Taylor Swift Breaks Nicki Minaj’s Record For Most Hot 100 Hits Among Women As ‘Cardigan’ Debuts at #1

Published: Monday 3rd Aug 2020 by Rashad

Taylor Swift‘s ‘Folklore’ is the music news story on everyone’s lips.

Her eighth studio album, the set – which was released July 24 (with little warning) – rocketed to the top of the Billboard 200 with the biggest sales of the year (click here to read more).

Now, as if her domination of that tally wasn’t enough, she’s replicating its success on the Hot 100 with the LP’s lead single ‘Cardigan.’

Details inside:

Produced by Aaron Dessner, ‘Cardigan’ has been a mainstay atop real-time sales tallies (i.e. Amazon, iTunes) since its July 24 unveiling.  To aid its bid for Billboard’s summit, however, Taylor and team deployed multiple streaming versions of the tune including the ‘Cabin in Candlelight’ edition (click here to listen) as well as physical/digital combos.

All-in-all, the sales recipe proved just the right mix needed to give ‘Cardigan’ an impressive debut atop the Hot 100.

Here are the numbers:

  • Streaming: 34 million U.S. streams
  • Digital Downloads: 71,000 downloads
  • Radio Airplay: 12.7 million

Nabbing Swift her sixth reign atop the tally, ‘Cardigan’ comes as the first time she saw her name printed in the rung since 2017’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’

As if that’s not enough Billboard reports:

“Taylor is the first artist ever to debut atop Hot 100 & Billboard 200 simultaneously: With “Cardigan” and Folklore, Swift is the first artist to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 in the same week. The Billboard 200 began on March 24, 1956, and the Hot 100 originated on Aug. 4, 1958.

Swift passes Nicki Minaj for most Hot 100 entries among women: Swift surges from 97 career Hot 100 entries to 113, passing Nicki Minaj (110) for the most among women.

Swift also becomes the 10th act with at least 100 Hot 100 entries, as she ascends to the fourth-best total. Here’s an updated leaderboard.”

Here are other records matched or broken by songs from ‘Folklore’ this week:

  • Taylor’s third Hot 100 #1 debut (tying the all-time record set by Drake, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Mariah Carey)
  • Swift extends her record among women for the most career debuts in the Hot 100’s top 10
  • First woman to debut two songs in top five simultaneously
  • First woman to debut three songs in the top five simultaneously
  • Swift is the first artist to debut three songs in the Hot 100’s top six spots in a single week

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  1. Say so August 3, 2020

    Taylor: 0%
    Nicki: 100%

    • Susan August 3, 2020

      Nicki doesn’t own any of her masters. Taylor owns 100% of lover and 100% of folklore. Another L for you and old lady Minaj

      • AJ August 3, 2020

        Nicki definetly owns all of her masters. Taylor only owns 2 albums 😂😂😂😂

      • Susan August 3, 2020

        You’re stupid if you think nicki owns her masters. Nicki is in the same 360 deal drake rushed to get out of. All of nickis earnings are owned and funneled through Young Money, Cash Money, and Universal. She owns zero masters. Drake rushed to get out of his deal so he could go independent and own his masters. You’re a fool and clearly don’t understand the music BUSINESS

    • Big Machine Records August 3, 2020

      She has the rights for her masters now with Republic Records

  2. Fierce August 3, 2020

    I can never be surprise. Taylor Swift is the music industry.

  3. Gee August 3, 2020

    There is no denying that Taylor is still a major pop star who can still sale a major amount of albums, and her songs target her buying audience. Which turns into great success. Love her, or hate her. A major salute is due for her chart milestones.

  4. Gee August 3, 2020

    There is no denying that Taylor is still a major pop star who can still sell a major amount of albums, and her songs target her buying audience. Which turns into great success. Love her, or hate her. A major salute is due for her chart milestones.

  5. Mega Star August 3, 2020

    Congrats Queen Taylor!!! Deserving mega star!

  6. Susan August 3, 2020

    Another L for old lady Minaj. And cardi is about to drop some 🔥 and completely eclipse Nicki again

    • ME+YOU+US August 3, 2020

      Why is that a negative to nicki Minaj? It’s a congrats to taylors fans for supporting her and while your trying to change the standard to bashing someone whose records was broken ignores the fact that they owned the record to begin with…and clearly Minaj ain’t dead and still has a lifetime to go back & forth with taylor..bt you knew that your just some tired gapped ass burn in the sun who hates blk women..typical predictable oh well..

    • FAF August 3, 2020

      Cardi has one album

  7. Big Machine Records August 3, 2020

    Taylor Swift Lover and folklore>>>Nicki Minaj entire discography

    • ME+YOU+US August 3, 2020

      Who cares..dummy u do know one is pop country other is pop hiphop right? So your opinion is biast and irrelevant anyway🖕🏾

      • Mary J Blige No Drama August 3, 2020

        You are cuz you are replying to her comment lmfaooooooo

  8. Shayla Queen 👑 August 3, 2020

    This year it’s all about Taylor Swift and Cardi B! F*** Bey’s wack a$$ “movie.” F*** Nicki’s #1 song with a p*** and whatever flop album she’s working on. F*** all them hoees, they gone! 🤣🤣🤣

    • ME+YOU+US August 3, 2020

      Haha the level of burn in the sunesss is high af with you..u must have a gapped asshole cause dam u pressed…Hahah..

    • FAF August 3, 2020

      Cardi career is over if she announces a collAb w meg

      That’s her admitting she can’t do it on her own on just album 2 already been eclipsed in talent by new rap girls

      Nicki didn’t even acknowledge her competitors until her 4th era Cardi already declining

      3 singles with big budget videos and no album two years later

  9. Bardii August 3, 2020

    And Taylor did it without smoke and mirrors and 103736627272636372 forgettable features 😉 btw did nicki forget to post those “postponed” Queen tour dates?????

    • Shayla Queen 👑 August 3, 2020

      Chile that’s the only reason she got pregnant so she wouldn’t have to

      • WRTW? August 3, 2020

        White mediocrity

      • FAF August 3, 2020

        Taylor b r o k e the record

        Meaning Nicki was the first 😂😂😭😭😭🥴🥴🥴

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 3, 2020

        I meant rescheduling her tour dates dumb b****

      • Fancy BISH August 3, 2020

        WRTW you are racist trash. You are the definition of a broke ass hater. Stay unemployed.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 August 3, 2020

      When her child is old enough to start stanning hard for Cardi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 BRUH 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. TRANS RACIAL QUEEN August 3, 2020

    Taylor swift is a true legend. Still at the very top after 8 albums.

    • ME+YOU+US August 3, 2020

      You people in this comment section are toxic demonic af..what tf is trans racial? You are pathetic af..

      • Mary J Blige No Drama August 3, 2020

        You are the only toxic here. We want no drama here

  11. Dc August 3, 2020

    Good that trash box don’t deserve no records

  12. WRTW? August 3, 2020

    I love how Taylor is winning singing Lana del Rey songs

    • Shayla Queen 👑 August 3, 2020

      Lana is on a whole other level altogether, sweetie

  13. Misty Knight August 3, 2020

    There’s a great old Taylor Dayne club song called “I’m Not Featuring You.” Taylor should cover it. #1 smash with NO FEATURES.

    Nicki MInaj can’t do that. She’s needs P*** help to get there.

    • Mary J Blige No Drama August 3, 2020

      In lawd, I’m screaminggggggggg!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Fancy BISH August 3, 2020


    • Hologram August 3, 2020

      LOl!! Taylor singing “Family Affair”!!! DEAD.

      • Fancy BISH August 3, 2020

        Lmfao 💀

    • YonceRih August 3, 2020

      Two beautiful and successful women on stage!!! Love both of them
      Congrats Taylor!

    • Shaniqua August 3, 2020

      This was soo Nice Taylor singing with Queen of Hip hop Soul Mary J blige. We done Taylor. Love them both

    • La Tavia August 3, 2020

      Taylor gettin it

    • Queen of HipHop and Soul August 3, 2020

      I love the honor and respect Taylor is showing Mary, knowing when to join in and when to just leave it to Mary. Neither trying to out do nor equal the other. Neither taking anything away from the other, they look like two “real” sisters from different mothers!!!!!

  14. Ropeburn August 3, 2020

    “Ay yo Nicki, WHAT’S GOOD!!!”

    —Taylor Swift at the next VMA’s


  15. Normani is new King of Bey hives August 3, 2020

    Not a big big fan but Go Taylor! Congratulations

  16. Taylor Swift reputation August 3, 2020

    Congrats again Queen Taylor 👑

  17. D August 3, 2020

    It’s really stupid and hilarious that people are in the comments bashing Nicki for a situation she has no control over. She held that record for a long time and Taylor broke it so what that’s how success goes in the music industry. Nicki Minaj still has many records as the first black women/rapper. As the most award for a female rapper and the highest networth. Cardi as a long way to go and she still won’t be a great lyricist like the Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj. Haters can choke on that sh**🤚

  18. D August 3, 2020

    And, she’s still the richest female rapper, has a lot of endorsement deals with fashion houses n stuff. And most all there many different types of contracts and remember that Nicki Minaj is an A-list artist who can negotiate better contracts on her terms, who obviously don’t know anything about the music industry. She wouldn’t be on this level and still be stuck in a 360 deal, after all her, Drake and lil Wayne made Young Money. The big three who made boss Money, so don’t talk s*** because I don’t like her.

  19. Taylor Swift Fearless August 4, 2020

    Congrats Taylor Swift ❤️❤️❤️

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