Justin Timberlake On Beyonce: “She’s The Greatest Singer Ever”

Published: Friday 13th Nov 2020 by Oscar

Justin Timberlake may have worked with ‘Superpower‘ singer Beyoncé in the past, but he still isn’t over her superpower vocals.

Find out what he had to say about the diva below…

During a recent feature for Interview magazine, JT sat down to talk with rapper-singer Ty Dolla $ign about his new LP ‘Featuring Ty Dolla $ign.’

When talking to Ty about his collaborative process, Timberlake couldn’t help but gush over his own songwriting sessions with Queen Bey.

Stating his attempt to not overthink the task, he shared:

“The only person I feel like I had to overthink it on was with Beyoncé, because she’s like the greatest singer ever, so you’re like, “Ah, I can’t write now. I can’t write any mediocre melodies.” When you write for other people versus yourself, is it like, “What do I want to hear this artist do?”

Mrs. Carter’s praise won’t let up! As the most-prolific entertainer around, it’s not surprising why Justin would be  intimated.

Do you agree with his sentiments?

Let us know…

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  1. Andrew November 13, 2020

    Yes she’s the best. Don’t forget it don’t forget it, respect that, aw aw bickes

    • .copycatyonce…tumbleyonce….ripoffyonce.. November 13, 2020

      not Whitney houston is a justin knows it …

      we do know beyonce is a ripp off copycat thief who cant sing like whitney


      beyonce admits to stealing live…with chicago playbook in hand

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 13, 2020

        REAL ACTUAL PROOF Bey is better vocalist than Whitney & thus Mariah Carey


        making Bey GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME if not just one of.

      • Mrs X November 14, 2020

        It doesn’t matter this fatso so called evidence…no credible entity would ever say she’s the greatest female singer ever, all of them would place her behind Aretha, Whitney, Mariah…

        She doesn’t sell anymore and will never sell as much as Riri and Rihanna isn’t even trying she’s putting more effort in her lingerie line than making new music ahahahaha

        She can buy all the grammys and awards she likes but than wouldn’t make her the greatest, her undeserving grammys are a current gag each year be4 the nominations..

        She had everything to be right there besides the goat and blew it!

  2. Klutch November 13, 2020

    Not even close

  3. Keith November 13, 2020


  4. Subtletease November 13, 2020

    Mariah carey is the best singer ever Beyonce overrated foh with that s*** eh

  5. Bunny November 13, 2020

    Beyoncé can sing very well, but greatest singer ever ehhhh is a stretch. However JT is entitled to his opinion.

  6. Johnaita November 13, 2020

    She is never the greatest singer of all time why people alsways grab her ass that so embarrassing for a Artist like him. He should liesten to more Music then he will probaly know that we have in the RnB,Soul Gospel World more reaaalll singer idiot

  7. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 13, 2020

    Can’t believe this culture vulture mothafückr is still looking for clout. Although Queen B is a world class entertainer and a technically marvelous singer, she is NOT the greatest singer ever. The Whitney Houston fan in me wants to bitchslap this ass. How about you spend more time thinking about how to make amends to Janet. Ugh

    • SLH November 13, 2020

      He is entitled to his personal opinion + Beyonce is literally his longtime friend.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 14, 2020

      Oh plz don’t lie betcha wanna suck JT’s awesome pink d/I-ck. 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 Fake Marilyn, nice try

    • Fancy BISH November 14, 2020

      My Grandmother died the same way as Crackney Houston in a bathtub with lots of coke. RIP Big Momma.

  8. Wrapping November 13, 2020

    We all no Beyoncé is not a great singer, let alone the greatest singer..

    I would say Beyoncé, is a good performer with huge budget.

    • It’s+a+shame November 13, 2020

      She actually is a great singer. I’m not sure why or how this is even considered to be up for debate. She has trained her voice from the top to the bottom her range. Because she doesn’t allow her once to get “out of control” doesn’t mean she lacks any vocal skill whatsoever.

      As a performer… it isn’t a question. She is the Queen. Period. It’s sad and crazy that you all continue to dispute it with these wack arguments that can be broken down and spit out. Y’all are like Trumpsters at this point. Grow tf up.

      • Klutch November 13, 2020

        Lmao! You mad because not everyone agrees with that. Gtfoh.

      • Coupe November 14, 2020

        True. B is the greatest performer. She is a great artist and vocalist. Whitney is the greatest vocalist imo (and Ariana for the new gen)…Madonna is the greatest artist and Rihanna is the 5th element.

  9. Anne November 13, 2020

    Well, he would know since he was in the studio with her. Her voice does stand out among the other vocalists due to her range, technique and stamina.

    • Section8DaGreat November 13, 2020

      Exactly! People love to down play her vocals and she proved time and time again LIVE that she is a contender with some of the best. However people these days are so fickle and easily forget.

      • Bardi Gangster November 13, 2020

        Even from the standards of a white man, I’m baffled! Not even close to the greatest ever, hehe. Nice try justina

    • Nobu November 13, 2020

      Sure she has technique and had some of the best vocal training in the industry but the average listener doesn’t give a f*** about that. Only blog and YouTube queens care about all the technicalities and vocal jargon. It’s all about how a voice makes you FEEL to the average listener. Beyonce has a tendency to come across as robotic, too perfect and pageant like. She’s in her head a lot which takes away from the soulful aspect that pulls at the average listeners heart strings. Her career was built around her performances, not vocals although they’re very good admittedly. It’s a gift and a curse for her.

      • tyty November 14, 2020

        It might not matter until you have to see your favourite singer live and realise they sound like crap…or like let’s say Mariah when they start of singing great and gradually their voice gets worse over time. Another example Xtina. So you might convince yourself it doesn’t matter in that moment but eventually it will matter. That’s why 20 years on Beyoncé is improving not regressing and people notice. You think Mariah wouldn’t give anything not to have damaged her vocals?

    • Sandra November 14, 2020

      Well that is a silly point. Was he ever called upon to be in the studio with Whitney or Mariah, was his songwriting talents requested for them?
      Has he been in the studio with Numerous other singers to compare?
      He duetted with Janet, Ciara probably Britney, and there maybe more that I’m not aware of, and this isn’t to be shady, it’s just to point out that he experience across the industry is limited

  10. Moose’s Wig November 13, 2020

    LMFAO BULL$HIT LIES ! She is extremely popular, I’ll give her that. She is nowhere close to be the greatest singer every. Not even top 20.

    • tyty November 14, 2020

      Because you have zero knowledge on actual vocal techniques. Bet you think j Hudson is better.

      • Mrs X November 14, 2020


        Hudson is better!
        Whitney is better!
        Mariah is better!
        Celine is better!
        Aretha, Patti Labelle, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone…all better!
        And don’t even make me start taking about opera singers, they’re the goat!
        Beyoncé would have sounded like her cousin Beyince next to them…

  11. #WAP November 13, 2020

    Justin STFU you womanizing culture culture

  12. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 13, 2020

    Justin needs to start dedicating the rest of his life making new epic soul music for the Queen Bey cuz the queen needs to hurry up and make that COMEBACK, (I’m getting sick of Ariana grande tired vocals). i already like to call it THE EMANCIPATION OF BIBI.

    Yes Queen, bring back VOCAL-YONCE for B#7


    Whitney could NEVER! Would NEVER and has NEVER!

  13. Navy Gravy November 13, 2020

    The girl is GOOD, she can have that… but GREATEST singer ever?
    Like EVER EVER? I’m about to choke on my coffee, STOP. She’s one of the great PERFORMERS, that happens to BE A SINGER, SURE!!! But greatest? That’s pure blasphemy. She’s a great TECHNICAL singer, absolutely. She definitely does great with what she has but that’s about ALL we can give her. The ässkissing is embarrassing. He must want a track on her next album. She isn’t even among the best VOCALISTS out there in 2020, let alone EVER, STOP THE SHÏT JUSTIN.

  14. Lteck November 13, 2020

    I used to find her tone annoying. And those awful yodels she used to do. Her voice became more tolerable after it deepened and she learned restraint but she is still FAR from the greatest singer ever.

  15. Theman November 14, 2020

    He’s pandering. She’s a great trained singer. But Carey, Houston, Franklin etc. are better naturally.

  16. #TheTruth November 14, 2020

    Well that’s his opinion.
    I love Beyoncé. She’s one of the best vocalists and hands down THE best performer of our generation.
    But she doesn’t beat Mariah and Whitney at their prime if you’re asking me.

    Mariah’s tone and all the vocal styles showcased throughout her amazing catalogue she wrote (no shade) is unparalleled.

  17. tyty November 14, 2020

    Oh so a comment he made is passing is worthy of a headline? TGI stop being desperate. Although she is probably in the top 5 greatest vocalists. In the music industry. Anyone with technical vocal knowledge knows this.

  18. Datred23 November 14, 2020

    Why dues everything have to be a debate ? ! She has an amazing voice ! Anyone saying someone is better is your own opinion and subjective! In my opinion she is the best of her generation maybe a little better or tied with Xtina!

  19. NoLie November 14, 2020

    She is definitely not the greatest singer of all time & definitely not even the best selling, check the riaa none of her albums are even close to diamond, meanwhile greats like MJ have albums that have gone quadruple diamond, literally slaying all Beys album sales combined (not singles) with ONE album!

  20. Kevon November 14, 2020

    Hahaha what a joke …boy just stfu

  21. RCW November 14, 2020

    😂 absolutely NOT!!!

  22. Slick November 14, 2020

    That title belongs to Whitney. I would say Mariah is a close runner up. Both in their primes of course.

  23. BigDude November 15, 2020

    The most overrated artist ever. Her music does nothing for me. She over sings everything. I own all of Solange’s music, a great artist.

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