intense, epic!

This barnstorming anthem ends the album with a bang. Tailor made for stadiums, it’s big, bold, and blazing.

It’s sure to draw comparisons to a certain Material Girl, but whatever the case this is one song we want to wear over and over again.



Fans thirsty for another taste of ‘The Fame’ will likely gravitate to this quirky cut.

Dark, thumping, and vocally adventurous, ‘911’ packs ample punch. Lyrically, it reminds of Gaga’s uncanny ability to make even the saddest of narratives demand we move to the dance-floor…all while she sings “my biggest enemy is me, pop a 911. My biggest enemy is me, pop another one. ” 


Rain On Me

On the whimsical planet of ‘Chromatica’, this Ariana Grande collab serves as its central gem. For, it’s “the track” that powers the project in a way that shouldn’t be understated.

Beyond the potency of this diva pairing on paper, ‘Rain’ re-engages Gaga with her Pop-Electronic roots in a manner that is (of all the tracks present) most palatable to the masses.

In many ways, it functions as a trailer for an album comprised of songs that are much more adventurous; yet are songs that are rendered all the more digestable because they spring from this.



On such a high octane project, this delicious slice of electric funk is a welcome shift in tempo. It oozes a soulfulness that is appreciated.


Sour Candy


Of all the songs present, this flavorsome bop drives in the most Urban direction – picking up House, Pop, and EDM elements along the way.

K-Pop superstars BLACKPINK add a fresh dimension to this colorful track and are one of many reasons this demands the single treatment.


Do you agree with our picks?

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  1. Pat May 29, 2020

    I love plastic doll too

    • Jigglypuff May 30, 2020

      This album is crap. Cher’s dance albums living proof & closer to the truth were better

  2. Only Facts May 29, 2020


    • I+love+big+black+c** May 29, 2020

      Just u. Boring ring is dated and 3 year ago material. At least gaga came out with a brand new album, bri bri still hostage by her management, # free Britney movement. Get lazy with her yummy boy toy everyday, her new baby is due sooner than her new album

      • Only Facts May 29, 2020

        Yet it’s right up there on the charts with chromosomal abnormality ☺️🤣

      • I+love+big+black+c** May 29, 2020

        Glory only stay on billboard 200 for 8 weeks. Hunny! Meanwhile gaga doesn’t have an album that lasts less than 8 weeks! Only flop checks facts but stats. Fool!

      • Only Facts May 29, 2020

        Honey, Britney is in the third decade of her career. Glory was her ninth album. Gaga started struggling with artpop and this album was only saved by Ariana Grande. Do you think the tik tok generation was checking for stupid love 🤣

        Gaga wishes she had the career Britney does. The reviews for chromosomal abnormality aren’t great. So, get off that high horse 🤗🤗🤗

      • Only Facts May 29, 2020

        As of 12 pm EST, “mood ring” by Britney Spears is #1 on iTunes 🤗 A 3 year old song is above GaGa’s just released songs. And correction, this is Britney’s FOURTH decade! She started in the early 90’s. Seethe b****! Chromosomal abnormality ain’t nothing special

      • NotoriousTruthTeller May 29, 2020

        @ I+love+big+black+c**

        Lol the Fame alone has spend over 52 (and many more) on the BB Hot 200. Check your facts before you spit hate.

      • Erica May 29, 2020

        How to Gaga fans explain 4year old track from Britney outpacing Gaga-newly release material??

        At this point we know who’s superior & never get it confused again 🤣🤣🤣 it’s Britney b****

    • Bogus May 29, 2020

      Wow you’re so wack. You’re mad that people like this album? It’s a fun dance album. Go
      Hangout in the trash with Clarkson

      • POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

        he’s under every gaga post spreading venom

    • POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

      im tired of you coming for Gaga in every post

      • Jigglypuff May 30, 2020

        if u tired you can fcuk off hoo… We dont like lady hogatha

    • NextB May 31, 2020

      Sorry Only Facts but America is dealing with bigger issues, you know :’/

  3. I+love+big+black+c** May 29, 2020

    I love the song with Elton auntie John. Reminds me of edge of glory. The album is average nothing groundbreaking, but there are deff some Hidden gems, way better than the 3 singles she put out

    • POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

      She got the bops not gonna lie

  4. 32222222222222222222222222222222225 May 29, 2020

    OMG IT’S SO S***!!!!!
    S*** AS S*** CAN GET

  5. Raul Monster May 29, 2020

    This is honestly amazing! The album is not overly produced… she’s gone back to her Dance pop roots while still showing so much growth! I love the album in its entirety every single song, it’s a cohesive and consistent album. She definitely put all her effort into this and I can appreciate it. People still don’t get her visually but the albums lyricism is relatable and fun. It makes you want to dance quite literally. Influences of 90s house music, disco and electronic. 💓⚔️

  6. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez May 29, 2020

    My top 5 too

  7. Kerry+Johnson May 29, 2020

    Kiss me haters 😉

    2. Rain on me
    3. Enigma
    4. Sour candy
    5. Babylon

    Are my favorites

    • POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

      omg yes ENIGMA gives me that vibe yassss

  8. POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

    This album feels SO COHESIVE. Gaga truly won me over with this one. Out of all her albums even tho Chromatica is an average album (coming from her number 1 fan) this one feels like a party that never ends. Gaga made sure this album felt like 1 piece and I appreciate her for this. I love 911 feels like The Fame Monster. Babylon reminds me of Madonna Vogue. Rain on Me a gay smash hit. Fun Tonight is my song!!! She has a lot of bops in here. Sour Candy OOOUUU I need a video for this I wanna dance on a pole

    • Felony May 30, 2020

      Without feats its would flop.. this is 3 monthly album

  9. Haterz+Gon‘+Hate May 29, 2020

    To be honest I love dance music but the album is exhausting. The key she sings in is exhausting too – she’s trying to make ‘Dance’ happen when plenty others before her made it happen in a way that was 1000% more authentic 🤨

    Alice and Enigma are the best tracks – there is so much filler – I just cannot.

    Everybody knows it’s all about Disco – Gaga dropped the ball – worse album since Born This Way 3/10.

    • POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

      you sound pressed and i noticed it because you said plenty of other people have done it before nobody asked you that. this post is about what are your top 5 songs from the album.
      sour candy is a bop. babylon is a bop. rain on me is a bop. alice is poppin, fun tonight is poppin. she did that PERIODT

      • Haterz+Gon‘+Hate May 29, 2020

        I said what I said and I did not S.T.U.T.T.E.R – the album is mostly a reductive pile of trash and considering the Fame and Fame monster shows zero artistic growth. Please get help from a shrink so you can find out why my unchanged point of view got your sissy aśś TRIGGERED. 🤳🏾🙋🏿‍♀️

    • Bogus May 29, 2020

      Her song Replay is a disco type song genius

  10. Erica May 29, 2020

    Britney is number 1 on the iTunes Charts I can’t 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. I+love+big+black+c** May 29, 2020

    911, 100 doves, sine from above, free woman are bops! They need to remove those nasty kimchi gurls
    vocal from Sour candy, that song is annoying af

    • POPS+MUVA May 29, 2020

      nooo i love Sour Candy is a bop!!

  12. Nikos May 29, 2020

    Whole album is amazing… These 5 +Alice, Sine from above and 1000 doves!!!

  13. ChampagneSlurpee May 29, 2020

    I actually really don’t care for any of her single choices but I do LOOVE:

    Fun Tonight
    Sine From Above
    1000 Doves

    911 should def be a single and the rest of the album I didn’t really see the point.4

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