Megan Thee Stallion Confirms Tory Lanez Shot Her / Tells Full Story of The Incident [Video]

Published: Thursday 20th Aug 2020 by Rashad

Megan Thee Stallion is ready to show fans just how savage she can be.

It’s been over a month since the chart-topping rapstress made headlines for allegedly getting shot by fellow rapper Tory Lanez (as we first reported here), yet she’s been fairly mum about the incident itself – opting to focus mainly on recuperating (emotionally and physically) from the altercation.

While Lanez has said even less, his team – according to Stallion – has been painting what she believes is a false narrative in an attempt to ensure he avoids getting charged.

Tired of the hoop-la, she took to Instagram Thursday night (August 20) to confirm what many have been whispering since the event’s onset:  Tory shot her. What’s more, she’s going into full detail about what led up to him firing the weapon.

Hear it from her inside:

Start at 1:08:

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  1. Fancy BISH August 20, 2020

    I believe her 1000% ✅

  2. Ugghh August 20, 2020

    She spoke nothing but FACTS!!!

  3. Clarks0o0ñ August 20, 2020

    I sympathize with u, but Gurl, ur milking this shìt.

    He shot u not because ur a black woman.
    This incident has nothing to do with u being a black woman

    U people need to stop.
    Normani is flopping, it’s not because she’s a black woman, its because she cant sing and she doesn’t have good songs

    • Paulo August 20, 2020

      how is she milking this if it’s the first time she addresses it head on? I swear you’re on a missing to outdumb yourself. and you manage to do it everytime!

    • Gag August 21, 2020

      Milking it?? By defending herself from clowns
      On the Internet who swear they know everything like yourself? She just said dumbass that his team is making it seem as though she instigated getting shot imbecile. This has nothing to do with Normani. Which this page would ban you already..aren’t you supposed to be starting your own blog you said ?

    • Abel August 21, 2020

      You’re schizo. See Normani everywhere. Go seek for a treatment

    • TheBachelor August 21, 2020

      Get your b**** ass off the net with all that extra shyt. You are one sick h**. Mind your business and that’s it. It be the dumbest mofos with the most to say about some stuff that don’t have anything to do with them. Y’all idiots need a hobby. Real talk

  4. WHYTEE N BLLAAC August 21, 2020

    Sooooo she is not pressing charges

  5. Abel August 21, 2020

    He is ugly a f. That’s what happens when you get along with this type

  6. FMcL August 21, 2020

    I wish this was a Diane Sawyer Wendy Williams Winfrey sit down situation…on album release week. But w/e

  7. Misty Knight August 21, 2020

    I’m so proud of her to call out this POS.

    Yes, I don’t trust the police either, but in a high profile case like this, every i will be dotted. She about to walk the walk and she needs support, not attacks on social media.


    • WHYTEE N BLLAAC August 21, 2020

      So many white females have been killed . You don’t watch forensic files But let’s black the issue .Megan said she surrounds herself w. People who want to hurt her, she is taking Tory back …she hasn’t said she wants him locked up..

  8. DioraCouture August 21, 2020

    why is Megan acting so nasty about the situation?!?!?!?!

    I am VERY SURE that if she didn’t want her business out there she could have gotten medical attention more discreetly….you a public figure, BOO BOO…so you have to accept the fact people wanna be NOSY…. i don’t even know any of her or his music, but because it made the news and i kinda know their names…. so THANK YOU FOR CLEARING S*** UP….. you wanna talk about your wet a** p*ssy….but can’t be bothered to tell us what t/f happened….may as well just quit the music industry if you want to remain private….

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