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Published: Thursday 17th Sep 2020 by Rashad

Once no stranger to dominating the Billboard Hot 100, ‘In Common’ singer Alicia Keys has seen her last two albums have one glaring stat in common; they both went to chart battle with no Hot 100 top 40 singles to precede them.

While her critically acclaimed 2016-released album, ‘Here,’ didn’t boast any charting singles, its follow-up – the self-titled ‘ALICIA’ – fared better as it at least nabbed two Gold certifications courtesy of the Miguel-assisted ‘Show Me Love’ (#90 peak) and ‘Underdog’ (#69 peak) respectively.

Powered by the relative wins on the Hot 100, ‘ALICIA’ – Keys’ seventh studio LP – is heading to digital shelves with some of her most palpable buzz in recent years thanks to positive press garnered from its tunes shedding light on social issues like the global health crisis, #BlackLivesMatter, and more (see: ‘Perfect Way to Die,’ ‘Love Looks Better,’ ‘Good Job,’ ‘Underdog,’ and more).

Is that hype enough to lift her to the top of the Billboard 200?

Stream it via Apple Music and Spotify inside and tell us:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Real20 September 18, 2020

    I like the album

  2. KW_92 September 18, 2020

    She finally dragged Swizzy’s babymama’s on the first track. Truth Without Love. Overall I like the album. Much bette than HERE.

  3. TruthTea September 18, 2020

    :sips TruthTea:

    For all folks dragging A. Key, mind you she has 15 competitive Grammys at this point, not just for hits but modern classics. More than any other black artist in the past 30 years. She will always have a record deal. She has cemented herself in R&B history books. She is not just a 20-year vet but GUARANTEED an induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Hame that no else from her R&B era can probably count on besides Beyoncé. Not Mary J., not Usher, not John Legend. Name someone from their era who will get in before A. Key and B, I’ll wait…..

    Has she reach her creative peak? I don’t know, but at this point. Do you, home girl. Album bops. At this point, anything she puts out is a gift, she doesn’t need to make more albums.

    • Gworl Bye September 18, 2020

      Lol let’s not get carried away here. She will not be inducted into the RRHOF before Mary and Usher. Don’t be ridiculous lol.

  4. PettySpaghetti September 18, 2020

    Baby she made us wait for this and did NOT disappoint 3 Hour Drive and Me x 7 is just **chefs kiss**

    This The Elements Of Freedom x10000 love the album and waaaay better than Here…you can hear that she loves music again

    • Kelvin September 20, 2020

      I agreee

  5. Cody+s September 18, 2020

    Her career ain’t been the same since she got with that dude. Idc what nobody say. The level she use to be on smdh.

    • eric September 18, 2020

      I agree.

  6. XYZ September 18, 2020

    I remember how I couldnt wait to hear a new Alicia album as soon as it came out. And now I dont even know if I want to listen to it, because the last one was so plain boring and the released singles off of this one were boring as well. And what happened with her voice? She used to me touch me, but now there’s nothing. Something during and after the Girl on fire happened and changed her Mojo.

  7. AJ September 18, 2020

    I feel sorry for Ms Keys because this is better than the last project. HOWEVER the title, artwork are not good and its not cohesive. I sense 20k sps

  8. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(da one & only) September 18, 2020

    The album is pretty enjoyable, not her best tho. Still way better then her last album “Here”. She needs to go back to her roots, like soulful piano ballad or slow jam with catchy hooks

    • marilyn monh-O-E🍭(da one & only) September 18, 2020

      We agree troll 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Gigi September 18, 2020

    No thanks, I’m good.

  10. Beylover September 18, 2020

    Great job Alicia!!!! Not to my favorite album however this is your best work in a long time! “U save me” is my favorite song! ❤️

  11. Gag September 18, 2020

    The album is actually decent compared to the songs she released except Show Me Love that song is everything…Me x 7, 3hr Drive, You Saved Me also good songs

  12. Ropeburn September 18, 2020

    Where’s the rhythm? What happened to Alicia Keys?

  13. Kelvin September 20, 2020

    Lots of spectators but no supporters and you wonder why R&b is at a decline in sales. I love this new album ! Very progressive in sound and the vibe is right! I bought the digital and physical copy. At this point Alicia can Do what she wants!

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