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Published: Friday 30th Oct 2020 by Sam

Rising R&B star Ayanis has been steadily drumming up buzz and she turns the volume all the way up on her new EP ‘YANI,’ which arrived today.

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Queen Naija and Jack Harlow, the project introduces the masses to an artist who has strut into her womanhood with purpose, passion, and pursuit of higher heights.

In the latest instalment of Freshly Squeezed, That Grape Juice chats with the 24-year-old about her journey so far, her latest release, and much more.

Join us below…

That Grape Juice: You’re drumming up so much buzz. But, for those who don’t know, tell us a little about your journey so far?

Ayanis: It has been an amazing journey so far. I feel I’m only just getting started. I’m a new up and coming R&Bop songstress. Signed to Island Prolific/Atlantic Records. I’m bringing an energy and refreshing version of R&B.  I’m definitely a performer.  I sing and dance.  I put my first EP out ‘DIRECTION’ in 2018.  Also did my first ‘HBCU’ tour in the fall of that year.  I dropped my first single off my new EP ‘YANI’ called ‘One Night’ (ft. Wiz Khalifa)’ and it really caught people’s attention. The video has over 3.2 million views, and I’m so proud of it. In January of this year, I put out ‘Lil Boi (Big Talk)’ featuring Queen Naija and it also got an amazing response with over 2 million music video streams. And lots of viral dance videos! I followed up at the end of summer with the remix featuring Jack Harlow. My EP ‘YANI’ IS OUT NOW! And I couldn’t be more excited!

That Grape Juice: We’ve had ‘Ecstasy’ on repeat here at TGJ. Is its sound indicative of the rest of your forthcoming EP ‘YANI’?

Ayanis: ‘Ecstasy’ is sexy, sensual, and feminine. It’s me taking you through a fantasy world. ‘One Night’ is also another sensual but assertive take on my femininity. The whole project is confident in the same way as these songs. But you definitely got to check out the whole EP ‘YANI’ to find out more!

That Grape Juice: How would you describe ‘YANI’ and how does it compare to your earlier efforts, such as ‘Direction’?

Ayanis: ‘YANI’ was about me identifying myself and becoming a women. It’s my alter ego.  My fun, sexy, confident, feminine, big big ENERGY side! If you love ecstasy, you’ll love the project. Every song has it’s on special sauce! Haha.

‘Direction’ was my first EP. it was me as a young girl trying to figure things out. Fun and refreshing. It has a feeling of nostalgia. Also the way I wrote songs and my perspective was very different than on YANI. YANI shows the growth between the two.

That Grape Juice: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Ayanis:​ I love Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Aaliyah.

That Grape Juice: As a rising star, what’s the best and worst advice you’ve received so far?

Ayanis: Best advice I’ve received is to work hard and to always try to outdo yourself. That way you become the best version of yourself is to constantly push the envelope and put in the work when no one is watching. That’s the real work. Be grateful and remain humble always.

Worst advice: I don’t think I’ve received trash advice, I try to only take in positive affirmations. I feel constructive criticism always makes me become better, but everything else I take with a grain of salt.

That Grape Juice: We’re all about positivity here at That Grape Juice. So, what are a few things you want to put in the air to have achieved by this time next year?

Ayanis: Let’s see…

  • To go number one on billboard hot 100
  • Have platinum records
  • Do a tour
  • Perform on an award show
  • Nominated for awards
  • Becoming a HUGE SUPERSTAR


Ayanis’ EP ‘YANI’ Is Out Now

Check out her newly unwrapped video for ‘Lil Boi (Big Talk)[Remix]’ featuring Jack Harlow below…

Beyond her own bops, Ayanis will also belt ‘Santa Baby’ on Atlantic Records’ forthcoming R&B Holiday Album compilation – due November 6.

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  1. HELLOKITTY November 6, 2020

    None of this sounds unlike what’s currently on the radio. My concern is that she will get washed out. Her voice isn’t a bit distinctive. It’s kind of a manufactured sound. I don’t see her have staying power, but good luck.

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