Sugababes Star Keisha Buchanan Bravely Breaks Silence On Media Racism

Published: Tuesday 9th Jun 2020 by Sam

As one of biggest girlbands in UK history, the Sugababes were loved by their fans for their talent, bops, and diversity.

However, this did not quell the flames of racism that often engulfed the group’s longest serving member Keisha Buchanan – who is now opening up about her experience.

During her lengthy tenure with the band, the singer was subject to media scrutiny that was soaked in coded racial bias. A practice that would continue even after her initial 2009 departure.

Indeed, she’d routinely be branded a “bully” and her bandmates asked (in her presence) whether they were “scared” of her. All without evidence to support such line of questioning.

In a candid video statement, she reveals she’d often have to put on a brave face – but the effects of the bias left her fragile.

Watch the emotional account below…

Kudos to Keisha for speaking up and out. And for being a survivor of what can often be a hyper-harsh industry – especially for women of colour.

There’s a global dialogue about race at present and it’s important for figures from all spheres to speak up and out about their journeys so as for change to occur.

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  1. NextB June 9, 2020

    She’s so beautiful, i just can’t wait to listen to the Sugababes comeback. Thanks That Grape Juice

  2. truthteller June 9, 2020

    I remember this. The racist British media always had it in for her. She was always the bully who was driving the other girls out of the group. One of her former bandmates confirmed a few years ago it wasn’t true.

  3. Susan June 9, 2020

    Forgive me father, but I don’t know who the hell this woman is. I’m sorry to this woman. She’s pretty

  4. Jim June 9, 2020

    All of the other Sugababes apart from Mutya fell out with her so I’m feeling that her attitude was partly a problem. It wasn’t just the British press or public.

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