Kanye West’s Twitter Meltdown: Rapper Slams Wife Kim Kardashian & Compares His Life To ‘Get Out’

Published: Tuesday 21st Jul 2020 by Sam

Kanye West has come undone…on Twitter.

Fresh from making headlines with his shocking claims that “Harriet Tubman never freed the slaves” and tearful revelations about abortion, the US presidential hopeful has upped the ante with a heated set of comments. Much of which are aimed at his own family.

Full story below…

Taking to the social platform, West launched quite the tirade and took aim at wife Kim Kardashian and mother in law Kris Jenner. Most of which has been deleted, but can be read below. He said:

“Kriss don’t play with me you and that calmye are not allowed around my children

Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up with a doctor.

If I get locked up like Mandela Ya’ll will know why”

He went on to refer to wife Kim’s sex tape:

“I put my life on the line for my children that North’s mother would never sell her sex rape.

I put my life on my God that North’s mom would never photograph her doing playboy and that’s on God. I’m at the ranch… come and get me.

West children will never do playboy west.”

West shared a screenshot of a message he sent to Kardashian Kris Jenner, which read:

“This is Ye. You ready to talk now or are you still avoiding my calls[?]
Kriss [sic] and Kim call me now”

He shockingly went on to refer to his life as mirroring that of movie ‘Get Out’ (which centers around being trapped by his white girlfriend’s parents):

“Everybody knows the movie get out is about me

 Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughters life yesterday.”

Beyond that, Ye added that he wanted to move his family to Wyoming – outside of the remit of E! (who air ‘Keeping Up The Kardashians’)”

“I love my wife My family must live next to me It’s not up to E or NBC anymore”

Also in his firing line?… Drake.

“Drake, come and get me … this is the exodus like Pusha said”

He circled back to conclude with:

“Ima focus on the music now”


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  1. Bert July 21, 2020

    I’m praying for him, mental illness is real. His mind is being tormented.

  2. Justme July 21, 2020

    This is where someone has mental illness yet he is a manipulator and self aware.. he knows people have called him that. So when you talk crap about your wife and reference get out, instead of the locals thinking kanye is wrong for this, he’ll get you on his side, because your like i knew he was in that situation. He is spinning out of control but using his wife as a scapegoat which she is now a casualty.

    • ME+YOU+US July 21, 2020

      The evil b**** will never be a causality..she is the villian dummy

  3. Naïme July 21, 2020

    We knew from the beginning that those witches would drive him crazier than he already is.

  4. Madea July 21, 2020

    Britney gets a life-long abusive conservatorship and Kanye gets to be considered for the presidential election and to rant about whatever he wants?

    What’s wrong with this picture?


    • Serfmon July 21, 2020

      You don’t know squat about Britney’s illness tho, back in 08 she was manic, and severe mental illnesses don’t get cured fyi.

      • FK those tacky af Yeezy 4 taking my tax $ July 21, 2020

        britney’s daddy better gtfoh with that propaganda! we see you & know you just want Brit’s career monies even tho she’s COMPLETELY OVER HER CAREER

    • Ask4yall July 21, 2020

      Ahhh lolz Britney has been a robot. Kanye is still human lol

    • Ropeburn July 21, 2020

      Exactly! If anybody needs to be put in a straight-jacket for a few years like Amanda Bynes it’s Koonye!

  5. Re July 21, 2020


  6. Adonis July 21, 2020

    He’s clearly not been the same since his mother died, divorce is looming but that was to be expected. What man can live with the mother of his child having a p0rno?

    • DeanD July 21, 2020

      He knew she had a p*** tape before he married her. That would put most people off especially someone as public and popular as Kanye. A decade later and NOW he has a problem? Better to play victim and “run for president” then tend to his own house. I couldn’t imagine being his friend let alone marrying him. He’s exhausting.

  7. MessyBoots July 21, 2020

    I’m sorry. I dont feel for sorry for him.

    I’m also sick and tired of folks passing off his mental state as some kind of reason or explanation for his behavior. Mental illness is a disease just like drug addiction or alcoholism.

    You have to get help first to earn sympathy. KOONYE knows exactly what he is doing. If he were a female he would already have been committed on a 5150. He is now trying to shift the blame of his condition (yet again) on WOMEN (his late mother, Kardashians) instead of looking in the mirror. What a fool.

    I would normally have sympathy for someone in his situation but NOT for KOONYE.

    Especially when he is trying to hurt not just himself but AN entire voting public using lies, inaccuracies, and blatant attacks to disparage historical figures that have done more for black lives than Kanye ever will in his sad lifetime. Screw him.

    • Abel July 21, 2020

      I agree

    • Susan July 21, 2020

      He needs the conservatorship, not Britney

  8. Todd July 21, 2020

    Please someone make him shu t up. Lock him up along with that horrible family he married into. The world is a mess already, we don’t need talentless, ignorant assholes adding to it

  9. Susan July 21, 2020

    I’m scared y’all. I don’t like this and I hope he gets the help he needs before this turns really bad.

  10. Robin July 21, 2020

    I am praying for him, I don’t want another Hollywood untimely death.

  11. hate bllackk nn whhytee July 21, 2020


  12. Nope////////////// July 21, 2020

    Oh my god
    I really hope he will get the healthcare he truly needs cuz he is very close to be killing himself.

  13. Repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand! July 21, 2020

    Well Ye you were warned beforehand. Repent

  14. Keith July 21, 2020

    Kanye West’s life is going to be THEEEEEEEE BEST biopic or book in the annals of music history!!! That sad fact aside, I actually feel sorry for Kim having to deal with a mentally ill husband while trying to polish/upgrade her own image and for the West children who probably have very little idea of their father’s issues but will be scarred by them…

  15. Ropeburn July 21, 2020

    He gone mess around and end up with a Conservatorship like Britney. Or maybe Kris will arrange a little “accident.” LOL!!!

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