Watch: Beyonce Unleashes Extended ‘Black Is King’ Trailer – Starring Naomi Campbell, Lupita, & More

Published: Sunday 19th Jul 2020 by Sam

Beyonce‘s ‘Black Is King’ is almost here!

Anticipation is already sky-high for Queen Bey’s visual album and it just amplified the more with the arrival of an extended trailer of the Disney+ production.

Watch below…

Set to premiere on July 31st, the epic effort is billed as a love letter to Africa and is a visual companion to the critically acclaimed compilation album ‘The Lion King: The Gift.’

Per the latest look at the flick (which is 1 hour, 25 minutes), guests will include Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, JAY-Z, Kelly Rowland, Blue Ivy, Yemi Alade, and more.

Check it out:

As reported:

This visual album from Beyoncé reimagines the lessons of “The Lion King” for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns. The film was in production for one year with a cast and crew that represent diversity and connectivity.

As for the narrative of the flick:

The voyages of Black families, throughout time, are honored in a tale about a young king’s transcendent journey through betrayal, love and self-identity. His ancestors help guide him toward his destiny, and with his father’s teachings and guidance from his childhood love, he earns the virtues needed to reclaim his home and throne.

The lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture. The film highlights the beauty of tradition and Black excellence.

Confirmed music videos include ‘My Power,’ ‘Mood 4 Eva,’ and ‘Brown Skin Girl.’

Confirmed music videos include ‘My Power,’ ‘Mood 4 Eva,’ and ‘Brown Skin Girl.’

Filmed in various locations, the film’s cinematography captures beautiful people and landscapes across continents, starting in New York, then Los Angeles, South Africa, West Africa, London and Belgium. From all those places came an extraordinary cast of actors and dancers that influenced the film’s rich tableau and vibrant choreography.

‘Black Is King; was in production for one year and features an impressive list of diverse voices on its creative team, including directors Emmanuel Adjei (the film “Shahmaran”), Blitz Bazawule (the film “The Burial of Kojo”), Pierre Debusschere (“Mine” and “Ghost” videos for Beyoncé), Jenn Nkiru (“BLACK TO TECHNO” film), Ibra Ake (creative director and producer on “This is America” video for Childish Gambino), Dikayl Rimmasch (“CACHAO, UNO MAS” film), Jake Nava (“Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies,” “Partition” videos for Beyoncé) and co-director and long-time collaborator of Beyoncé, Kwasi Fordjour.

The list of  additional co-directors and second unit directors adds to the crew’s global representation, including Dafe Oboro, Julian Klincewicz, Derek Milton, Meji Alabi, Joshua Kissi, Alexandre Moors and Deon Van Zyl.

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  1. Angelina July 19, 2020

    What is this project supposed to be? A visual album or a movie? I am confused.

    • Robin July 19, 2020

      Total mess and will flop. She need to stop stealing African culture. Naomi is another person that has been going to African and cashing that African cheque and pretending to be an advocate for Africa. America leave Africa alone.

  2. Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020


      • CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 19, 2020

        Yeah when u looking at the mirror: HOT MESS. Fancy racist bish! FOH!

      • Fancy BISH July 19, 2020

        @Cupcakke No Walls Power Cut Off Cammy/Clarkson, you just mad cause you can’t hide your racist ass behind 10,000 accounts 😂 You exposed bish! 🤣 We know it’s you boo boo 😂 You just sad and sorry 💯 No flavor or heritage that’s why you’re mad 😂 You looked in the mirror today and saw that HURT, frustration and self hate 😂 Get ya life! You just called Bey, Naomi and THAT level of beauty and excellence a mess, so I KNOW you look like some straight BULLSHIIT 💩 😂

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        Trashy BISH

        Clean your toxic, racist, mouth before you come for me.

      • Ms Ling Ling July 19, 2020

        Drag that fancy racist bish. Grill her well done! Served it to the animals!

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        It drags it’s pu$$y across the carpet as it drags it’s stank self around while throwing back it’s hind legs.


      • Fancy BISH July 19, 2020

        Clarkson showed up in FULL FORCE with all his little MINION accounts 😂 All I need is my ONE ACCOUNT to drag your sorry ass 😂 Chile, we ALL know you’re a racist! OWN IT…trying to put your stank self and views on everybody without changing…I got you going crazy lol…I love to see it 🤳🏽Girl, I’m trying to learn multiple languages for this worldwide flavor…I love the WORLD, not you lol 🌎 💋

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        Oh Trashy BISH who cares who you love? Is that supposed to offend me? Chile 🤣🤣🤣 Work on loving yourself hoee.

        Good day.

      • Fancy BISH July 19, 2020

        @Shayla Prom Fiend, where is your king? And don’t say that trick that sees you on hump day Wednesdays 😂 I really hope you find love one day HOEE *Lizzo voice* 🤣

  3. Tori July 19, 2020

    I too am interested to see how this visual album will tie into “The Gift” as it relates to telling the story of the actual songs. I’m quite confused as the trailer looks like scenes from a movie and scene from different music video cut down into a trailer, and it’s quite confusing. This tralier also seems like a continuation of “LEMONADE” with her reciting a dramatic speech over the clips. Has she converted from Christianity to Scientology yet or is she still trying to be “deep”?

  4. Susan July 19, 2020

    I think this is a whole lot of wasted money for a year old album that flopped. Why wouldn’t she make a new album and use these beautiful depictions for that instead of the lion king the gift album? Wtf? It’s like she’s scared to release a solo album now that tidal has been accused of allegedly inflating streaming numbers. And where is Michelle? I see kelly

    • tyty July 19, 2020

      A waste of money for who? A flop album got Disney to pay her millions to produce a visual album\ movie for their streaming service. If Beyoncé was so obsessed with the charts like yall she would miss out on chess moves like this.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        You’re so full of it. Do you even think before you post? How about when you speak in your day to day life? Crazy as a mf 🤣🤣🤣

      • tyty July 19, 2020

        That Neanderthal dna must be acting up at the thought of a film on black excellence. You’re probably tearing out your fur as we speak.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        I live for black excellence. I just don’t live for Beyoncé, dear.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        And FYI: What you evolved from have a lot more fur than Neanderthals, since you want to go there. You are the most racist POS I think I’ve ever come across.

        You are the black Hitler.

      • Rebbeca July 19, 2020

        @TYTY 🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭 LMAOOOOO @

        “That Neanderthal dna must be acting up at the thought of a film on black excellence. You’re probably tearing out your fur as we speak”.

    • DEZ TO THE MF MAN July 19, 2020

      I feel like ole’ Joe…if you’re BLACK and you’re HATING on THIS…YOU’RE NOT BLACK AT ALL!!! 🤷🏽‍♂️



      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        You sound like ole racist a$$ Joe Biden.

        Not all black people are one and the same. There is such a thing as INDIVIDUALITY.

        Look it up.

    • Ask4yall July 19, 2020

      She is afraid she solo album won’t be number one since she can’t even score a solo number one song

  5. EyeOpine July 19, 2020

    Looks to be a marvelous mosaic of melanin. I’m here fr it

    • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

      Then watch The Cosby Show. A lot more entertaining than this tripe.

      • EyeOpine July 19, 2020

        You know what’s also entertaining?? Watching racists seethe and writhe in hateful frustration as black culture is elevated. I had an inkling you’d be up and down on this post promoting “mess”, Queef. Predictable, pathetic and pressed.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        You’re a facist black Nazi.

        Keep it moving.

        You get no love from the Queen.

      • EyeOpine July 19, 2020

        Oh Queef…the only one looking for love from you is that other troll Clarkson…and maybe the KKK (though that’s questionable considering you’re bi-racial).

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        Why are you so OBSESSED with me being bi-racial? You work it into every reply to me.

        Says more about you than I.

        Racist hoee.

    • EyeOpine July 19, 2020

      Ooooh..I must’ve hit a nerve. LOL…delusion is strong with this one. But for real, stop projecting, Queef. You’re the one that’s obsessed with race, not me. I’m
      Just here to remind you that you’re bi-racial racist trash…that’s all.

  6. Gee July 19, 2020

    I honestly love that Beyoncé wants to show black excellence on the highest level. However this visual album formula is becoming stale. She has played with the same formula musically for quite sometime now, and it has not shown any progression. Hopefully this is a great story, well put together. Or I say keep it.

    • Ugghh July 19, 2020

      So… you don’t want visuals for albums?

      Just don’t watch it lol

  7. Susan July 19, 2020

    This is a complete mess and will hopefully get Beyoncé to realize we want b’day and Sasha fierce back. Stop trying to be so “grand”…it makes her look out of touch and narcissist

    • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020


    • Tori July 19, 2020

      I don’t we want anything like “B’Day” or “I Am… Sasha Fierce” in terms of material but definitely the presence of Beyoncé, which has been missing for nearly a decade now. She’s tried to focus her artistry in a different area and appear less and less to the public and become trendy while also trying to be different and it comes off as pretentious and boring. Sometimes it works but most of the time its the kind if thing you could easily do without. I commend her for trying to push the envelope but shes becoming a one trick pony now when I know she can do some real damage!

      • Beylover July 19, 2020

        One trick pony? Name another female artist who is putting in this much work into their material old or new?

      • Clarks0o0ñ July 19, 2020

        What work is beyonce putting?

        Stealing concepts.
        Stealing songwriting credit
        Inflating her streams on tidal and rewarding herself millions of dollars in the process.

        Putting her name as director/editor/sound engineer/ etc even tho the bìtch cant even read or spell , talk less about operating a camera

      • Susan July 19, 2020

        @beylover – Lady Gaga, Adele, Mariah Carey, etc. Beyoncé really ain’t 💩. She relies on being “grand” and “over the top” to overcompensate for the lackluster music she releases. How do you think Lemonade would’ve done if it didn’t have the visual album component or the “surprise” element? Beyoncé knows she’s a gimmick now…if only her fans would realize it too. We want our Sasha Fierce and B’day Beyoncé back. This ain’t it

      • Gag July 19, 2020

        Lol at all of you imbeciles! Look how bothered she has y’all..Beyoncé drop something everyone stops to talk about it. Haters and Bey seriously look at y’all foaming at the mouth and haven’t even seen the film

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 20, 2020


        And it still flops so what’s your point?

    • melinda July 20, 2020

      indeed , i stopped listening to her music since im a sasha fierce . she isnt GOD for god sake .

  8. tyty July 19, 2020

    So it’s like a visual album within a retelling of the lion king movie? Im really curious to see how it works looks good.

  9. Xoxo July 19, 2020

    Now I’m excited

  10. i hate bllackk nn whhytee bitchhhezz July 19, 2020


  11. Beylover July 19, 2020

    So excited! People in the comments saying we want the “Old Beyonce back” is really a cowardly way of saying for (we’re tired of )Beyonce being black). If want B-day or Sasha then to listen to it and watch this videos….. Beyonce wouldn’t have made past 2010 if she stayed stuck in that era. Growth is beautiful and I’m excited to see how this turns out! Do you Beyoncé…. main people talking sh*t will be turning it as usual!

    • Susan July 19, 2020

      No, I love Beyoncé being pro black, but let’s be pro black without a surprise album, and without trying to be over the top with a huge visual album. Part of what makes Adele so successful is that she doesn’t have to be over the top. Part of what makes Rihanna so successful is that she doesn’t have to be so over the top. Stop with the visual albums and stop with the surprise releases. Then maybe we’ll feel like we can relate to her again.

      • Anne July 19, 2020

        That’s your opinion but I disagree. In my opinion, Beyonce is Beyonce and she shouldn’t try to be like Adele or Rihanna or anyone else and they shouldn’t try to be like her. They each have their own lane and are doing their own thing. All 3 have reached a high enough level of success to where they can do just about whatever they want to at this point. So if Beyonce wants to make visual albums that’s her choice. She’s not trying to please everyone.

  12. Clarks0o0ñ July 19, 2020

    It’s the same old same old.

    Beyonce wearing outlandish Couture outfits, staring into the camera, beyonce voice over talking in the background.

    It’s the same visual style.

    • Susan July 19, 2020

      If only Camila Cabello and that flat body could pull off a couture outfit. Rat faced racist.

      • Clarks0o0ñ July 19, 2020

        If only beyonce can get some confidence and leave her cheating husband. A very weak pathetic woman who doesn’t practice what she sings (irreplaceable)

        Tell beyonce to stop doing black face also
        And she should stop stealing song writing credit. A bloody thief

      • Susan July 19, 2020

        And Camila Cabello is dating a man that is allegedly into men. Where’s Camila’s confidence?

      • Clarks0o0ñ July 19, 2020

        Yes, labelling someone as gay even tho he has said several times he is not gay.

        U see the problem with u? A clown

        Beyonce is homophobic. Remember her statement when madonna and britney kissed at the VMAs. A homophobic rat

    • Gag July 19, 2020

      Stfu you stan a racist Latina pop have the nerve to come for Beyoncé lmao

      • Clarks0o0ñ July 19, 2020

        As if ratyonce didnt do black face

  13. Anne July 19, 2020

    This looks more interesting and intriguing with each clip, looking forward to seeing it in its entirety.

  14. Quan July 19, 2020

    I’m just not here for if. Some scenes look interesting but the story looks all over the place. Beyoncé’s career decisions the past few years have been messy and inauthentic. I’m even more confused that she is recycling music from her The Gift album inspired by Black Culture and the Lion King. If this is or was a visual album why not have done all new material? Idk that’s just my opinion. Bey I know you got stans but you just don’t do it for me girl.

  15. July 19, 2020


  16. Love And Music July 19, 2020

    Meanwhile she’s your favorite artist, favorite artist.

    I’m here for every second of this! Quality over quantity.

    Y’all keep loving and living for these pop tarts with these number one singles but no legacy or impact. No stage presence or anything worth remembering years from now.

  17. Ratexxx July 19, 2020

    This look so basic as heck

    I’ll wait and see who idea’s she stole from…

    She’s trying so hard to compete with the likes of Adele and Rihanna that’s its becoming more pathetic..

    She needs to bring her dad back..

    This new fake bullshid she’s trying to sell..aint it

    • tyty July 19, 2020

      Lol rih could careless about giving navy so much as a single so what competition would that be? Adele told yall to stfu she will release when she ready and not before so again what competition. You pulled that from your wide ass….cause that all you’re good for spilling s***. You really had nothing negative to say so you conjured up some make believe competition. Anyway beehive and Beyoncé thanks you for your continued support. We all know you have downloaded and paid for Disney+ ready to watch it July 31st

    • Fancy BISH July 19, 2020

      It’s crazy how on point this trailer is! Let Camila TRY to do it and you will SEE how basic it could look like 😂 Damn! Go watch KeKe Palmer’s new music video then come back to this, no shade just truth 🤣 Y’all want on point or a mall video booth from back in the day? 🤣 Love KeKe but damn she spent like $500 for the Lil Magic 💫 video package 😂 You can’t call EVERYTHING basic smh 💯

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

        Why is Camila’s name constantly on your tongue? You wishing it was her c*** instead? You’re obsessed.


  18. 4U2SEE July 19, 2020

    I just remember this black man on the tube called out about Kanye’s Jesus Is King and then after that Beyonce’s Black is King is no coincidence. Now, I’m trying to figure out what he meant by it.

  19. xtina4ever July 19, 2020

    lmfao she doesn’t even care about Africa until it benefits her all of sudden. Wish Africa would see right through her. I take Rihanna more seriously than beyonce of actually caring.

  20. Gag July 19, 2020

    Looking forward to it. Wondering why Michelle isn’t included in things? I know Bey and Kelly are close but I feel bad for her. she even shouts Kelly out in songs

  21. CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 19, 2020

    Did Queen B put a toilet pipe on her head??? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Uh July 19, 2020

      Lmao oh stop, go stream muffin top cause we all know no one else is

    • Ms Ling Ling July 19, 2020

      😂🤣😂🤣Black women love that sh#t

    • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020

      Chile 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Uh July 19, 2020

    BORINGONCE trying to be pro black lmaoo😭😭😭😭
    All she does is flop at this point
    THIS is why the hive is so intimidated by miss rib rih, She truly slays this yodeling frays in every department in everyway.
    …meanwhile everyone’s still anticipating miss rih rihs ninth studio album…

    Take notes from the real queen, Ms. Febty Chile.. ur career depends on it.

    • Uh July 19, 2020

      Yodeling fraud*
      Beyond fake trying to be deep woke is so Pathedic and actually works against her sales wise.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 July 19, 2020


        Agree with all of this.

      • Uh July 19, 2020


      • Gag July 19, 2020

        Lol haven’t you been saying the same nonsense since like 2011 and here you are a decade later she’s still on top and you’re still in the comments mad. The jokes write themselves

      • Uh July 19, 2020

        HUH? LOL Who’s on top?? Lmaooo
        Certainly not buffooncé

  23. TtTt July 19, 2020


  24. Truthteller July 19, 2020

    Beyonce has become so predictable, and she isnt aging well 😴

    • Keyword July 19, 2020

      Lmaooo YESSS

  25. Gilmore girl July 19, 2020

    WHERES R9?!??!?!?

    • 999 July 20, 2020

      There won’t be any R9

  26. High Price July 19, 2020

    I can’t wait! I think she’s remaking lion king but based on black people.

  27. beehive+killer July 20, 2020

    im tired of her honestly

  28. Ms Ling Ling July 20, 2020

    It’s gonna be flop so hard. 3 times in a row. She lost it after lemonade…. everything is love =FLOPPED💩 Lion king album = FLOPPED💩now black is king 💩

    • Ms Ling Ling July 20, 2020

      “Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no
      Love to see u flopped three times in a row
      Such a funny thing for me to try to explain…” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  29. 999 July 20, 2020

    The truth is about to blow up, Jay and Bee are close friends with Marina Abramovic and Obama which were friends with a p********. Well not just a p********, one of them because it’s a traffic that keeps on going on and Naomie Campbell was part of it in a plane. WE KNOW and if you don’t YOU WILL SOON

    These people use satanic symbols to camouflage the atrocity of the reality behind the trick. The less you take it seriously the more they can hurt kids without being exposed.

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