Brandy & Monica Break #Verzuz Record With Over 6 MILLION Viewers

Published: Wednesday 2nd Sep 2020 by Sam

Brandy and Monica‘s epic Verzuz battle broke the internet and broke a number of records in the process.

Full story below…

With the world buzzing about the musical celebration of the ladies iconic catalogues, Verzuz has revealed data about the battle – and it’s compelling.

Monday night’s showdown is officially the most watched Verzuz spar ever – with over 6 million viewers tuning in across Instagram and Apple Music.

It also generated over 1 million tweets (which is more than the VMAs the night before).

While on the do-good front, the battle raised $250,000 for the When We All Vote initiative (which was co-promoted alongside) and resulted in 35,000 clicking a sign-up link to vote in the upcoming US presidential election:

Musically, the battle resulted in huge spikes for ‘The Boy Is Mine’ belters:


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Let’s talk about the #VerzuzEffect 💥 Post-Verzuz battle, @Brandy’s album “B7” climbed to #1 along with her and @MonicaDenise’s albums re-entering Apple Music’s “Top 40 R&B & Soul Albums” chart, with overall 10 albums combined on the chart! #VERZUZ 💥💥💥 THE CULTURE DID THAT

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The #VerzuzEffect in REAL-TIME ‼️ Post-Verzuz battle, both Brandy and Monica take over Apple Music’s “Top 40 R&B & Soul Tracks” chart with 30 out of 40 songs! THE CULTURE WINS ‼️‼️‼️ #VERZUZ

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Amazing and oh so deserved!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat September 2, 2020

    Dope. These ladies were bankable artists in an era of mj Whitney Janet Mariah prince still ruling. they deserve their flowers

    • Jay Jay September 2, 2020

      Yes. So much variety in the 90s. Everyone had their own lane and slayed it

  2. Meme September 2, 2020

    Monica was a disappointment. Wish she would have sung and have fun like Brandy did.

    • Erica September 2, 2020

      She’s a vibe type of chick, I think she’s just was trying to read the situation. At one point brandy suggested that they should tour & Monica was like we got to get our relationship right first. So to me brandy is just trying to capitalize off the exposure & Monica just want to be good

    • Monica4Life September 2, 2020

      Monica doesn’t do the fake s*** like that other chick.

    • Pat September 2, 2020

      It’s easier for brandy to vibe. She doesn’t feel the need to prove anything. I think Monica knows she’s not as revered as brandy so she’s less likely to participate. Especially sing next to her and get picked apart

      • FAF September 2, 2020

        Exactly @Pat

        Brandy doesn’t have a persona
        She doesn’t care about fame and being liked by fake ass Atlanta folks and the cast of love and hip hop

      • Musiqlovah September 2, 2020


        Just one point of clarification. While I wish Monica was just as enthused as Brandy, I would have to say Monica has never been fearful of singing next to her or with her. Please check the Whitney Passing era/It All Belongs To Me era… when they were doing promo sets together. Brandy is stella, she is amazing, she is accomplished and today she is a very secure and confident woman. I must add..Monica has never displayed any insecurities in her vocals, despite real criticism that exist. Never been insecure of her vocals….

      • Pat September 2, 2020

        @musiqlovah. Because she didn’t know any better. Here lately she’s been dragged on social media outlets for off key singing. She’s no fool She knows what’s up. She was not gonna give too much n let it become a viral drag. Smart move actually

      • Interac September 2, 2020

        It’s like people missed the parts where Monica cut the music and belted her songs. Her vocals were quite commanding next to Brandy’s. They both sounded great though.

  3. Carly September 2, 2020

    It would be nice if they actually PURCHASED the music. That would REALLY be for the culture. Unfortunately 99% won’t. R&B needs it!!!

    • DC September 2, 2020

      Exactly lets see how many support brandy’s new album bunch of fake fans people watch but don’t support

      • KaDanny September 2, 2020

        Just because we watched doesn’t mean we’re obligated to purchase s***. People like you are annoying. We just wanted some cute, fun nostalgia to get our minds over everything going on in the world right now. Some folks decided to purchase, some decided to scream and some did neither. That’s their prerogative. Did you purchase their music???!?

      • KaDanny September 2, 2020

        Excuse the typos but you know what I’m saying!!

      • Musiqlovah September 2, 2020

        I tend to agree. Although I am hardcore Monica fan, I still have love for Brandy, and looked to monetary support both artist. This is despite the diss comments coming from Brandy Fans (both fans base disrespectful) and seeing some Bloggers choose Brandy over Monica. It’s not Brandy or Monica fault that people keep up the beef..

        So, to show thanks for them, the Versus Platform and the Power of the Black Consumer, I would supported them. If pop audience can do it for their pop artist, why cant we.

    • Keith September 2, 2020

      @Carly & Musiqlovah: THAT’s what I say. Streaming is great but it would be BETTER if 10 percent of those who viewed actually purchased something from the ladies’ catalogs. I have B7 and the Commitment single (waiting for an album)…

  4. KJ September 2, 2020

    Monica wasn’t a disappointment, she was being herself. After 8 years of not being in the same room with someone my energy would be off too…unless I was a faker for a living….🧏🏽

  5. Echos September 2, 2020

    I watched it yesterday and Brandy was acting like an annoying little sister although she’s a year older than Mo. you can tell she’s socially awkward and overthinks it and tries too hard. Mo is chill, classy and laid back. I see why they don’t mesh. BUT I will say brandy honestly knew most of Monica’s songs and tried to be her cheerleader. I think mo just knows how Brandy is and accepts it. They will never be friends. Good watch though. Both have a lot of legendary music. I’m #TeamMo but Brandy kept coming with fire too. “When U Touch Me” has been on repeat after being introduced to it yesterday. STREAM “TRENCHES” YALL

  6. Monica4Life September 2, 2020

    Monica wins per usual. She’s all over the charts. The people have spoken.

    • Pat September 2, 2020

      And brandy is ruling the albums chart. The same way the people spoke in the 90s

      • Wiz September 2, 2020

        They both are ruling the albums chart

      • Autumn Night September 2, 2020

        Literally. The proof is in the f****** pudding. It’s right there. Some people are just miserable and want there to be beef.

    • Jess September 2, 2020

      Exactly. Monica’s totalling more accumulatly. She along with Brandy have 5 albums each on the chart, while Monica exceeds Brandy in singles.

    • Pat September 2, 2020

      And brandy is selling more albums no matter how y’all try to spin it lol. Congrats tho

      • STARR September 2, 2020


      • Jess September 2, 2020

        Not spinning anything. Like I said, Monica is totalling more accumulatly.

    • Rie September 2, 2020

      What charts are you referring to? I just looked and they both seem to have the same amount of songs/albums charting. Mo has a few songs ahead of Bran, and Bran 3 albums ahead of Mo. Seems pretty equal to me.

  7. Sildek September 2, 2020

    Talent that never dies….

  8. STARR September 2, 2020


  9. city girl September 2, 2020


  10. KaDanny September 2, 2020

    It was fun to watch. I went back to revisit the Never Say Never album…..a classic!!

  11. Paulo September 2, 2020

    Y’all need to check Brandy’s IG, seeing her goofing around Monica is everything 🤣 #SoGone I’m so happy to see them getting past resentment and weird energy to dominating the charts individually and together. They deserve it. Now go stream Trenches!

  12. 1988 September 2, 2020

    These numbers should show them they are better together than apart. 🙂 They need to do a Christmas album together executive produced by David Foster but also with Dallas Austin and Rodney Jerkins both “co-executive” writing brand new songs along with the standards. Babyface, Diane Warren and Richard Marx writing as well. Double platinum quickly. 🙂 I would buy it the first week. These ladies still have their beautiful voices and we need real ballads and runs for days unlike what is on the radio to display them. A Christmas album is perfect to get back to the producers and writers that truly helped make them a household name. 🙂

    • Paulo September 2, 2020

      I love this idea!!!

  13. Davette Lee September 2, 2020

    Monica is queen and ruling those charts honey

  14. DeanD September 2, 2020

    So happy for both of them! Brandy and Monica showing people good music endures.

  15. Fan September 2, 2020

    Why is there negativity in the comments. They both great as r&b artist. Brandy has hits and Monica has hits. Both have good music and has stay relevant since the 90s. They do numbers together. I just hope this helps put them back at the top. We need real R&B back.

  16. Say Something September 2, 2020

    It was beautiful to watch two R&B royals move past their differences, come together celebrate each other. People of color need this love Right now. This was history in the making. Loved Brandy’s energy. She’s goofy and a comedian. She sometimes hides her nerves under jokes. The shade wasn’t as serious as people making it to be. Monica is chilled and suave, more mature than Brandy. Mo was not bothered. She was having just as much fun, just in her own way.

    I’m most glad for the recognition that Brandy is finally getting on such a major platform. She has been through hell and back and is still dragged but she’s standing tall 26 years later, while gifting us with timeless music every era. Who else can say that? All her peers aka your faves, young and old from singers, actors, rappers, and producers were casting goats, crowns and roses at her feet in the comments. She is the greatest voice of this generation.

    • Yandi September 2, 2020

      SPEAK ON IT, Boo!

  17. Oge September 3, 2020

    They were magical, always great together. If you are truly a Brandy and monica’s fan you will stop comparing them both and support them together. Please stop already! Am a die hard brandy’s fan because she sings my kind of music and her voice OMG! i love monica too, she has so many hits that i can’t get out of my head. For me they are equally talented. Lets celebrate them and promote love and peace

  18. cocobutta September 4, 2020

    R&B and two of my TRINITY got to shine. Brandy was a bit much when Monica played Sideline Ho. It’s ok B-Rocka we all grown lol.

    The gag is some many more songs didn’t get played, so there’s room to do at least 10 more songs that can cover 1.5 – 2 hours.

    The post VERZUZ connection is what I really loved.

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