Chart Rewind: Janet Jackson’s ‘Runaway’ Raced To Its Hot 100 Peak This Week in 1995

Published: Friday 16th Oct 2020 by Rashad

Readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.

So, as our retrospective segments, ‘From the Vault’ and ‘TGJ Replay,’  allow us the chance to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday of one artist, our latest feature –  Chart Rewind – serves as a variation of our Retro Rewind assay to salute an entire era of music history.

This week, we think we wanna run it back to ‘Runaway’ – the first single from Janet Jackson‘s first greatest hits compilation, ‘Design of a Decade’ (1995).

Join us inside:

Conceptually a younger sister to Jackson’s 1990 hit, ‘Escapade,’ sonically the two songs couldn’t be more distinct as ‘Runaway’ rings as a worldly effort decorated with African and Asian influences in its lush instrumentation.

Layered with Janet’s oft-underrated background vocal stacks, the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-produced cut was ear candy – a description American audiences apparently agreed with as the tune made history when it debuted at #6 in the Hot 100’s top 10 (making Jan the first female artist to ever do so).

Although it eventually ran to the top 10 in Ireland, Australia, Hungary, Finland, Canada, and the U.S. (where it peaked at #3 this week in 1995), ‘Runaway’ was only certified Gold in its home country.

The 22nd top 10 hit of her career in the U.S., this side of history may see ‘Runaway’ among Janet’s most underappreciated hits but it certainly hasn’t been forgotten.  The tune is primarily remembered for its Marcus Nispel-directed music video that saw the Pop icon shout out many of the exotic locations, landmarks, and monuments listed in the song’s lyrics (see:  Mexico, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue, Great Sphinx of Giza, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Great Buddha of Kamakura, and many more).


Hot 100 This Week in 1995


Hot 100 This Week

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 October 16, 2020

    My childhood 🥰

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(drink my diva cup ☕️) October 16, 2020

      I was still my daddy’s little s-p-e-r-m😂🤣😂🤣 waiting for my mama’s eggs.

  2. Late October 16, 2020

    Such an underrated bop from her! Just hearing the song reminds me of a simpler time. I remember watching this video as a kid and being so amazed by the visual effects. I actually thought she was jumping off of these buildings in real life! LOL
    “Design Of A Decade” was the first CD I ever purchased, and I remember loving this song and “Twenty Foreplay” like crazy.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 16, 2020

      I had Design of a Decade on CD and VHS!! VHS though chile!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 and used to love watching this video

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(drink my diva cup ☕️) October 16, 2020

        Vhs😂😂😂😂 wow! U r an old timer👵🏿👵🏿👵🏿My first Janet cd was feedback, I mean discipline. It was a masterpiece to mez

  3. Pat October 16, 2020

    I love how janets discography is being discovered by kids who though their favs were more accomplished. Top 5 off a greatest hits cd. Work

  4. eric October 16, 2020

    Great times!! Sooo many memories from that chart!

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(drink my diva cup ☕️) October 16, 2020

    When she was neutral & normal..,, kids are running away from her now😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Edgy_Timeless October 17, 2020

    I stopped reading after “”Jackson’s 1986 hit, ‘Escapade”. Buy anywho, luv this song along with Twenty Foreplay.

  7. Sleestak October 17, 2020

    Still doing her thang nominated for top R&B tour at BB music awards this year but lost to Khaled a youngster half her age Janet is an ICON on any level.

  8. Taon jones October 20, 2020

    I love this song it is so uplifting and fun. It makes me dance evertime I hear it or see the video💕💕

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