Ice Cube Calls Out ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Mocking Him Over Trump

Published: Tuesday 3rd Nov 2020 by Ryan

Ice Cube is firing back after being spoofed on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ 

More details below:

In this week’s cold open, Cube and Lil Wayne were mocked for associating with Donald Trump. Kenan Thompson played Cube and Chris Reed played Weezy. Jim Carrey, who portrays Joe Biden, asked why they were supporting Trump in the upcoming election.

They then responded by shouting “taxes” in unison.

Reed (Wayne) then said:

“Plus, Trump’s got a new Platinum Plan.”

To which, Thompson (Cube) said:

“That’s right! If you got a platinum record, you can plan on him doing a photo op with you.”

However, the real Ice Cube was not amused with the sketch. He retweeted the clip from ‘SNL’ and said:

“f**k you SNL…trying to reduce me to greed.”

The N.W.A. rapper recently revived criticism after revealing that he met with the Trump  administration to discuss incorporating his Contract With Black America into Trump’s platinum Plan (as we reported here).

Your thoughts?

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  1. AnonymousTruth November 3, 2020

    ‘Not amused’ ??? ….. was he not using ‘crying with laughter emojis’ ….. orrrr …. nevermind.

    • Keith November 3, 2020

      Don’t be mad, Mr. Jackson, you set yourself up for jokes. You know how the game is played…

      • Che November 3, 2020


  2. Fancy BISH November 3, 2020

    Fancy BISH says go TRUMP!

  3. Charli Cheer Up November 3, 2020

    A rich guy endorsing another rich guy for $$$.

    • blacvkk nn whyyte bitchexx November 3, 2020

      well the poor will stay poor with biden…

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