Hot Shots: Cardi B Beams in Stunning Snaps For ‘Footwear News’ [Photos]

Published: Tuesday 10th Nov 2020 by Rashad

From red bottoms (bloody shoes) to Balenciagas that look like socks, Card B‘s never been shy on expressing her love for footwear in music, magazines, videos, on stage, and more.

That enduring admiration made her the perfect pick for Reebok, who recently gave the GRAMMY-winner her own sneaker collection under their imprint (click here to read more).  Ahead of its November 13 unveiling, B’s hitting the promo trail in its support.

Most notably serving as the November 2020 covergirl of ‘Footwear News’ online magazine, look inside to see the stunning photos that accompanied the feature and read highlights from its interview.


“It’s hard. There’s a lot that I want to keep to myself when it comes to my personal life, but sometimes people get an inch of my personal life and they start with the rumors. I feel like I’m going to shut it down and address it. That’s always been my issue,” she said. “Nowadays, you cannot even be real because if you don’t have the ‘popular answer,’ then it’s the wrong answer and it could just jeopardize so many things, which is sad because I want to speak my shit. I want to be putting so many people in their place. There’s so many people that just have the most miserable comments and they want you to feel miserable with them. It’s so hard. My realness bothers them, [but] I don’t give a damn.”


“I can go to sleep with the No. 1 record, but I’m going to sleep and thinking, ‘I need my other album to go No. 1.’ My sneaker sold out so fast; I need my next sneaker to sell out. I always wonder if I’m going to be satisfied,” she says.


 “Affordability is No. 1. I know where [my fans] stand. I wanted to make something so affordable so that they could have a piece of me. I always make sure it’s affordable even when it comes to my OnlyFans, my merch. I always say to keep in mind the price. These are my fans, I don’t want to be taxing my fans.”



“I’m very hard on myself,” she said. “I’m hard on my entire team. We don’t focus on nobody else, we are just focusing on our last — the last music video, the last collaboration, we always compare it to our last best. We want to do better and better. When I do something positive and when I see my things selling out or my record doing pretty good, I get this crazy rush of happiness, but then it’s this rush of overwhelmingness that makes me want more [and] want more.”



“It’s for me. It’s for my kid as well, but it’s for me,” she said making a point with her hands, complete with her signature, long red nails. “It’s something I can stand on. Like, I did this, I did that. I always say I love making money and it’s for the money, but it’s just not even about the money anymore. The money is always going to come. It’s about the high you feel when you accomplish something. People will try to rob that from you, bring up your past or your flaws, but it’s like, I don’t care because you can’t take away what I did. And I know my daughter is going to be like, ‘My mommy did this though. Yeah, what your mom did?’


Click here to read the interview in full.


The photos’ arrival comes just two weeks after ‘Footwear News’ unveiled its 34th annual FN Achievement Awards honorees and pegged Cardi B its “Style Influencer of the Year.”  Click here to read more about that.

[photo source: Jora Frantzis / Footwear News]

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  1. whhyytee n bllacc bitchezz November 11, 2020

    cardi’s flat wide nose ewwwww really if megan the stallion didnt write WAP she wouldnt have had a hit song all summer all year megan was the hottest rapper all summer/year

    • Jackx November 11, 2020

      If it wasn’t for cardi Megan wouldn’t have a number one for 3 weeks The song would have flopped if it was just Megan like all her other songs. Cardi is the goat 🐐

    • DC November 11, 2020

      Meg don’t stop flopped meg can’t get a solo hit flop ass

  2. Ka$hdollqueen November 11, 2020

    She looks t*****

  3. PinotNoir November 11, 2020

    One day …

    She’ll be admitted to the ER with a clawed out bütthøle.

    Couture for sneaks? #toolibra

  4. obby November 11, 2020

    her new face looks scary

  5. tyty November 11, 2020

    What is going on with her face?

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