JoJo Premieres Diane Warren Penned Song ‘The Change’ / Official Biden-Harris Campaign Theme

Published: Saturday 3rd Oct 2020 by Ryan

JoJo has teamed up with songwriting powerhouse Diane Warren for ‘The Change’ – which has been unveiled as the official theme for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign.

Now the singer sat down with Variety to talk about the song and how it was working with Warren.

Full story below:

On how the song came together, she said:

“Diane called me all excited about this song that she had written, as she has before, about different songs for different moments.”

As for what drew her to the song, she revealed:

“But there was something about this that particularly made my heart open. What actually drew me to the song was the fact that there’s nothing political in the lyric.” 

While touching on politics, she said:

“The fact that the Biden/Harris campaign is commissioning it for this moment makes a lot of sense, though because it’s going to take every single individual to decide to act on that change that they want to see in our country.” 

JoJo and Warren previously worked together back in 2006 when Warren wrote the song ‘Exceptional’ for JoJo’s sophomore album ‘The High Road.’ 

We certainly love the new track, do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Zion October 3, 2020


    • Clarks0o0ñ October 3, 2020


    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

      Yasssssss JoJo is CANCELLED to me now! Racist ass Joe Biden and self-hating Kamala Harris supporting flop bish

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 3, 2020

        Wait…so this must mean ur CANCELLED too, Shayla-Racist-Ass-Self-Hating-Queen. That logic makes sense to me. 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️🖕🏻

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 3, 2020

        U r cancelled . Fake -a-s-s bish 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿

  2. Flopyonce October 3, 2020

    Dianne needs to stop with those boring trash songs. Maybe she should get some advice from Cardi on how to write a banger like WAP

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

      A banger like WAP? You mean a song that helps push the left’s p******** agenda. Songs like WAP PUSHED to the masses as SINGLES, Netflix movies like Cuties, and pushing for no borders and no Police… the perfect foundation for child s**-trafficking!!

  3. eric October 3, 2020

    The song is painfully generic, but the vocals… I love how JoJo goes up midway through and then takes it up yet again through the bridge with so much power. If nothing else, Diane Warren knows how to push for the best possible vocal. Last time JoJo sang like this was the title song for “Mad Love”.

  4. Clarks0o0ñ October 3, 2020

    Jojo keeps releasing songs but nobody’s listening

    • Mimi Carey October 3, 2020

      Sounds like C***** to me

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 3, 2020

    Go gurl! I’m rooting for u hoho, I mean jojo💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 What U need is trash tho

  6. tyty October 3, 2020

    Biden and his white saviour complex does he really think people are stupid to fall for this change b*******? The democrats are shameless panderers. Jojo should have passed on this.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 3, 2020

      Tofu bish! We are voting for Trump anyways 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿U can take sleepy joe with u.

      • tyty October 3, 2020

        Your 2dolla trick of a momma of for the day to score some crack… you finally got internet access for your daily schizophrenic episode? You’re trying to make tofu happen and yet…nobody biting that’s how stale your shade is 😂🥴😂. Your joke fell so flat nobody picked it up how lame is that you might need to up the anti cause your trolling is 5th grade level with a sprinkle of retardation and illiteracy. Poor lil tinker. Ima pray for you though Lord knows you need it. I don’t think you have the mental capacity to vote but it’s the thought that counts.

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 3, 2020

        Tofu bish, u r tasteless! Get yo nasty attitude outta my face🤮🤮🤮 u r talking non-sense and that’s why everyone is like to drag yo stupid troll a-s-s💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️ See, u sounds like trashy ashy bish, trying to say I’m a kid or something. U just exposed🤡🤡🤡 hold That L👎👎👎 mad house checked in 24/7, I saved a room for u💩

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

      Biden and his white saviour complex 💯 Bish I couldn’t have put it better myself!

      • tyty October 3, 2020

        Here you are again fixating on issues that have nothing to do with you. You’re not the demographic Biden is trying to capture so why are you pressed? Worry about your trumpzee leader not dropping dead from the Rona. And leave us, black folks, to our business with Biden and the democrats. And get some help with your obsession with me. You’re such a weirdo. I don’t like you and never will freak.

    • tyty October 3, 2020

      You and that h** Shyla does not count as dragging more like two retards in the corner drooling…trying to string a sentence together. Your 5th grade drags give you away. You’re a wannabe clapback queen that’s why you always fail…with your stale reads.

  7. GWS Mr Prez October 3, 2020

    Diane Warren is so 1999. This will go nowhere just like Sleepy Joe’s campaign. JoNo is a washed up has been.

    • Flopyonce October 3, 2020

      She and Beyoncé have something in common then.

      • GWS Mr Prez October 3, 2020

        Absolutely. Beyonce is a try hard and aged out a long time ago. She needs to retire while her dignity is still in tact.

      • Demisosweet October 3, 2020

        Comparing Beyonce to a nobody like JoJo is absurd. F*** both of you haters.

      • Flopyonce October 3, 2020

        Beyonce and dignity should never be put in the same sentence lmao

  8. Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

    Didn’t Kamala call Biden out for being a racist last year? For being against de-segregation and saying he didn’t want his kids going to school in a “racial jungle?” Saying “poor kids are just as bright as white kids” Let’s not forget the 93 crime bill that is the cause for mass incarceration of blacks. Something TRUMP has since put a stop to. I beg black people stopped being used as PAWNS in a political game.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

      Kamala the SELL-OUT

      • Blessingz October 3, 2020

        Kamala keeps your bald head ass pressed💋

      • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

        And that’s your comeback to facts? Vote Biden and Harris to REALLY see what oppression is dumb b****!

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭( ay siiiii!!! Papi) October 3, 2020

        Fancy trashy saggy bish exposed again🤡🤡🤡 “blessingz”

    • ERIC October 3, 2020

      Trump’s full page ad “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY” pre-dated Biden’s 1994 crime bill by five years and pushed for five innocent young men of color to be put to death. Biden’s focus on incarceration included the chance for non-repeat offenders to get out, but Trump was a proponent of giving the chair without due process. Trump repeatedly puts protesters, looters and rioters in the same category and denounces them all, but then praises neo-Nazi and white supremist groups by calling them “good people” who should “stand back and stand by.” Trump refuses to change. Biden at least has the potential to learn and have empathy.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

        Some fun facts for you: they were NOT innocent… Also, they are countless videos of Trump speaking AGAINST neo-nazis, “white supremacy,” racism and the KKK. A simple YouTube search will show you… Provide me receipts of the opposite and I’ll believe you. Show me evidence…

      • Shayla Queen 👑 October 3, 2020

        Biden’s best friend was a KKK recruiter.

      • eric October 3, 2020

        I found one statement against racism and neo-Nazis in 2017 in response to Charlottesville, but all I see on YouTube is an endless stream of videos pointing to Trump’s unwillingness to condemn white supremacy and groups like the Proud Boys who promote the same violence that Trump claimed to be against in 2017. He was tripping over his words when Chris Wallace asked him to make his position clear once and for all, yet he’s always ready with a tweet and a speech against blacks and whites who are protesting the very things Trump said was important to stop in 2017 – hatred, bigotry and racist violence.

  9. TtTt October 3, 2020

    I don’t remember it being the Obama-Biden campaign?!? So basically Kamala will be the president!!

  10. Truth October 3, 2020

    I just really hate she synthesize her voice in everything since her first two albums.. I thought it was The producer but she has been using it in everything she has done even on her re-recorded albums… her voice is to great for that…

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