Jewel Reveals Truth About Working With Beyonce

Published: Saturday 11th Jul 2020 by Sam

Over the course of Beyonce‘s illustrious career, she’s shared the stage with a number of talents.

And at VH1 Divas 2003, one of the gifted acts she joined forces with was Folk singer Jewel.

Together, the pair shone with a stirring rendition of Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary.’

That said, many were surprised with the pairing – given their vastly different styles. Many including Jewel herself.

In a candid account of the collaboration, she opens up about what it was like working with then freshly solo Bey.

Her words below…

Via Jewel:

“When my label told me i would be singing with Beyonce as the first act of the show Divas, I said “I don’t dance.” They know I don’t dance, right?” My label assured me, there would be no dancing.

I showed up for the first rehearsal and the producer greeted me saying “lets dance!” Folk singers don’t dance. As a child I had a recurring nightmare that was basically this exact scenario. Now here I was with the legendary and amazing Beyoncé, and I had no guitar to protect me.

That and my dyslexia and there was no way I’d remember the choreography. How did it work out? It was all due to Beyoncé. She kept simplifying choreography until I could get it. She stayed after our slotted rehearsal time to work with me.

Her and her entire crew were a class act and stayed until I was comfortable. In an era of music where too often female artists felt in competition and wanted to ‘out-do’ one another, Beyoncé was generous, kind and wanted me to look good.”


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  1. HOWYOULIKEIT July 11, 2020

    She was tanning extra hard during that era

  2. HOWYOULIKEIT July 11, 2020

    She was tanning extra hard during this era

    • Keyshia July 12, 2020

      Yall think she was tanning all that time? (Beyonce) i mean i can get it but i always wondered was she always that damn light as she is now still beautiful tho.

  3. Miss Salt Gawl. July 11, 2020

    This is nothing new. The general population can say what they want about Beyoncé but her peers have nothing but nice things to say about her.

    • Clarks0o0ñ July 11, 2020

      Latavia and letoya and Farrah will say otherwise.

      What of the artist she stole if I were a boy from? Bc Jean.

      • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN July 11, 2020

        Latoya and Latavia have never spoke I’ll about Beyoncé. Even when they left/kicked out of the group they never said anything negative about Beyoncé or Kelly and said that they loved her/them. Farrah, no one cares.

      • UHoesFunny July 12, 2020

        Right. You dumb bïtch. Beyoncé actually has a good relationship with all of her original band mates and have posted photos with them on her Instagram in the recent years of her life. Even invited them all to her OTR show. Idiot. Go have a seat 💺

      • JE July 12, 2020

        Exactly people trying to create drama Letoya idolizes Beyonce and has her own success.

      • NextB July 12, 2020

        She just didn’t want to be embarrassed by her. I can’t believe how blind everyone is when it comes to Beyoncé real intentions.

  4. Gavinluvsbeyonce July 11, 2020

    Beyoncé is so gracious to do that. Teamwork is essential in any workplace so this is yet another inspirational Bey moment 🐝

  5. Okay? July 11, 2020

    Good to hear some positive uplifting words about women supporting women!🙏🏾👏🏼💆‍♀️💆🏾‍♂️❤🤗😘😷

  6. BuzzOff July 11, 2020

    Something Onika Minaj will never Do..
    Learn to lend a hand .. without expecting anything in return .

    • JE July 12, 2020

      Another want to be Nicki fan on her c***🤣

  7. NextB July 12, 2020

    Girl, she just didn’t want you to embarrass her. I can’t believe how blind everyone is.

  8. Meme July 12, 2020

    This makes me so happy. And I remember this performance clear as day.

  9. KaramelKillaBey July 12, 2020

    Our Queen has always been a CLASS ACT. ❤️

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