Ciara Shares The Making Of New Single ‘Rooted’

Published: Friday 14th Aug 2020 by Sam

Ciara just gave birth to baby Win Harrison Wilson, but she’s not putting a pause on the flow of new music.

This week brought with it the release of ‘Rooted’ – CiCi’s new single featuring Ester Dean. And, much to the excitement of her C-Squad, the track arrived alongside its music video.

Now, the singer is taking fans behind the scenes of the making of the track and its visual.

Join us below…

Sharing the clip, Ci said:

It’s all #Rooted in me! 10 mos Preggo, In Studio, & Labor! 💃🏽

From being in the 10th month of my pregnancy, in studio, & literally in labor working on this song, it was truly a memorable experience creating the Rooted song & video. Out Now! 💃🏽 #BTS

10 months pregnant and more active than most. Love it!

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  1. Ling Ling Sauce💋💦💦 August 14, 2020

    Sit yo pregnant a:s:s down sis. It’s dangerous dancing near the pool. Slipped n fall. And That’s a C-error!

    • Gag August 14, 2020

      She already had the baby imbecile

  2. Robin August 14, 2020

    I don’t think anyone care. This song is not happening.

  3. Certaon August 14, 2020


  4. Jay Jay August 14, 2020

    Not a huge fan of the song but I kind of like the direction she’s taking. It seems more artistic than her last few hits. Also this song is so much better than that Melanin song. She manages to get a platinum hit every era so she’s good. I don’t think is her platinum hit though

  5. tyty August 14, 2020

    This is what happens when you don’t have someone to tell you no😂 I like Ciara but ain’t no way she thinks this is it

    • Ling Ling Sauce💋💦💦 August 14, 2020

      That proved ciara isn’t a t***** nor shemale after all

  6. Bejeweled August 14, 2020

    Another damn flop. She had to have set a record for the most flopping artist ever.

  7. Jai August 15, 2020

    She’s a Beyonce stan. Halloween Costume, Dose HBCU marching band with the same Coachella hairstyle/hoodie (she was in attendance), then the braid ponytail and melanin with Lupita and Kelly. The Kelly duet sounded like a Bey song… now she hurried to copy Black is King which took years to make. Kelly needs to stop telling Ciara about Bey’s projects at this point lol?? Ciara is always trying to copy Beyonce. The rooted video looks like an SNL skit. She’s never sung about nappy hair, wore African anything, nor her own natural hair in any project unlike Beyonce. You’d have to do your research and get the receipts. She’s pandering and was literally in Level up booking non black dance crews to imitate black culture… then she is “clapping back”.. all my songs come with melanin? Because she was called out instead of saying, I have learned and grown… it shouldn’t take us losing our lives for you to throw on 4c wigs and rehire your own people Ciara. Homegirl hasn’t been consistent… but chasing pop for years… she has money and healthy family… but I guess music is a hobby now?

    • HELLOKITTY August 15, 2020

      @Jai – I agree she is copying Beyonce.

  8. Christal wright August 25, 2020

    Ummmm no. Ciaradid dose last year with an all black crew in ATL. She did the marching band sound in 2006. She has worn hoodies since goodies. Her hoodie was black and red . She did her song with Kelly last year . She did a song 2 years ago with african singer teyko freak me with all black dancers while wearing her real natural hair. She went to africa 2 years ago for her anniversary . She also got engaged there. She also did a performance in Nigeria 2016 called love like a movie and stayed extra days there learning the culture . She and a few Nigerias women danced in the streets while there. She even went to encourage young girls from Nigeria. 2018 she did a whole magazine cover/ photo shoot with teyona T and legendary Iman with african vibe with faux locs. Her performances at the amaz were all black dancers. Her shows were she had black dancers way be4 still pandemic. Her song was already in the making . She has stated she loves bey but she’s in no way trying to copy her. Get your facts straight . And by the way bey has been doing pop for a while now. Ciara pop songs are hits . level up .

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