Ciara Announces New Single ‘Rooted (ft. Ester Dean’)

Published: Tuesday 11th Aug 2020 by Sam

New Ciara is on the way!

The singer may have just given birth to son Win Harrison Wilson, but she still has music on the mind.

For, CiCi has announced new song ‘Rooted’ and it’s coming sooner than you may think.

Full story below…

The stage blazer trumpeted the news moments ago, sharing that the track features hitmaker Ester Dean. 

It’ll be arriving on Thursday (August 13).

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the performer had been teasing a series of snaps on social media before giving birth; all of which featured the hashtag #Rooted.

We’re always buzzed for new CiCi. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. DC3 FOREVER August 11, 2020

    LMAO!!!!!!!!! She can’t be serious

    • BuzzOff August 11, 2020

      Then when y’all be complaining about Woman Not Getting Equality In Music and in other Aspects .. Y’all complaining !! But here you are Laughing at a WOC smh

    • FLOP IS KING August 11, 2020

      lmaooooo betcha she wont flop as hard as the roach just did lmfaooooo

  2. Erica August 11, 2020

    Ugh I can tell by the outfit it’s about to be a disaster 😩

  3. Paulo August 11, 2020

    The cover is a concept let’s hear it CiCi

  4. IG: mixedboy August 11, 2020

    Ready to hear!!

  5. Shayla Queen 👑 August 11, 2020

    The flop b**** can’t sing

  6. tyty August 11, 2020

    Cute cover…

  7. 2bad2bme August 11, 2020

    Girl Beyoncé said it’s already taken care of. Go lay down

    • chilepleaseee August 11, 2020

      Lmaooo oop

    • FLOP IS KING August 11, 2020

      lmaoooo girl 6kyonce just flopped harder than ciara EVER did so you might wanna lay down and save your flopped fave h0 lmfaoooooooo

  8. Monica4Life August 11, 2020

    Ciara sucks as an artist. She should create a lifestyle/mommy blog or reality show on YouTube. She’s not a vocal talent.

    • STARR August 11, 2020


  9. Nazalin August 11, 2020

    GIRL SAVE IT. You wanted to be a Kardashian Hollywood girl all these years now all of a sudden you rockin a Angela Davis fro LMAO. The pandering is real even from our own community. I don’t believe you CiCi girl. Your looking cheesy. This is gonna flop big time like her last 5 albums.

  10. “GG” August 11, 2020

    Because I’m not a ignorant black person and I want ALL black women to win, I’m looking forward to hearing her!

  11. High Price August 11, 2020

    Ciara. ….. just take some time off Ci. Focus on the kids, the new baby and the hubby, then come back strong next year 1st quarter! And tap into your R&B roots this time because the full out pop sh!t isn’t quite your niche Ci..

  12. marilyn monh-O-E August 11, 2020

    Ghetto as hell. C error nice try

  13. Tori August 11, 2020

    Like I said before, when ywll complain things turn out not to be as bad as y’all claim. Usally y’all say the most negative s*** to get laughs and start arguments, sad that this is what your lives have come to by the way. I’ve learned to bypass the comments!

  14. Keith August 11, 2020

    I like some of Ester Dean’s work, so I wonder what this will sound like…

    • J August 12, 2020

      Listen to her latest project. It’s pure trash in my opinion. Idk what is going on with her new stuff

  15. FLOP IS KING August 11, 2020

    lmaooooo yeah so the roach hive might wanna keep it real effin cute, your fave just flopped harder and flopped more albums than ciara has done her entire career lmaooooo, even beauty marks sold twice as much as FLOP is king so sit this one out insects lmfaoooooooooooooooo #6kyonce

  16. Robin August 12, 2020

    All these Fake celebrities that wanted to be white and fit in with Hollywood soo bad and now all of a sudden the all want to be Black.

    Trying to use been Black to sell records, Beyoncé already done it so many times and it flopped. This will flop too because we know is not real.

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