Elton John Claims Chart Music Isn’t Real Music

Published: Thursday 27th Aug 2020 by Sam

Elton John has never been one to hold back his feelings. So, it’s not surprising that the legend is letting rip once again.

This time he’s sounding off on chart music – which he insists isn’t “real” music.

Full story below…

The 73-year-old performer, who recently appeared on Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ album, told BBC Radio 6:

“You look at most of the records in the charts – they’re not real songs. They’re bits and pieces and it’s nice to hear someone write a proper song.”

He continued:

“There’s also a boy called Conan Gray who is the only person in the American Spotify Top 50 to actually write a song without anybody else. For everybody else there’s four or five writers on a track.”

While John certainly isn’t the first (nor last) seasoned act to bemoan the state of music today, some are finding ample irony in his comments about songwriting. For, much of his own material is the product of multiple songwriters.

Still, it begs the question: do you agree with him?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat August 27, 2020

    Labels will be labels. Hate the game if u gonna hate anything

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      Exactly my point. We are not in the 80/90’s anymore. But then again someone his age wouldn’t know what the younger kids are into and how much the industry has changed.

  2. Hated August 27, 2020

    Elton instead of talking bad about these artist you could be mentoring them in some shape or form. If I see someone struggling I need to talk less about them and show more action in helping them become better.

    • Lyka August 27, 2020

      why should a label let elton John mentor they Artist??

  3. Fancy BISH August 27, 2020

    Love Uncle Elton, but why is he talking specifically about American Spotify Top 50? 😂

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 27, 2020

      He probably mad coz gaga still haven’t released sine from above..,.

      • ForTheSlowOnes August 27, 2020

        No lies told. 99% of the music charting is basic af. Most of my favorite songs never charted, & that doesn’t take away from my love of them. Artists, moreso, labels & stans are overly concerned with chart placement rather than quality. Its a joke. I’ve often noticed that when listening to a full body of work, the BEST songs are often never chosen as singles. Too many are aiming for that low-hanging fruit and being rewarded for it which baffles me 🥴

  4. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 27, 2020

    I agree with this auntie. Look at all the trashy songs on the billboard hot 100 now. This generation is totally F-u-c-k Ed up, mess! Wish I can go back to 70s, 80s & 90s aka the golden prime time That we all cherished!!!

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      The reality is : we do not live in that age anymore. And the garbage you hear now is what’s selling and making money. So it is what it is

  5. Shayla Queen 👑 August 27, 2020

    He isn’t wrong in the slightest. The Billboard Top 10 singles are usually mostly “trap” songs by mumble “rappers.”

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      He sure is not wrong. He’s 100% right but I feel like most of his comments are based on the 80’s mentality and we do not live there anymore.

  6. tyty August 27, 2020

    Start a talent agency, record label or school mentoring talented songwriters ….instead of acting like you’re above it all.

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      Periodt pooh.

  7. Liam August 27, 2020

    He told no lies there’s so much real talent I discovered via YouTube that music is way better than what’s that BB top 100 list but I guess whatever….it is what it is 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. IG: mixedboy August 27, 2020

    Agreed most music is trash these days.

  9. Fancy BISH August 27, 2020

    The QUEEN has spoken!

    • Fancy BISH August 27, 2020

      Stop using my screen name Clark…you really must be getting some kind of thrill out of it 👀 🤣 Now ask me why I don’t use yours? Please ask me why so I can write this essay 😂 📝

  10. Fancy BISH August 27, 2020

    Same way his f** music ain’t real music either.

  11. Lovermusic August 27, 2020

    Elton is talking facts.
    But has Elton forgot that he doesn’t write the lyrics to his own songs lol?

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      Drag him pooh

  12. 1988 August 27, 2020

    Elton is a legend without a doubt and I am listening to him in 2020 in a very relevant way. He’s extremely talented and most likely wrote all his songs and music. But he mentioned today’s songs having “4 or 5 songwriters” and I must say this! How many times in the past were certain songwriters/composers cut out the picture? Or ideas used of people in the studio (even outside the studio) that were never credited? Oh, your heart shaped rose tinted glasses (literally)…haha.

    Over the years, I have read several accounts of songwriters being cut out the picture on even some of the most brilliant albums of the 80’s and 90’s (where most of my interests are but I am sure it happened since time began). The most recent was a songwriter/producer finally given album “liner note credits” (as well as additional royalties) after decades of only being included on two songs in the album credits because he was told he could only have his name appear on TWO songs when he helped CONSTRUCT half the songs on the album from SCRATCH. He literally had to choose the two songs out of all his amazing work his name would be in the credits on. That’s so sad…seriously! Even Quincy Jones spoke rather candidly (lol) about a keyboardist he feels was cut out at least 10% of due credit and royalty for his contribution to the songs composition on an insanely popular iconic song.

    Most times these things were done to make the artist look more genius than they really were as a songwriter or simply GREED/THEFT of royalties. Giving credits (no matter how big or small they contributed to the song) today is a good thing Elton! I am sure you know EXACTLY what I am talking about as you have been notorious for questioning artists talent even in the now legendary past….lol.

    • Happy+n+Rich August 27, 2020


      I agree with every single word of this post.

      Today’s technology makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to exclude songwriters/producers, b/c electronics receipts of participation are extremely commonplace. Hence, more writers/producers per track.

  13. musixxman96 August 27, 2020

    He’s correct in terms of US spotify top 50. All this trap mumble mess and WAP being number one right now proves it.

    I would disagree though in terms of all music nowadays isnt “real music”. What is “real music”? Is it love instruments? Is it deep meanings in the lyrics?

    To me “real music” is good music. Anything with a good melody that sticks in your head and thats enjoyable to sing and listen to. To others its connecting lyrics and less about the “production” and melody. To each their own.

    Elton is coming from a time with the greats and he’s obviously going to compare it to that, but its no secret that every generation becomes a little out of touch with the previous generation. Im 24 and a fan of rap/popular music and already feel out of touch with the generation of ppl listening to the current wave of “rappers”. When im 70 i dont think i’ll be thrilled about what the 18 year olds are listening to but thats just how it is.

    Also some of the most iconic songs have multiple writers and some have 1 writer – its not indicative of how good a song turns out by the amount of writers (unless someones done an analysis of this). I will say that writing a song on your own and have it be a hit is an incredible achievement, but in my experience of listening it doesnt make a song better or worse – just maybe more impressive?

    • MessyBoots August 27, 2020

      You’re nuanced, intelligent and fair. You should comment more. I would appreciate reading your take on other topics.

  14. #TheTruth August 27, 2020

    He’s right.

  15. G-bby August 27, 2020

    Not every artist is a songwriter. It’s a plus, but people don’t give a f*** about who wrote what. Whitney didn’t write any of her hits, but she’s still one of the greatest female vocalists ever.

    And if we’re being honest, some of these “songwriters” could use some help.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 August 27, 2020

      Whitney wrote “Whatchulookinat” but you’re right; that wasn’t a hit.

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      Thank you. I honestly don’t think the casual listener cares about who wrote what. It’s about the experience.

  16. Happy+n+Rich August 27, 2020

    Why do I feel like Sir Elton is low key lamenting the preeminence of hip hop in today’s pop music?

    • Shayla Queen 👑 August 27, 2020

      Today’s mumble rap is NOT Hip-Hop.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 August 27, 2020

      And Hip-Hop has been prominent in Pop music for nearly 40 years now, so…

      • Happy+n+Rich August 27, 2020

        Prominent but not dominant like it has become during the streaming era.

  17. Paulo August 27, 2020

    To some extent, yes, but I’m tired of Sir Elton acting like a grumpy granny in public, come on now

    • POPS+MUVA August 27, 2020

      Hahahaha I mean he’s like 80 what do you expect

  18. POPS+Muva August 27, 2020

    Elton John spoke 0 lies. However what even was his point? the casual listener isn’t concerned about who wrote the song and looking for the credits etc. Many of the biggest names in music do not write their own lyrics (and OH Ha Ha I can name most of ya faves) but nevertheless it doesn’t take away from an artist being great or having success. Just how many artist are able to get away in the industry without knowing how to sing (selena gomez, lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Cassie) those are just a few to names. I assume Elton John has a mentality that belongs to the 80’s/90’s and we do not live in that era of music anymore. It is a new generation and the one following us (the teens 16,17,18,19 and even 20) the type of music they listen to is completely garbage but they don’t care. they just need something to bump to. The younger kids on Tik Tok also have a big influence on the charts they make any sh*tty song go viral. Labels no longer about who writes who sings etc its about bringing in that cash and how they can keep that mula incoming. so Auntie Elton please know we are living in 2020 not the 80’s/90’s.

  19. Lewey August 27, 2020

    That’s my exact thought about Taylor Swift’s music. it sells and charts, but its nothing special. Very forgettable and basic.

  20. NoLie August 27, 2020

    He’s right!

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