Cardi B Blasts Wiz Khalifa After Rapper Endorses GRAMMY Jab Aimed At Her

Published: Tuesday 24th Nov 2020 by Sam

Cardi B has never been afraid of speaking her mind – even when it comes to her peers.

Just ask Wiz Khalifa. 

For, moments ago, the ‘WAP’ femcee took aim at the rapper over remarks he made that seemingly endorsed shade thrown her way.

See what we mean below…

The drama began when Wiz shared a tweet belittling Cardi’s GRAMMY nominations so as to uplift Nicki Minaj. 

Retweeting the jab, ‘Black & Yellow’ rapper responded:

“Most self made artists have this problem.”

Clearly jarred, an irritated Cardi took to Twitter to share a DM Wiz allegedly sent her early on her journey:

“This was N*kkas in my dms in 2016!They really support you when you grinding at the bottom then it’s a different story when you make it!”

She added:

“I don’t understand why n*ggas entertain tweets that pit successful women against each other? Ya not tired of that? Specially when ya was rooting hard when a b*tch was at the bottom.”

With that, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

    Wiz Khalifa is that thirsty dude that always send u words of encouragement in ur DMs but their sole intention is to smash.

  2. Kevon November 24, 2020

    I don’t get y people like bringing down others for being successful

  3. Mud November 24, 2020

    The whole industry know that bird b is a fraud

  4. Ms Kim November 24, 2020

    People are growing tired of the industry politics continue to expose them all now just fraudi c

  5. Meme November 24, 2020

    I get her point and why she feels some type of way. But as much as I love cardi the tweet was spot on. Nicki has more talent at her worst than cardi does at her best so it is funny.

    • Hellcat November 24, 2020

      Cardi serves LOOKS and endless BOPS. That’s why people go up for her. As a Rihanna stan you should know that ☕️

      • freefallqueen November 24, 2020

        Hellloooo!!!!! Rihanna serves looks and gives boos! She’s always SPOT ON with her music. However, when it comes to talent – writing, vocals, arranging she’s NOT that girl. So as a Rihanna fan, they should sit that convo out.

    • me November 25, 2020

      that tweet was subjective and not spot on. Nikki is talented and been around for a while now, but Nikki lacks a lot in her music. It’s repetitive and frankly a bit negative.
      Only her fans, which most are problematic individuals, find her work to be groundbreaking.
      She has no grammies because she is not a grammy artist. She is BET, MTV, and a list of other awards that’s she’s won.

  6. #WAP November 24, 2020

    Wiz is wack but cardi needs to stop reacting to every damn thing. That will ultimately be her demise if she doesn’t stop (and I’m a cardi stan)

    • DC November 24, 2020

      Y’all said this would hurt her before stuff like this then wap came out and smacked y’all asses cardi wins 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

      • #BOYCOTTTHEGRAMMYS November 25, 2020

        …thanks to Megan.

  7. Hellcat November 24, 2020

    And Cardi isn’t self made? She worked her A** off. If my memory serves me correctly, Nicki came out the gate swinging with a big machine behind her. The Grammys BLACKBALLED her after that jarring Romans Holiday performance if we keeping it💯 Also, Bodak Yellow is bigger than anything Nicki has ever done. Facts.

    • DC November 24, 2020

      Exactly and now wap broke all kinds of records and to think cardi hasn’t even gone on her first world tour yet

    • Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

      “Nicki came out the gate swinging with a big machine behind her. ”

      Now this is a LIE

      Nicki worked hard for her success
      Releasing mixtapes and unofficial remixes to popular songs back in 2007/2008

      • Hellcat November 24, 2020

        BUT by the time she released her debut single she had a BIG MACHINE behind her. Most were unaware of her mixtapes boo boo. Cardi grinded with social media, LHH, YT and mixtapes. No one took her seriously. Even after she signed to Atlantic they didn’t make her a priority. It wasn’t until Bodak Yellow blew up uncontrollably that people took notice

      • Clarks0o0ñ November 24, 2020

        Nicki minaj mixtape is certified gold.
        The highest selling mixtape of all time if I’m not mistaken.

        A mixtape being certified that high is unheard of. Most people albums can’t even sell gold.

        Cardi had reality star fame.
        A record label will never make u a priority until u give them a massive hit

        Look at doja . She was not a priority until say so became huge now she’s the number one priority of RCA records

    • FAF November 24, 2020

      Nicki was rapping on dvds what big machine ?

      Wayne didn’t sign her until she had her first mixtape out and she had been rapping with a group since 2003


  8. Cardi B. November 24, 2020

    Nicki is just getting her Karma . She never thought her B******* would catch up to her. Don’t cry now b****!

  9. Urg November 24, 2020

    Girl stop responing to clout chasing people. U going to ruin ur carrer.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 24, 2020

      Exactly. Let the chaff seethe and tweet in frustration. Stay focused on the bag.

  10. Roccstarr November 24, 2020

    Nicki Minaj…a 38 year old first time
    Mom… you’d think she’d be too busy doting on her beloved newborn… but instead she is projecting her misery and toxicity through social media per usual…. the artist sets a precedence for their fan base… the barbs are just as toxic, vile and miserable as their leader… she lives for mess…. she keeps mess going… how you 38 years old and a proud troll…. just toxic… and miserable. That’s why she isn’t blessed… look at her life… married to a criminal/bum… spit out his seed… brother a p*** serving life behind bars… mother doesn’t give af about her… constantly working with problematic men… r*** apologist… always speaking negatively on black women… “nappy headed h***” ring a bell anyone? Or how about “black girl TRAGIC”? She’s a hater. It eats her alive to see the young girls accomplishing what she failed to do….. stay mad Nicki…. stay mad

    • Gworl Bye November 24, 2020

      Lol you wrote that whole essay and Nicki wasn’t even the one who made the comment. Lol Wiz got all you dummi birds in your feelings lol.

    • FAF November 24, 2020

      Tragic is Cardi

      30 years old Taking her S(T)D carrier back time and again

    • Clarkson November 24, 2020

      DRAG HER💀

  11. Gworl Bye November 24, 2020

    Lol Wiz must have hit a nerve apparently for that bird to be clucking her beak all over twitter. Of course the dummy doesn’t even realize her guilty conscience is showing.

  12. Truth Be Told November 24, 2020

    Cardi B is much more self-made than Nicki Minaj. Cardi B didn’t come into the game stealing anybody’s lyrics or swag to get on. Nicki Minaj came into the game stealing Lil’ Kim’s lyrics and swag. She tried to get into the rap game in the early 2000s, but until she stole Lil’ Kim’s persona, her career was like an ant pissing on the sidewalk. Nobody cared.

    Cardi B did not have the major backing of any male rapper when she burst on the scene with Bodak Yellow. She became famous because of her funny Vine and IG videos and she made her own music pop off without a major rapper co-signing her. Aside from needing the swag and lyrics of Lil’ Kim to make it in the industry, Nicki could not have made it without the backing of Lil Wayne. Without that Young Money stamp, she would have failed, because she is not that compelling musically or artistically.

    Nicki Minaj is where she is because she is a fraud and a snake who slimed her way into the position that she is. She got to where she is by using and manipulating people. Cardi B got to where she is because she has a likable personality that people gravitated towards, her OWN swag, and she makes good music that heats up the streets. Bodak Yellow was a real hit that started on the streets and ended up at the top of the charts. Nicki Minaj will never know what that feels like. All of her chart placements are fueled by the delusional barbz spending their little coins, which is why her music tumbles down the charts in historic drops.

    Cardi B is self-made. Lil’ Kim said it best about Nicki Minaj: “You’s a put together gimmick, something like a collage.”

    • DC November 24, 2020

      I agree Nikki use Wayne and Drake to get attention because they were so big on the charts naturally people will gravitate towards a female rapper being that the crew was hot at the time

      • Len November 25, 2020

        Typical Nicki hater don’t know s***. Nicki has been grinding with her mixtapes, DVDs and her Myspace page long since before Wayne signed her. It was after her mixtape Wayne signed her. And if she stole Kim style as y’all love to say then why the hell Kim is such a massive *** flop. Nicki paid her tribude to Kim but Kim is such a bitter harpie she acts like all female rappers must kiss her plastic ***. A

  13. UHoesFunny November 25, 2020

    I honestly think Wiz was just generally speaking. I don’t think his tweet was directed to Cardi, or Nicki for that matter. Although, the tweet he was replying to was referencing so, but still…Y’all take offense to everything lol. If I were cardi I would’ve just saif f*ck you and kept it moving lol

  14. Doris hagler November 25, 2020

    Bam!!!!!!!’ Period!!!!!!!!

  15. Doris hagler November 25, 2020

    Enough said period!!!! It’s really No reason to go back and fourth She has The receipt and it’s speaks for itself

  16. DorisHagler November 25, 2020

    Enough said she has the receipt It’s No reason to go back and fourth after that

  17. Delgado November 26, 2020

    Well what can you do? Girls got a big mouth so foul men love it.

  18. Delgado November 26, 2020

    Who care she got a foul mouth and the nasty dance lol

  19. I am the Mf’kn Clout!!! December 3, 2020

    That’s right Bardi, read them hatin’ a** bitchez blind!!! The girl always eats the scene and minds her business, yet mad bitchez still cannot take her! Seethe heaux’s, seethe!!!
    #GetThaShoe!! 👠 👠 👠 👠

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