Cardi B Breaks Silence About Offset Divorce: “I Have Not Shed One Tear”

Published: Saturday 19th Sep 2020 by Sam

Cardi B is speaking up and out about her split from husband Offset.

Full story below…

The femcee made headlines the world over when she filed divorce papers to end her three year marriage to the Migos star (who she shares daughter Kulture with).

In the days since, there have been murmurs about infidelity being the cause – as that narrative isn’t one the couple are strangers to due to Offset’s past indiscretions.

According to Cardi, though, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The rapper revealed on an Instagram Live that there was absolutely no cheating involved.

Instead, she asserts that the relationship ran its course and they grew apart. Stressing that she hasn’t shed one tear, added:

“I got tired of f*cking arguing…I got tired of not seeing things eye-to-eye. So, when you feel it’s not the same anymore…before you get cheated on…I’d rather just leave.” 

We wish all involved the best.

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ September 19, 2020

    If this turns out to be a publicity stunt, I’m unstanning her.

    That said, I can bet ,she was tired of his cheating
    How many strippèrs can u beat up for sleeping with ur husband?

    If u stayed with him, u will be beating strippèrs all ur life for bangìng ur husband

    • city girl September 19, 2020

      tbh i still don’t believe they were ever married. lol.

  2. Meme September 19, 2020

    She giving me…I’ll be back in a few weeks vibes. I can assure you she ain’t gonna follow thru with this divorce.

    • #WAP September 19, 2020

      Not everyone is as stupid as Rihanna who went back to Fist Brown multiple times. Sorry about your fave and that snow globe she calls a forehead

      • Meme September 19, 2020

        *Post marked*. Will revisit in 2 months lil bish.

      • Bert September 19, 2020

        What exactly did Rihanna have to do with this? Your post confused the sense out of me.

      • #WAP September 19, 2020

        @bert, are you dumb? Meme made the comment and memes pic is Rihanna. She called cardi out for taking a cheater back, when Rihanna is the one who took her abuser back multiple times (allegedly). Are you up to speed now? Make sense? Good.

    • Unnatural September 19, 2020

      Hes still cheating and she trying to save face. All this leaving before she get cheated on is a bs lie. But glad she chose herself.

  3. #WAP September 19, 2020

    Cardi knows she can and will do so much better. I just hope we get the album soon and he doesn’t try giving her flowers mid performance again

  4. ME V You September 19, 2020

    Thats cause she never loved him…

    • DC September 19, 2020

      Stfu she forgave him last time worry about your life

  5. Ropeburn September 19, 2020

    If that’s your attitude to relationships then maybe you should never get married again, cause Sis, you can’t make it last if you ain’t willing to put in the work.

    • I am the Mf’kn Clout!!! September 20, 2020

      Put in Work?…what kind of welfare-ya daddy cheated on ya moms witchcraft is this?! You must have low-self esteem if you believe you should “work through” someone constantly disrespecting you by cheating and have you crying and stressed all the time by their b*******. Good luck with that logic in your own relationship! But you a damn fool if you try to work thru someone treating you that way…🙄🙄🙃🙃😒

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