Report: Britney Spears Conservatorship May Be In Place For Rest Of Her Life As Source Spills On Singer’s Mental Health

Published: Friday 17th Jul 2020 by Sam

Much ado has been made about Britney Spears and the conservatorship in place that governs both her career and personal life.

Recent times have seen conspiracy theories run rife, but a new source close to the matter is hitting back with information that paints a much different picture to some of the commentary making a splash on social media.

Full story below…

Citing a source, TMZ reports:

Here’s the reality. Britney is struggling. Her meds stopped working and doctors were having trouble finding the right combination. Sources with direct knowledge tell us she’s not been easy to deal with … she sometimes complains she wants more freedom. Short story — she hasn’t been especially stable managing her mental illness.

There’s collateral damage in all of this … Kevin Federline has had their 2 kids considerably more than Britney — and it all relates back to her mental state.

The conservatorship has been around for 12 years — an incredibly unusual amount of time for a conservatorship to last, but this one’s different. Our sources have said for years … Britney’s mental illness requires this conservatorship — probably for life.

Countering suggestion that it’s any one figure orchestrating the setup, the report continued:

There is a slew of people involved in the conservatorship — doctors, lawyers, therapists and a judge. There is no way Jamie [her dad] could go rogue without one of the others taking it to the judge.

A source very close to Britney says … “These people who are screaming for the conservatorship to end, well if that happened and she hurt herself or died 2 weeks after would these people utter a peep? No way.

With that, what are…

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ July 17, 2020

    This sounded like a planted story.

    The people holding britney captives paid TMZ to write this.

    U have no right to hold anybody against their will especially an adult.

    This is a gross violation of human rights.

    Britney is weird and different but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. Just because she doesnt conform or act like a typical woman doesnt mean she’s crazy

    Those drugs they are forcing her to take is destroying her brain and shorting her life span.

    This girl will kill herself if u keep holding her against her will

    • Cardi’s breast July 17, 2020

      Britney is weird and different because of the medication she has been forced to take that makes her appear to be unstable. Let’s go back to all the interviews she did Jonathan Ross etc whilst she was doing her Vegas shows, no sign of a strange Britney then right? Then as soon as she fights to have the conservetorship removed she gets thrown into a hospital in the new year pumped with drugs, we are lied to and told she is upset because her dad is sick. Only reason she was allowed out of that hospital is because of her boyfriend Sam. She is being made to look unstable online so the courts think she’s a mental case and keep the conservatorship, if anything happens to her it will be the money grabbing predators that are gaining money from her existence not Britney! They did the same to MJ

      • POPS+MUVA July 17, 2020

        They are very money hungry and are milking the most they can out of Britney.. they’re controlling her and the medication they’re giving her is most likely temporary until they win this case.

    • CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 17, 2020

      She asked for it! “Would u hold it against me?” 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

    • C**-ila July 17, 2020

      She reminds me of Marilyn! Her team got her hold on meds, meds to wake up, meds to sleep, meds to get her concentrated, meds for her mood swings, and we all know how that ended!
      Hope to see the end of her conservatorship and i would like to see her with different doctors around her, some who aren’t so eager on putting her on pills all the time.

  2. POPS+MUVA July 17, 2020

    If you ask me personally this story being told sounds like a whole lot of bullsh*t. “Her meds stopped working” and they’re having “a hard time finding the right combination” lol celebrities of that caliber with big money and big name like that don’t struggle with those things. This sounds like pure manipulation in order to keep this going. I mean on the other hand this is her father who we are speaking about… how evil can her own father be to his own daughter ? That’s his flesh and blood. I could not understand. I also feel like they’re making it seem like Britney has more issues than she does. In her posts you can see she looks manipulated… it’s just like it’s a plan for them to win in court.

  3. Charli Cheer Up July 17, 2020

    I feel like she’s still sensitive to certain things thrown at her online like that incident when Timbaland used her dance to clip and her BF having to step in to call him out for ‘poking fun at her moves’. Another noticeable case was when she was a judge on The X-Factor USA, viewers were complaining that she was disconnected to her artists and her critiques were short & bad. But the producers didn’t take any of the feedback onboard(her manager and ex-manager/ex-fiance prevented her access on social media!) so by the end of the season she was fired as a judge. Then out of nowhere she split from her fiance and many fans believe its because she was furious about the way she was ‘controlled’ into doing the job so bad.

    Being threated like a child as an adult is the problem and I think Britney should start studying something that will help her think more independently and be less sensitive to other people’s critiques. This conservationship is just shielding her from the pains of the world and is not making her a ‘stronger’ person…

    • Susan July 17, 2020

      She split with Jason because he was abusive allegedly. It’s pics online of them arguing in a car and her crying. He wanted to control Britney too, allegedly. And Jason was also around during the breakdown, which I always thought was weird. And also, I wouldn’t put it past the people around her to have been the ones to orchestrate her breakdown just to get control of her empire (Just me speculating). Free Britney.

    • C**-ila July 17, 2020

      She wasn’t fired from x-factor she even asked for a raise of 3M but they wouldn’t give her one so she wouldn’t sign up for another season.

      Here’s the statement she release at that time..

      “I’ve made the very difficult decision not to return for another season,” a statement attributed to Spears said. “I had an incredible time doing the show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens, but it’s time for me to get back in the studio. Watching them all do their thing up on that stage every week made me miss performing so much! I can’t wait to get back out there and do what I love most.”

  4. Timothy July 17, 2020

    This sounds like a planted story from somebody who is PART of the conservatorship. How messed up can somebody be mental wise to have a life-long conservatorship in place? That person would surely not be able to work as much as Britney does and did for the past decades…

  5. Liam July 17, 2020

    This story sounds so fake plus Britney’s dad prob use a publicist to plant this story since she and him have been at war for years.

  6. MessyBoots July 17, 2020

    This is quite sad.

    I’m not going to play doctor and pretend I understand medicine better than a physchiatrist but if this claim is true aboout old medication not working.. where is the new cocktail? Has Britney refused her meds and she is no longer taking them? Is she allowed to refuse medication under a conservativorship?

    Is there an independent lawyer outside of the C-ship representing Britney? If not, why?

    This is all so confusing and sad especially because its private info that no one should know about. It appears that Britney WILL NEVER have privacy (or freedom) for the rest of her life. 😢🙏🏾

    • Susan July 17, 2020

      The lawyer representing Britney is allegedly the same lawyer at the center of Casey Kasem’s conservatorship (if you don’t know what happened to Casey, look it up…really really sad).

      • MessyBoots July 17, 2020

        Will do. 👍🏾

  7. Haterz+Gon‘+Hate July 17, 2020

    Who is this “Source” ? The fact that it’s undisclosed does not bode well for it being clear this person does not have an ulterior (💰💰💰) motive for talking with TMZ.

    And what bull about her theoretically harming herself and what if the conservatorship was not in place – she could do self harm NOW and her next of kin gets the kids – they don’t want this “arrangement“ to end because if it does Britney could leave her fortune to her DOG 🐶 if that’s what she wanted and ain’t a damn thing anyone could do about it.

    They want her coins because her back catalogue will pay out royalties longer than most people in that conservatorship will live.

  8. Susan July 17, 2020

    Legal documents were leaked where one of the conservators allegedly called the conservatorship a “hybrid business model.” Britney deserves her freedom. If she is so mentally unwell, why did they make her release 4 albums and do 3 world tours and a 4 year Vegas residency. Legal docs also show that Britney’s father allegedly claimed she had dementia in 2008 to get her under the conservatorship. If she had dementia, how would she still be alive and dancing and making music? Her team is using this as a way to control her and her money from what it looks like. Britney can’t even vote under this conservatorship. Free Britney and give her back her civil rights. Kanye west isn’t under a conservatorship, so why is Britney? Just because she shaved her head? FREE BRITNEY

  9. WRTW? July 17, 2020

    So the medical doctors who are part of her conservatorship ie her payroll can’t get her meds right after 12 years! Sounds like they don’t want to. Free Britney, even if this planted story were true it has so many holes.

  10. Jay July 17, 2020

    If they did like dude said and “Leave Brittney alone”, we wouldn’t have these problems.

  11. CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 17, 2020

    Kiss her freedom goodbye! She’s grown a:s:s women and she can’t control her life???? What a joke! What’s up with all that free Britney moment mess????? Rehab first then come back

  12. Happy+n+Rich July 17, 2020

    I am an estate auditor by profession. It is very likely that Britney will stay under a conservatorship for the rest of her life, unless her condition improves long enough to show that she is not a danger to herself. She likely also has a guardian of her person. It is unusual for an adult ward to have a conservator but not a guardian.

    Conservatorship is not a prison. The conservator just safeguards her against reckless endangerment of her estate for her own sake and for the sake of her children. In addition, conservators are almost always bonded, and conservatorships are audited by the court, so the conservator does not have cart blanche to abuse the assets in an estate.

  13. #TheTruth July 17, 2020

    They have been « modern enslaving » this girl from the moment they shaped her image and her voice to what they wanted. And because it was a winning formula, I guess she was ok to pay this price until it destroyed her.

    As a kid and teenager, she sounded more adult now. That baby voice isn’t her natural tone and damaged her actual voice that was quite decent and rather deep.

    I’ve never been into her music but I really feel sorry for her as a human being.
    None of us know what is going on, but obviously something is wrong.

    May her life get back on the right track.

  14. G-bby July 17, 2020

    Britney has been mentally unwell for years. She should be able to retire with dignity. Not like she’s hurting for money. She’s a shell of her former self and it’s sad to see.

    • C**-ila July 17, 2020

      If she’s happy doing what she does and her record company let her record and whenever and wherever she wants why should she retire? 😂😂
      Cher has been doing music for 6 Decades and she’s happy with it why can’t brit do the same..

  15. tyty July 17, 2020

    Britney dad working overtime with these fake stories. I was shocked to learn she is only worth 60 million these leeches around her have squandered her fortune. Britney is being oppressed…I can concede she does suffer from some mental health issues but I don’t believe she has been diagnosed properly and I think whatever meds they give her are not meant for her. Her father and his people think they slick. I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

    • Shawn Brown-Jones October 4, 2020

      I said the same exact thing, where’s all her money? I thought at one time she was worth over 100 million and that was in the early to mid 00’s! Apparently, someone did a lot of spending and I don’t think it was Brit. Nevertheless, I wish her all the best!

  16. FK those tacky af Yeezy 4 taking my tax $ July 17, 2020

    this is propaganda. we need to identify & seek answers from EACH FKN PERSON INVOLVED IN HER CONSERVATORSHIP!

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