Katy Perry Announces New Album ‘Smile’ / Reveals Cover

Published: Thursday 9th Jul 2020 by Rashad

All roads lead to August 14 for Katy Perry.  

Then (as has been widely reported), the Pop megastar is set to unleash her new album ‘Smile’ – the long-awaited follow-up to her 2017 critically and commercially panned, ‘Witness.’

Having burned the promo trail extensively over the last year in heavy promotion of buzz singles ‘Never Really Over,’ ‘Small Talk,’ ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ and ‘Never Worn White’ before unleashing the LP’s official leader, ‘Daisies,’ Perry’s done her part to plant firm the fact #KP5 was cooking and ready to be served.

Another bid in that stead comes via the unveiling of the project’s cover art and more.

Details below…

Taking to Instagram moments ago, the GRAMMY-nominee unveiled #KP5’s title and cover art. She explained:

Step right up! Step right up! 🎪 KP5 is called 🙂 #SMILE 🙂

I wrote the title track from the album when I was coming through one of the darkest periods of my life and had lost my smile. This whole album is my journey towards the light – with stories of resilience, hope, and love. Listen to the song at midnight.


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Stay tuned for ‘Smile’ (the song). In the meanwhile, what are…

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  1. Meme July 9, 2020

    I think she needs to let go of the gimmicks, costumes and personas and just make music and show growth in her images because this ain’t it. Who she think her audience is? Cuz we are in her late 20’s and 30’s. We not 16 anymore.

    • Dc July 9, 2020

      She did that still flopped so

      • Meme July 9, 2020

        When? She’s never did that. Her eras are always rides off of a persona or a gimmick

    • Fancy BISH July 9, 2020

      80’s music is back and SHE’S not doing it? In what world 😂 Max Martin must be looking at her funny these days or like something stinks when she walks in the studio cause chile lol….she better SANG whatever that man has for her…how is she ace booms with Max and can’t find a Top 10 hit? 💯 She better pop dem TIDDAYS back out, get a bomb weave and sing an 80’s bop 😂 Dua, Abel and Gaga are riding through the 80’s (and 90’s) and she’s pushing up daisies! ⚰️ I don’t mind the cover if the album was full of bops 🤡

      • Only Facts July 9, 2020

        “ Dua, Abel and Gaga are riding through the 80’s (and 90’s) and she’s pushing up daisies!“ I am dead 😂🤣🤣

  2. Will_xo July 9, 2020

    Katy you still not learn we the masses and your fan since ’08 went u to go back to black tresses and shoving t melons and lyrically we n onially w nee more mature aesthetic , the build up to this album although somewhat better than witness is still terrible , at this point eff the backlash and work with dr Luke if not RIP katy “9 billboards number one ” perry

    • PinotNoir July 9, 2020

      Your comment has made me realize she’s a whiny emotional wreck who acts fun for money. Sums up her entire catalog. 👍

  3. Zion Harris July 9, 2020

    This gone be the flop of the year

  4. tyty July 9, 2020

    She seems very directionless and doesn’t really know what to do artistically or how to connect to her much older fan base.

  5. Section8DaGreat July 9, 2020

    Very fitting cover seeing as though she is a clown for not dying her hair back black.

    • Meme July 9, 2020


  6. marilyn monh-O-E July 9, 2020

    Clown of the year 😂🤣😂🤣 witness 2.0 or even worse…..

  7. J July 9, 2020

    Interesting. I like the cover!

    I just dont understand, why she doesn’t go back to black and hit up Tyson Traxx for some hits. Might as well! It’s not like she can delete her whole discography lol. Her legacy is already tarnished anyway. And she’s flopping!! Oh well. Wonder what the tracklist will look like. Knowing these musicians, it’ll only feature “Daisies” as a bonus track lol. Good luck! I’ll definitely be listening regardless.

    • Only Facts July 9, 2020

      Tyson Traxx 🤣

  8. Only Facts July 9, 2020

    She got one thing right. Clown a_ss 🤡 🤣

    • Only Farts July 9, 2020

      And u Stan for normanly? Flopmani? Lol

      • Only Facts July 9, 2020

        Hey Clarkson! You’ve been quiet since the BROmance tour was cancelled. You okay? 29k first week without those tour bundles right? 🤣😂

  9. Hmmm… July 9, 2020

    Her branding is TRASH.

  10. PrismQueenKatyPerry July 9, 2020

    Is she the winner of That Grape Juice “Artist of the Decade”?
    Still love her

  11. Misty Knight July 9, 2020

    No Dr. Luke, no hits. Thanks Kesha for lying about Katy being r**** by Dr. Luke. Katy says she was so terrified of social justice backlash that she wouldn’t work with him. What happened? The hits STOPPED.

  12. XYZ July 9, 2020

    Girl, the snippet is not it.

    How do you go from having hit after hit after hit to releasing mediocre music?

    • PinotNoir July 9, 2020

      You do that by severing ties with Dr. Luke, whose Midas Touch persists with Doja Cat despite his räaäpe allegations.

      • XYZ July 9, 2020

        But he is not the only hit maker in the world. She is katy perry, she could work with the best producers out there

    • PinotNoir July 9, 2020

      Some artists just have uncanny working chemistry with some producers: Brandy & Darkchild, Tamar & LaShawn Daniels RIP, Céline & Jean-Jacques Goldman, etc.

  13. Blaine Kelley July 9, 2020

    I say this with no shade, but out of genuine confusion: With the non existent response from the masses, and seemingly even her own fans, AND the fact that she’s about to pop out a baby, why doesn’t she just scrap this whole thing?
    Her and the label HAVE to know at this point that it’s going to flop…

    Is she just funding the album/eta with her American Idol checks and doesn’t give a F*ck?

    I think it’d be cool to see her score a 10th number one, but it’s not gunna happen this time around…

    • PinotNoir July 9, 2020

      She’s on a career-killing spree, indeed.

  14. PinotNoir July 9, 2020

    Very left-field cover. Loves it!! 🐽

  15. Jackx July 9, 2020

    Love the cover and snippet.

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