50 Cent Slams Lil Wayne for Taking Picture With President Trump

Published: Monday 2nd Nov 2020 by Ryan

50 Cent isn’t mincing words.

The rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Lil Wayne endorsing Donald Trump for President.

His words below:


50’s disapproval comes after he endorsed Trump himself (as we reported here) over the fear that the Joe Biden administration would cause him to have higher tax bills.

However, the ‘In Da Club’ rapper has since rescinded his approval and has gone on to say that he never liked Trump (as we reported here).

That Grape Juice recently caught up with Master P, who shared his thoughts on 50 endorsing Trump.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Whut November 2, 2020

    Lmao can’t wait to see these chump supporters faces when he loses 😂

    • Gag Order November 2, 2020

      I really hope he does

  2. MAGA PRINCESS November 2, 2020

    Another case of a self-hating Black man.

    Black men are the lowest of the LOW! You can’t get any lower than a tap-dancing Black man! They wish to touch just a hint of the power White men posses but they could never! Shucking, jiving and kissing ass won’t change the fact that Black men are the WEAKEST LINK!

    50 was a Trump supporter until a White woman (Chelsea Handler) spoke out against it. 🤡


    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

    • J November 2, 2020

      EAT A D*CK 24/7

    • VOTE BLUE IMPRISON ORANGE November 2, 2020

      Lil Wayne actin just like a racist white man! He sure used racism and the black man’s plight against the white man to get his millions and then forgets where he came from. No concern that the police are murdering black men and then hangs out and praises the person who encourages the murdering. He’s shitting on AA and laughing at them. How is he any better than s**** masters?

  3. Happy+n+Rich November 2, 2020

    50 wasn’t even facing that much backlash. He meant what he said when he said it, and he should have stood in it. Instead, he let a white woman punk him out.

    Think of how much he likes to beef with famous black women.

    Chelsea Handler said that 50 told her that he STILL didn’t like Biden’s tax plan, but that he could use loopholes to get around the high taxes. I call BS — he’s still voting Trump.

  4. “GG” November 2, 2020

    50 endorsed Trump his damn self ! I’m confused

  5. blacvkk nn whyyte bitchexx November 2, 2020

    vote trump…

    do not vote for biden and that girl

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