Sada Baby Apologizes For His Old Tweets Wishing Death on Beyonce & Saying He ‘Hates Dark Skinned People’

Published: Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 by Rashad

As the last few weeks have seen Tik Tok users draw more and more attention to his ‘Whoomp! There It Is’-sampling breakthrough single, ‘Whole Lotta Choppas,’ relative newcomer Sada Baby seemed poise to finally make an impact on the Hot 100 – a potential underscored by Nicki Minaj‘s recent contribution to the remix of the burgeoning hit (click here to listen).

That is, until Twitter sleuths uncovered a slew of misogynistic and homophobic tweets from the Detroit rapper’s account.

At first unapologetic about the find as fans began making a whole lotta noise about his disrespectful 2011 commentary, his unrepentant response only further ignited backlash.

Eventually, he circled back to apologize and explain.  Look inside for more:




To describe the criticism to the unearthed tweets above as “staunch” would be an understatement.  Once the hoopla landed on Baby’s desk, he replied with:

-photo courtesy of TSR

His nonchalant response sent that already heated criticism into overdrive, a reaction that prompted him to return to social media to apologize and detail why the tweets existed in the first place.

Expressing that his previously held views were “not acceptable,” the 27-year-old expounded on his new stance by stating:

“Couple tweets and old tweets came out earlier, you feel me, from 2011 when the n*gga was like 17, 18 all that type of sh*t,” Sada said. “My first initial response to the tweets on my story may give people the idea that I don’t sympathize with females that have been raped or situations. I’m almost 30-years-old and I don’t f*ckin’ tweet, don’t got the password to my Twitter, none of that… That’s old sh*t that you can’t judge me on. As far as the homophobic tweets, I got homosexuals that work at my label, you feel me, that’s personally worked with me. I deal with him twice, two, three times out the month.”

Later in the video, he asserted:

 “My baby brother is blacker than Lil Yatchy,” said Sada in response to colorism accusations. “You can’t think I’m a colorist. All that sh*t is just some old sh*t from when a n*gga was young and just wildin’ out.” 


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  1. we hate blllacc nn whyytee ……the party October 21, 2020

    well he brown skin,,,beyonce sung b rown skin girl and referred to brown skin people as dark skin …they are not dark skin..they are brown..neither light nor dark alll the brown skin at the party felt beyonce was tryna disrespect them buy saying that….

  2. Keeping It Real October 21, 2020

    Once again nicki has worked with a trash person smh 🤦‍♀️

    • Clarks0o0ñ October 21, 2020

      She does know how to pick em

  3. Clarks0o0ñ October 21, 2020

    Girl, u called a lil nas x fan a fàgg0t some few hours ago on Instagram .

    Straight black men are the weakest link.
    We need to eliminate the weakest link

    That said, his song is cute. Very catchy

    • #WAP October 21, 2020

      That’s what he called you is what you mean. F—cking punk a-ss sissy boi

      • Clarks0o0ñ October 21, 2020

        Have ur taken ur schizophrenia medication today?
        Ur acting crazy

    • Misty Knight October 21, 2020

      Most straight black men will beat a black woman down. They don’t want equality. They want to control us. Those good, solid black men out there shouldn’t be praised for doing the basic thing. Those black men that BEAT DOWN black men that hurt black women should be praised.

      • Blacks lives doesn’t matter October 21, 2020

        That’s why black people deserves to be exterminated. Ugly looking individuals with ugly set of values. Black people are just trash, the only thing they’re good at is their s-l-u-t-t-i-n-g and w-h-o-r-i-n-g skills

  4. Truth October 21, 2020

    I’ll Just wait until his dark skin male lover come to the light …

    • Clarks0o0ñ October 21, 2020

      Spill the tea

      • #WAP October 21, 2020

        Look at you. Every bottom is a messy bottom like you. Drama is why nobody respects sissy bois like you

  5. #WAP October 21, 2020

    Nicki Minaj just can’t help herself. Nicki loves surrounding herself with problematic people. You are who you surround yourself with Nicki

  6. Unnatural October 21, 2020

    Nicki dont have time to sit there and dig up old tweets on ppl before working with them. Thats the regular no life having persons job and they do it well. Shes finding out after you guys have done work. Cant hold that against her but you will most likely.

    • TORi October 21, 2020

      This is what happens when work with anyone who can may the price, when s*** hits the fan, you get caught to 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  7. TORi October 21, 2020

    This bit gotta be doing features for $40 if she keeps running into these toxic as artist. Seems like every month she does a feature with a new artist and after the song peaks, something happens to were the artist shows they ain’t s*** and ppl are dragging her and her fans are trying to defend her. It’s quite telling of the type of people she attracks. If you’re the “Queen”, why are you constantly lowering yourself to hop on any and everything? A real artist would know that even in this ‘get it now’ era of music, you can still run into overexposure and she hit it 2 1/2 years ago and haven’t recovered since. But I mean…this is the same woman who spent her last album rollout crying and throwing shade at a new female rapper and was salty at another one for calling her on her s*** so…what did I expect 🤦🏾‍♂️.

    • October 21, 2020

      shut the fck up.

  8. ME+YOU+US October 21, 2020

    His video had 1000 Latinas he probably ment he hated blk women

  9. QUEENDOM October 21, 2020

    He’s problematic and ending his own career 🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s ok we don’t need more popcorn “rappers”

  10. Pat October 21, 2020

    Who n why does his beard look detachable

  11. MAGA PRINCESS October 21, 2020

    Idk who he is, but this is how the majority of self hating ass hetero blk men feel. I’m sure his thoughts haven’t changed much from when he was a teenager. Blk men are literally the weakest link. Other than d*** and “swag” they have nothing to offer. They have no power. They have no money. They abandon their families. They disrespect their own women. They kill each other at alarming rates. Blk men bring nothing to the table. Nada. Zilch. I wouldn’t let a Blk man touch me with a 100 foot pole. Ew.

    • Blacks lives doesn’t matter October 21, 2020

      Black people in general are just disgusting, not just the men. Sure, all they have is the “dangle” and swag, but that’s just it. They don’t have anything else to offer.

      Same with the women, especially those “Sharkeisha” Watermelondria” Shaniqua” trash that’s roaming the w-h-o-r-i-n-g streets of our world right now. I can’t blame the people who would want to beat them. They’re actually doing us a favor. 🤣

      • Ace Blanks October 21, 2020

        Y’all have nothing to offer but disgusting racist filth and little d**** and asses, milky spoiled aging skin, and no rhythm! Smell like wet dogs……excuse me beasts with stringy thin hair and extreme wrinkles when you turn 34 and crows feet!

      • Jay Alford October 22, 2020

        I’m a black man and I can’t relate to any of what you just said haha.

    • Swirly October 22, 2020

      Disgusting comment from a racist ass troll. Not surprising in the least. This comment section is straight up trash. How are comments like these even allowed on a mostly BLACK entertainment blog? Despicable….

  12. DC October 21, 2020

    Song flopped anyway shot up iTunes but plummeting down now typical Nicki song

  13. The baddest October 21, 2020

    He whack!

  14. Fancy BISH October 21, 2020

    Stop being a pu$$y and stop apologising, you said what you said.
    BUT I do wish he would roofie me.

  15. Ropeburn October 21, 2020

    LOL! This man is so damn dumb. He’s basically blockin his own bag with that attitude. And the apology is just too little, too late.

  16. Karma October 22, 2020

    F*** himband his Whole bloodline… every hateful thing that he had time to write out, will befall family…

  17. Tijuana m Ashton March 8, 2021

    I love sada….ppl entitled to their opinions…he apologized. End of story…you great in my eyes

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